April 8, 2020
5 Tips for Managing Inventory on Multiple Platforms

5 Tips for Managing Inventory on Multiple Platforms

– I got a fever. (laughter) The only cure is more SkuVault. Hi, I’m Ben. – Hi, I’m Jeffrey. – Hi, I’m Elaine and we’re from SkuVault warehouse and inventory
management software. Today we’re counting
down the top five tips for managing inventory
on multiple platforms. Make reporting your best friend. So reporting is extremely important when juggling inventory
across multiple platforms because it allows you to understand what products are selling the
best on which marketplaces as well as which products
might be a little more stale so you can allocate inventory to the best selling marketplaces. – Utilize integrations. Integrations are great. Integrations are super helpful for pushing out accurate
quantities to your marketplaces, to your listing software, and they’re also used
for pulling in orders so that you can track those
pending quantities as well, so you’re not overselling things. You can pull those in from your, directly from your marketplace or from different shipping software. – Sync your quantities. Sync out quantities to the
multiple channels you work with becomes more difficult with
the more channels you add. Being able to have all
that inventory information in one location or system, we’ll be able to push out
those quantities accurately to different channels with the
help of buffers to manipulate and allocate those quantities
to your different channels. We’ll also be there to
assist with over sales and prevent those, as
well as being able to react with sales coming into your warehouse management system to push out an accurate
inventory to those channels. – Quality control. The benefits of quality control are important to any e-commerce business, because you’re ensuring that the products that are going out for
each order are correct, as well as the correct
quantity within each order. Ensuring that your orders
are correct as they go out will mean that your customers are coming back to your website,
leaving positive reviews, and also rating you highly on Amazon so that you get more sales. – Utilize an inventory and
warehouse management software. Using inventory and
warehouse management software is great for keeping all
your data in one place, so you have your sales, your
products, your inventory, all there together, as
well as your transactions. You can identify what’s
helping your business and what’s hurting your business, and you can take action on that, and you’ll have the data, so
it’s super straightforward and there’s no guesswork involved. – Thanks for watching, see ya!

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