March 29, 2020

100 thoughts on “5 Tips to MAKE MONEY from Print On Demand & Shopify (How to Pick Designs for Print on Demand)

  1. If you fuck the way you dance, it must be a catastrophe.
    The funniest thing about you is that you teach how to make millions when you haven't made any yet.
    But guess what, this is not all your fault. Let's blame YouTube for allowing anybody to put anything on here.

  2. OK so we are going to need a video of just Sarah dancing ,,, no tutorial needed, just sarah dancing and smiling and being overwhelming cute as she always is 👍👍😀

  3. Paying a designer only 20 bucks for a design that is to be used commercially is completely unrealistic. There are usage rights to be considered, especially if you ship worldwide. Also asking Designers to compete for jobs is a BIG NO NO – this is asking for spec work and that is unacceptable. If you want to hire a designer find the one whose work you like and ask them for a quote for work for your specific use, commercial, worldwide, 3 months or indefinitely … Be respectful of their work. This will result in a much better working relationship and better designs. For more info check Holly Exley on Youtube.

  4. Wonderful, useful advice as always! I'm amazed at how many ads appear in my FB feed for t-shirts, etc., that are clearly based on trademarked characters (e.g., Snoopy, Marvel superheroes). Question: have you ever looked into licensing agreements with franchises like that? Or do you suppose it would cut into the profit margins too much?

  5. Hi Sarah, I have a question:
    If I pay a designer in Upworks, 99designs or Freelancer but he uses some ideas from Shutterstock without me knowing (for example, copies a pair of quite unique wings on a unicorn) can I still get sued?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Awesome channel, only wish I had stumbled across it sooner. I'm just curious though, if Michael is paying $10-20 per FB sale and a t-shirt is already costing him $20+ with shipping, then how much is he selling the t-shirt for to make his millions? A $50 t-shirt sounds pricey. That's assuming he's selling t-shirts of course.

  7. Hi Sarah, Thank you for this video! Your content is always fantastic! I didn't realize that once you bought something on shutterstock that someone else could buy it as well. Thank you for that tip!

  8. Hey Wholesale Ted,
    I plan to open a shopify POD store soon. I am on a budget, and I realize it may cost a lot upfront to setup a store on shopify + professional email + apps + design cost, since i am outsourcing the design + design testing w/many ads to see which works. What is the starting cost typically for Shopify POD store?
    Also, I plan to just launch one final well-tested design, (maybe in different products as well). Will it look bad from a buyer's perspective if they see only 1 design in my store, since it looks empty? How many designs do you recommend i put out at the beginning of my store launch?

  9. Sarah, is it possible to merge products from various POD companies in one store? T-shirts from Printful, bluetooth speakers from Teelaunch etc. I realize that would make it impossible to have all the things from one order to be delivered together, but I figure that would be fine if you warn the client about that upfront. But that's just my theory. Is it possible? Would you recommend it?

  10. 🙏🏻 People…please please please🙏🏻 Stop watching video’s of Amazon, Ebay and Print on demand gurus It is realy all fake! One big (very smart) hoax show 😉

    i.e. Why should anybody share on Youtube how you can earn $300.000 with POD for example 🤔 think..think….think again…EXACTLY👉🏽 !!!YOUTUBE VIEWS !!! And coarses memberships 😄 That is what the money makes! Super trending smart money model.

    I did not try anything BUT I tried A LOT. POD, Dropshipping on ebay etc etc, followed many steps from different gurus. It is not working like they say and promise. I sold 6 items in one year 😅 And my listings are BIG. Spend lots of money on promotions also! This videos can make me so angry because I know how easy people falling for this. It is realy sad. Giving up a lot because they saw this amounts of money on YouTube video’s 🤩 Just a friendly warning from me to any viewer. I was warned also 😌 Have a wonderful day 👋🏻

  11. Hi Sarah! im really happy with your video.. it helps me so much.
    I have a question, is it true that we cant ship door to door again from china to america? (Aliexpress dropshipping)
    If its true, so it becomes really dificult for us (non america country) to do aliexpress dropship to US
    Thank you!

  12. Hi
    thanks for the tips, I create a store on zazzle is this good (I mean the zazzle) and I find my pubg game is my topic >>> can I sell some and this topic good?

    my store:

  13. Once again I warm you all (including the host who always fails to make this point clear), please read Shutterstock's usage policy on POD very carefully.

  14. Gday
    With Massive amount of people are getting kicked off , censored and deplatformed in 2018 from


    Are dropship and online business's willing to accept reality and move with consumer shift to new platforms ?

  15. which is the best shopify app for print on demand t shirts and other merchandise that also handles customer support ?

  16. Hello, I am new seller (print on demand). I want to do designs for t-shirts. I am working with teelaunch. Please tell me what model t-shirt choose? What is t-shirt the most popular for USA?

  17. Every Tom, Dick and Harry prints on demand, anybody actually buying this? I mean, how many of those products you people personally bought? Everything overcrowded, over-spammed, over hyped? Show me the $? Surely those who selling Millions $ worth of product, spending BIG$ on Advertising, They could be selling anything it doesn't really matter…

  18. What I learned from this video is you are willing to give people bogus information to get your affiliate sales which is just plain sad in my opinion. You should be ashamed of yourself fakesale Ted

  19. Can you please explain to me about the differences between trademark, copyright, and patent? And how each of them can benefit from infringement and others stealing my designs? Thanks.

  20. Amazing video again:) Have a question also about the Facebook tactic that you refer in the video. It says that run an ad set with post engagement and use 2 different ads that have different products? And then choose the product that has the most engagement? Got that right in the same ad set 2 different products?

  21. After watching so many videos on all the in's and out's of P.O.D. and setting up the shopify store, I'm still confused on the Niche. Do I really set up an entire store around one Niche, to use Sarah's example, an entire store based around pugs and coffee? all 20 products or whatever, all having a design relating to that one cross over niche? Or can I use 5 or 6 Categories and each Niche category have it's separate niche designs. For example, would it be Fitness & Heath and have products regarding that cross over niche, Travel & Leisure, Words and Whimsey, etc. or literally just one category Pugs/Coffee and have all X number of products in that one category?

  22. I Sarah. I love your videos. I have a Shopify store I setup for a friend of mine. Shopify recommends to have a Facebook page. So I created a FB page, then added the business channel to it, got it all created, linked it to my Shopify, and BOOM, Facebook disabled my page and demanded a photo identifier, which I've done but, my research shows that most of the time this happens, the page is permanently disabled. Guess my question is, how can we avoid this happening. I thought I followed their instructions. I gave them real info about me. Have you heard of this happening?

  23. What are your thoughts and experiences on a dropshipping store with some POD products, or a POD store with some dropship products? Like, t-shirts with unique designs AND jewelry with the same theme.

  24. Hi Sarah, very nice video. I just signed up for the free pdf but it never got to my e-mail. How can I get it? Thanks

  25. I have seen a lot of your videos. And thanks for your sharing. I have also seen a lot of the others top guro's – And some of them make close to 3 mio. Dollars a year. But what is up and down here. Is the numbers what they earn or is it their total sale numbers? – If it is their sales. Then my overall calciulation is that their earnings is about 1 mio. If we talk print on demand and if they deliver a good quality t shirt. from places like Printful. So can you answer me about what the numbers is. Total sale or what is left from the sale. The money numbers many of you talk about? And what was your earning after that model on your pugs t shirt. 10.000 a month or about 3.300?

  26. my english sucks,and try to underatand this video with goole translation.:)finally i notice my business called POD business.:)i have a small factory in China, sell digital print textiles, most products are custom made duvet cover and blankts. Each duvet is one unique image. my customer sell them on Amazon,ebay,make very good money. they ask me ship the item in 3 days. i notice they will dhl shipping from china to usa need 3 days,then us usps ship to each usa customer. time is important in this project.. thanks for this video,i am learning english try to get more wholesale customer .:)by the way i like the idea finding winning designs,i search like peaceful ,elephant theme tatto too,its really helpful;and about dont use fan art print on demand,i am quite agree. my customer sell some fan art on wish,they say sometimes wish will shut down their account,frozen the money.

  27. Clearly a kiwi :), any tips for selling print on demand (or anything) in America for Americans from NZ? Would good to get some tips on setting up out of states to sell in the states.

  28. Your videos are INSANE! I have no idea how you know so much but I always apply what you teach and has given me INCREDIBLE RESULTS! Thanks to you I am loving the life I always dreamed of! 🙏🏻

  29. Thank you for mentioning Shineon, I wonder, is it compatible with etsy or does any of your fanbase know of a drop-engrave jewelry shop that is compatible with etsy? or should i just plan on using this on our WordPress-woocommerce site in addition to our POD etsy products?

  30. Hi Sarah, how long does it take for a customer to receive his print on demand t-shirt? Is it longer than typical dropshipping items?

  31. Why can’t I make the big money ! I have good stuff :/ …I have a Shopify Store POD red bubble and Merch !! Do I need to do FB ads !!? Help !!

  32. Thanks Sarah for all this information you are sharing. One thing that bothers me though is that we never got to see an actual website where you sell your products. Or maybe I am missing something ? If not, maybe you could do a video about your website(s) ? I think it'd be very helpful too.

  33. I love you! You're so sweet. But I think you should really take some time off for yourself and not work soo hard.

  34. Is it best to list on etsy or ebay ( I just watched the ebay video) (I would do both but I think etsy has a clause about being unique) for print on demand?

  35. Hi . First your channel is helpful and awesome. I waqnt to know. If I bought a design with extention liescence in Shutterstock is it ok to use on print on demand products? It is legal?

    Question 2: If I use Fiverr website is it ok to use the designs on print on demand?
    When I bought an extention liescence is it ok right?

  36. My mother painted and she passed away in June 2017. I want to take those pictures and put them on T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, etc. How do I get them copywriter first and then what do you suggest where I go from there?

  37. Shine on and print tech emotional selling and introduce that you can get a leg up.

    Bold customer pricing. Discounted price for many buys

    Hire a designer- legally use shutterstock but one you sales is flowing smoothly u should hire a custom artwork to be protected.

    Use Pinterest design 💡: the more pins
    Tattoo designs

    Ask questions

  38. Sir, how many days to delivery a printful tshirt in USA after giving order?

    I mean what is the shipping time ?

    It like aliexpress or less shipping time ?

    Because shipping time in aliexpress is very frustrating.

  39. Great as usual but would have appreciated you telling how expensive Shutterstock is. I actually had sticker shock after looking at their pricing. How anyone just starting out can afford testing their designs is beyond me.

  40. At 5:35 you show Michael's back office stats. The $ made divided by # of purchases means each item has a profit of about $44.. seems very high for print on demand products.. any explanation?

  41. If I could have a moment of your time,
    I tried online businesses with Amazon and WordPress back in the day. I learned a lot, but didn't make any money. This was in '09, and when I learned that most online success was the result of savvy blackhat SEO, somewhat jaded, I decided I would concentrate on my traditional job. A decade later and I find myself in the position of needing to work from home.

    I have had a good 15 year career in management, and have seen the online business model mature a great deal in that time. I have a background in IT, (was an old Rackspace Linux server admin) and recently learned a lot about online marketing working as a marketing director for a real estate company. I even have some (not much) but some capital, So long story short, I think I'm ready for round two. Any suggestions?

  42. So you sell a shirt for 19.99 you buy it for 12.95. Not including design cost you have like $7 of profit. Your ads are getting a $5 cpa. So you net $2 a shirt? That's a hard game.

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