March 29, 2020
5 Tips For Increasing Your Google Adwords Quality Score | Save Money on Your PPC Ads

5 Tips For Increasing Your Google Adwords Quality Score | Save Money on Your PPC Ads

Okay now. I spent 300-400 thousand dollars a month on
Google PPC ads. And quality scores are really important thing
if you want to have lower cost per click. And you want to get your ad shown to more
places. I’ll be showing you the 5 big tips to increasing
your quality score lowering your cost increasing your reach that I’ve learned in my business
so that you can more effectively do Google ads for your business or for your affiliate
business or your e-commerce business. Whatever you’re doing, Google is the biggest… I mean it’s just the biggest ad network around. Google is one of the most lucrative companies
around. And it’s all based off of their PPC. So, we’ll be going over these 5 things in
this video. Looking forward to showing you all the stuffs
I’ve learned from all the tens of millions of dollars I’ve spent over the years. Let’s get it. Now, do you ever feel like you’re just blowing
money to the wind with your Goodle ads? And you could be getting it done for cheaper? Well, you can. And it starts withe increasing your quality
score of your ads. When you increase your quality score, you
get higher click through rates, lower cost per click and you just end up making more
money and higher ROI for your business. So, let’s go to the 5 things that you can
do to increase your quality score. Now, the first thing that you want to be aware
of is you want to use as specific of keywords as possible. Using specific keywords is going to… It’s probably one of the biggest things you
can do for adwords. Instead of saying… You know, if you’re a lawyer. instead of saying “Personal Injury Lawyer”,
go after long tail question-based keywords. If you’re selling a weight loss product, maybe
say… Go after keywords that are “How do I lose
weight without dieting?”, Right? That’s a much better keyword than just targeting
weight loss. And just kind of illustrate this point. We could think of keyword… We could think of keyword intent as sort of
like… I think of it as a funnel. So, up here, you might have words like weight
loss. Okay? Weight loss. And there’s a lot of people searching for
this keyword. But the money for this keyword is very low. And the intent of people that purchase any
product or stand in your website is fairly low. You can increase your quality score by going
after a long-tail keyword such as I mentioned. You know, some long question-based keyword
where less people are searching it but the amount of return on your investment is going
to be much higher as well as your quality score will be higher because you have more
specific keyword. Another example would be as if somebody is
searching for TVs. Okay? Somebody searching for… Even you know… We can make it… You know… “TVs” is a very broad keyword. You could get a little more specific saying,
“32-inch LED TV.” That’s a little more specific. Less people are searching for a 32-inch LED
TV. But people searching for an LED TV have a
little better idea of what they’re actually trying to accomplish. They’ve much better idea. Now, the ultimate keyword for things like
quality score is going to be… You know, the ultimate… And this is actually big hack. And if you go after… If you find these keywords in your niche,
you’re going to make a lot of money. And it would be a keyword such as… You know, S-M-0-0-7-3-Q-S. You might say, “John, that’s just a bunch
of letters and numbers.” But if you’ve sold physical products before,
you know… This is SKU, okay? This is SKU number. This is an actual identifying number if you
are looking for a specific model of TV. And these keywords are ultra money, okay? This is a good keyword and this will be have
a better quality score. But if you go after SKUs, that’s a little
growth hack. That’s an Ultra, Ultra money keyword because
there’s lot’s of people like me who go in the best buy. I look up a few TVs. And what I do is I’ll go and I’ll take out
my phone and I’ll take a picture of the actual model number of the TV. I’m ready to go around the back. Usually they have some information. And they’ll say SKU number. And I’ll just find it for cheaper somewhere
online. I mean that’s the ultimate way to target. And every niche has those ultra specific keywords
you could go after. And your quality score will reward you. Your ROI will reward you. Everything will work better for your business. Whether you’re doing affiliate, e-commerce
or running just a normal small business. Now, the 2nd tip that I’ve learned to increase
my quality score is make a lot of use of negative keyword lists. Okay? Now, negative keywords are letting people
know what’s you’re not looking for. So, in my previous example, I said somebody
might be searching for 32-inch LED TV. The negative keyword for that would be “32-inch
LED TV repair”, okay? Or “32-Inch TV manual.” Or “32-inch TV parts.” So, if you’re doing a product like that, you
want to sell the TV. You don’t want to sell the parts. So, you don’t want to sell…. Maybe you don’t do repairs. Or maybe you don’t want to sell… You’re not giving them the manual. Those are the examples of negative keywords. And if you are even to target them, you’d
pay a lot less. Because a TV costs a lot more. You make a lot more money on than selling
the parts to a TV. So, negative keywords rely to be more targeted. And your ads to show up to people that are
more interested in your product. If somebody searching for lawyers, right? Personal injurry lawyers, they might not be… If you’re bidding on personal injury lawyer,
an example would be lawyer cases. Or some sort of other research document. You don’t want to… You want to be on keywords that para-legals
are just searching in Google for interests. So, you can get more targeted if you use more
negative keyword lists. And just the easiest way I would say to do
that is go in to your specific search terms in google. And look at the exact searches that people
are looking for. And oftentimes, you’ll notice that probably
you’re good 50% of searches are just weird random long tail searches that aren’t actually
beneficial for your business. So, check that out and make use of those. Those will really narrow your focus on specifically
the people that are going to be potential buyers and going to stand on your webpage
and be interested in what your ad and what you have to offer. And you might be wondering kind of what is
my experience doing this. Obviously, I spent 300 to 400 thousand dollars
per month in my business buying ads on Google Adwords. I’ve actually doing this for 10 years, okay? I started in an ad agency. I was just working as an PPC analyst. And I was managing upto 25 accounts of the
time. I was… I just started as an intern. But I tried to get as much experience because
my intention was always to start my own internet business. So, I started working for a company and just
managing as many Adwords accounts. And every employee loved me because I would
actually just managed their Adwords accounts for them if they let me. I’d work harder. I did a better job and I looked at it as a
way to learn and get experience in doing advertising. Which I think the most important skill for
anybody selling products. Especially online. Now, over the years, I got good at figuring
out how to correctly structure ad campaign. And I saw a lot of businesses that would just
all their keywords that they thought were helpful for their business. Maybe it’s auto mechanic, auto repair… Whatever it was. And they just put them all in one big campaign. All in one ad group. But you can increase a quality score dramatically
if you separate out your keywords into more specific ad groups. The best way that I suggest if you’re selling
a product on a national level is to use our root keyword, okay? I always have root keyword where everything
else… Every other keyword is based-around. So, an example of root keyword might be personal
injury Los Angeles. Okay? That’s for a local business. For national business, it might be big markers. You know, that could be… That might be the root keyword for an ad group. And typically, I look for keywords. I use the google keyword tool and I look for
keywords that have 2,000 to 10,000 searches a month. And I kind of based my entire ad group around
that. And I have different ad groups for each of
these specific searches. 32-inch TVs, 24-inch TVs, 65-inch TVs. I’d have specific ad groups for each the specific
types of products that my business is selling. This helps Google. This helps you. This helps the customer because they’re going
to more specific product category that you are advertising around. One factor that google looks at highly is
are people actually clicking on your ads? Because if people are clicking on your ads,
that’s an indication of them that people like what you have to offer. And that’s your messaging is good. They will because… What you have to understand about Google is
Google is taking a risk every time they show your ad. Think about that. How’s Google taking a risk. And the way Google is taking a risk because
they’re only charging if people click on your ad. So, every time they show their ad, there’s
an opportunity cost associated with them serving your ad. They could show somebody that has they know
as going to get a higher click through rate. So, going… Having higher click through rate on your ad
is going to help your quality score. It’s also going to help Google because they’re
going to make more money becaus if more people click on your ad, Google makes more money. And they have to show less ads. They want… They always want the highest click-through
rate ads. And how you do that is by optimization. Optimization means that your going to write
down… Whenever you do an add, write down 10 other
headlines that you can use in the ad. Write out 10 other description lines. Write out a bunch of different versions of
your ad and test them. And have them compete against each other. Generally speaking, if you put up 20 ads,
maybe 1 or 2 of them will actually be winners. They will be most appealing to people. And it’s just data. That higher click-through rate will reward
you with the higher quality score and a lower cost per click. Therefore, each customer, each prospect coming
to your website will end up costing you just a lot less money. So, it has an overall increase in your ROI. And it makes you competitive. You’re not optimizing your ads, you’re probably
going to be drowned out by people who are because people like me… You know, I was managing companies that accounts
you know 10 years ago. There are other people like me who are just
all day, our jobs are to optimize ads to come up with new ad text. So, if you’re not optimizing your ads. If you’re not constantly split testing, you’re
going to be beat out eventually by someone who is. Even if you have higher margins. And your competitor. If your competitor is spending… If your competitor only has to spend half
the amount the money, you’re probably going to be beat up. And the last thing to keep in mind is also
optimization. But it’s optimizing landing pages. Google looks at… One of the big factors is Google want/looks
for customer experience. They want users coming back to Google. That’s the whole purpose of it. If you don’t find what you’re searching for
on Google, people will eventually stop using Google. So, to increase your quality score on your
landing page, what Google really looks for is the y look for how much time did they spent
on your website. And I might be thinking.. If I’m not… Let’s say, I’m not using Google analytics. How would google know how much time somebody
spends on my website. Because they’re on my website. They’re not on google. And the way Google tells how much time they
spend on this because they look to see if the person returns back to Google or what
we use in the marketing is bounce. The bounce rate. So, google will see that person return back
to Google search and search for more. Search again. They’ll try a different search. And when Google sees that people are only
spending a couple of seconds on your site before bouncing back to Google because presumably,
they didn’t not find that 5 to 10 seconds what they were looking for. It means that your landing page or whatever
page people are arriving on from your ad.. It’s not congruent what the customer wants. It’s not actually helping them find what they’re
searching for. Therefore, Google is not doing it’s job. Therefore, you are going to get dinged with
a low quality score. The way to raise that up is by… Also, same thing as your ads, constantly split
testing their landing page so that it is always appealing to the customer. The more appealing it can make your landing
page so that customers is spending a long amount of time reading through the content. Engage with whatever you have service or you
have product to offer. They are going to reward you with a higher
quality score. And once again, a lower cost per click. You are going to get a big benefit there and
be able to beat out your competitors. Now, that’s about it. I hope you learn something. Let me know what is the most useful to you
learning about specific keywords. Leaning about negatives, ad groups, ad optimization
or landing page optimization. Let me know what was the most useful in the
comments below. And let me know also… If you are currently doing adwords or if you
never done adwords in your life. Most people don’t do adwords. And I want to know people are finding interest
in this because if so, if you’re doing adwords and if there’s something specific you’d like
to learn about, I’m totally willing to teach it. I have a free training course on how to do
Google PPC. I’ll have my assistants link to it in the
cards somewhere along the screen. If you want to see more videos about how to
just get your product and get your services and get your links out online… Whether you’re doing affiliate, e-commerce
or running just a small local business, subscribe to my channel. Hit the notification bell. I’ll come out with daily videos about how
you can better reach customers using the internet. Have a good one.

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