April 2, 2020
5 Steps To Start An Internet Business

5 Steps To Start An Internet Business

So, you want to start an internet business? Well, I’ve made millions online and I made
3.4 million dollars last year. And I’m going to show you 5 steps you can
take to starting your very own internet business. I’ve taught thousands of people how to start
their own internet businesses. And hopefully this will help you start your
own. Let’s get into it. So, starting an internet business is a super
honorable pursuit because it gives you that freedom you want of location. And you get freedom of time. All you have to do is work from an internet
connection. You can be anywhere in the world. And it’s so exciting. That was the reason why I started my internet
business. And I’ve traveled all over the world over
50 countries while I was running my business making a pretty good amount of money. And it’s been so exciting this journey. I’m home more often but I make a lot of money
and I have the freedom to do whatever I want with my time. So that’s really exciting. And I applaud you for doing that. I’m going to go over the 5 steps I would take
to start an internet business. Now, the first thing you want to do is you
want to do research on your particular business that you’re trying to start. There’s a number of different businesses that
you can start on the internet. There’s e-commerce which is selling goods
on amazon, ebay or you know, drop shipping via shopify. There’s also starting an ad agency. So you can offer marketing services to other
companies around the world and charge them money. Okay? For offering your marketing services to them. Or you could do what I do which is affiliate
marketing which doesn’t require any customers support. It doesn’t require any sort of product or
shipping or fulfillment. Or all of those kind of hassles that e-commerce
has. Other sorts of businesses you can start online
include consulting where you can work with individuals or coaching and consulting. They’re kind of 2 sides of the same coin. Where you offer individuals or businesses
advice on how they could do whatever they want to do better. You could build software. You could build application or software apps. Either as an agency or just to make money
off upon a recurring basis. And what you can also do is be an influencer
and make money from your prominent son, Instagram or YouTube or Facebook or whatever platform
it is. That you’re using. So, there’s a number of different business
models within the internet realm. But understanding how each of them work is
important. And understanding what’s available and what’s
real. Now, there are other opportunities that people
may name that you can do. Like you know… Just click on ads and random stuff. But there’s also a lot of scams that you need
to understand out there. So, do you your research on the business model
before you jump into it. You’re not just going to click on an ad one
day and suddenly wake up with a million dollars in your bank account. That’s not how it happens. Do your research on the business model that
you’re interested in going into. Next thing you want to do about whatever business
that you’re interested in or businesses that you’re interested is learn. And you’re doing that right now. Learn… Watch a bunch of YouTube videos. Frankly. Just watch a bunch of YouTube videos on whatever
topic it is that you’re most interested in. Let’s say it’s consulting or let’s say it’s
starting and ad agency or let’s say it’s affiliate marketing or E-commerce. Learn. Spend time learning. Grab a bunch of YouTubers in that specific
topic and just keep learning. Google things. Understand the business model and get a sense
for what the ins and the outs and the moving pieces in that business model are. So you can become familiar with the jargon,
with the verbage, with the words. And ultimately, that will give you a much
better chance of succeeding in whatever you’re going into. Now, after you’ve done a bit of research and
you’ve learned about the business models that are available to you which ever ones you’re
interested in. You need to decide, okay? This is the time where you need to decide
and what you want o do, okay? What business model are you most interested
in. And are you going to really deep dive learn
about? Okay? So, I’d say learn about specific business
model that you think you’re more up to. You know? For affiliate marketing, I would say, obviously,
it’s more marketing prone. You know, if you like putting up ads and if
you like… You know, it’s kind of a mixture of empathy
of kind of like understanding people and needs and desires of what people want. And it’s also little bit of kind of just mathematical
stuff. Kind of like understand split testing and
analysis. E-commerce is really fit for accountants because
there’s… In e-commerce, there’s lots of accounting
you have to do. You have to spend a lot of money. And you have to come out a lot of money and
you have to do a lot of product analysis. Becoming an influencer is good for people
who are great networkers and great on social media and who look good or don’t look good
or sound good, etc. And consulting and running an agency is very
good for people who are good at management where as consulting is really good for people
who are good at sales and good at selling themselves. That’s sort of similar agency as well. So, once you’ve decided upon what you want
to do and you’ve done your research, etc. You want to take deep dive into things. I would recommend taking a step by step course. And some people will say, “Oh, John. You’re just trying to… You sell a marketing course. You’re just trying to get people by your marketing
course.” Well, you suck. No, it’s fine. I’m joking. But what you want to do is you want to deep
dive into things. Because there’s purpose for education. It’s step by step by step. It’s chronological. If you Google amazon FBA or how to start an
ad agency on Google, you will find 10 gazillion results. There’s a million ways to do things. And on the internet, likely what you get is
a piece by piece ways of doing things. You’ll have to… Frankenstein everything together. The reason I came out with an educational
course on affiliate marketing was to give people a step by step process to follow for
6 weeks. Take them from knowing nothing to having their
affiliate marketing business set up and hopefully generating sales. Now, whatever you decide to do, you know,
I’m one teacher and affiliate marketing is one business model. It’s not the only business model. It’s not necessarily the best business model. But it’s the one I happen to know most about. There are other experts such as Alex Becker
in e-commerce. Or Sam Ovens in Consulting. Tai Lopez teaches how to start an add agency. But in general, what you want to do is you
want to take a course. Really, I’d say there’s 2 big requirements. There are 2 big ways you can select your teacher
is, you know, ask you self (1) have they done it? Okay? Have they actually done it? Or are they just selling it? Okay? And now, I’m not going to name names here. But there are some gurus out there who are
quite prominent on YouTube who sell it but they haven’t actually done it before. You know? And personally, I don’t know if Tai Lopez
has actually ever ran a social media marketing agency. I don’t know. I think… But who knows? I don’t know him that well. But the point is, there are gurus out there
who sell it but haven’t actually done it. And that’s kind of dangerous. Because then you’re getting second hand knowledge. And then there’s a second thing to ask yourself
is does this person have what I want to have, okay? And if you’re learning from a teacher who
is living in dinky house who doesn’t have a lot of money, who isn’t very rich and you
want to become rich, that’s not a good person to learn from. Learn from somebody who has, who is where
you want to be. And there’s a whole reason why I don’t think
college is always for business students as the best idea but whatever. We won’t go into that. So, do a deep dive. Give a step by step plan. This will accelerate your success. If you have all the time in the world, feel
free. You know? Like, just learn stuff for free for a long
time. But again, that’s a dangerous route because
there are real cost to running a business and there are real cost to your time. You know, there’s so much material on the
internet right now. It’s not all step by step. And number 5 is after you’ve gone through
all of this, COMMIT, okay? Commit yourself for 6 months. Okay, that may sound pretty hard and pretty
drastic. And you may say, “Well, you know, I’m millenial. I want to keep my options open, man. You can’t tell me what to do for 6 months.” It’s okay. Do what you want. Keep your options open, be a little loose
butterfly and do what you want. Frankly I don’t care what you do. Okay? But the reality is the biggest problem I’ve
seen with younger people is that they can’t commit themselves for any period of time. They jump around from thing to thing to thing. You will never have success going from one
thing to other to the other to the other to the other. It doesn’t happen that way. Think of it like a race, okay? This is the starting line. This is the finish line, okay? If you have a bunch of people that are going
to go on a race, this person runs very slowly. This person runs very fast. But then they decide to do something different. And they run fast and the decide to do something
different. They run fast and the decide to do something
different. Even if this person is super fast, if the
last smart or whatever person just continues on, slowly but surely, that person will win. Now, I don’t know programming. I don’t have any technical skills. I’m not necessarily… You know, I didn’t do well in school. But I stick to things. I’m focused. And the reason why I’ve been successful and
why some of my peers haven’t is because I’ve stayed the same track for a relative period
of time. Now, my friends who are more successful. I have friends who have much more money than
me. The reason they’ve been more successful for
me or one of the patterns I’ve seen is they’ve stayed in the same path for many more years,
okay? They just stuck to it. You know, I’ve this one friend, Steve. We started a business together back in 2013
. And I changed businesses. I ran a business with him for years or so. Yeah, I was a little over a year I think. Then I changed businesses. Because I wanted to do affiliate marketing. Then I start affiliate marketing. And within a few years later I was making
multiple millions per year. Where Steve, Steve now runs a business that
does… I don’t know, something like, 20 to 50 million
dollars per year. Way more than me. It’s because he stuck to it. And all of my friends who’ve I’ve seen become
massively successful have stuck to the same thing for just a longer period of time. But they’ve been committed. And they’ve figured out a way to make it work. So, that’s what I encourage you to do. Hopefully this gives you an idea of 5 steps
to starting an internet business. If you got some value from this video, give
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leave a comment below and I’ll try to respond to whatever questions I see. Thanks for watching. Looking forward to seeing you in the future
video. Peace!

28 thoughts on “5 Steps To Start An Internet Business

  1. Great Video John! But there are two STEPS before those ones:
    STEP 0 – The Right Mindstep (having the half-full glass of water mentality)
    STEP 0.5 – Taking Action (procrastination is probably one of the major 'obstacles' – that people create… – to success!
    'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' ~Chinese proverb

  2. The internet operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plant some seeds (leads) and harvest some fruits 💰 of your labor.

  3. Good tips, great video John… Have you had any luck with Pinterest? Or if you even use Pinterest. It just seems like a gold mine but I haven't had any success there YET. I know there are ways to do it, I just haven't figured it out

  4. Do you know Marcus Campell(Affiliate Dude) has been 20 years with affiliate marketing?Is he best teacher about A.M?

  5. Confirmed, I'm gonna make it. I also stick to things like a boss. College took me long af but I kept going because I started it and at that time thought it was what I needed to do.

  6. Another Damn good video my Brotha! Just by watchin Ur free video's on youtube, I was able to stick in their and I eventually made over $1,000 in the past 60 days. I had almost given Up before then. lol. I cant wait to buy your course. Blessings to you and yours.

  7. Hi John! I'm really interested in thee affiliate marketing job. I'm gonna attend your webinar tomorrow evening. I really wanna learn how to do marketing and advertising properly. It will benefit my music publishing company as well. Personally, I wish that I had you as a muzik agent because of your amazing business skills. Let's see what happens! I'm producing a conceptual muzikal masterpiece about mysticism and thee unknown called Djinn Magik "Da Sacred Knowledge!" U seem like you're a muzik lover. ChEcKoUt Djinn Magik at BandLab when you have time and I will see you at your webinar tomorrow. And as always, THANK YOU for all of your valuable information.

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