April 10, 2020
5 steps to double your income this year – Make more money – J.R. Fisher

5 steps to double your income this year – Make more money – J.R. Fisher

what’s going on everybody JR Fisher here
and it is Monday and I got to thinking about this because I have a lot of
people asked me how they can improve their income how they can increase their
income so I’m gonna give you the four steps to doubling your income second
half of the year pretty good doubling your sales don’t
look at your income we all want to do that and I want to give you these five
steps so that you can actually implement them and actually get results so I want
to get into that and don’t forget you know when I in this video don’t forget
to share and like and you know put those comments and all that stuff down there
that really helps out a lot and we really appreciate it when you do that so
what’s the first thing you can do the number one thing you can do and I really
do believe it’s the number one thing and it’s to create more than you consume and
what I mean by that well you know we all use social media you know some of us use
it more than others but are you creating more than you’re consuming in other
words are you watching you know Facebook videos 5 hours a day and only you know
creating five hours worth of training a year you know that’s the problem there’s
that imbalance there and I’m not against social media I’m not against you know
watching Netflix I do all those things but I don’t want to get it imbalance so
you know I don’t have 20 shows that I follow on Netflix and you know I really
really get into any kind of series whatsoever I like more interview type
things where I learned something about somebody but you know you need to take
time this year and I don’t care if it’s you know we’ve got what five months left
out of the year and I don’t care really if it’s a blog that you want to write I
don’t care if it’s new web pages that you want to design or build early funnel
or make new videos or right whatever it is make sure you’re
spending more time on creating than you are on consuming and consuming is not
bad but what I’ve found is most people’s consuming is more like bubblegum for the
mind it’s more along the lines of you know watching funny cat videos or it’s
you know being entertaining you know I like to watch some videos when some of
these food bloggers are really interesting and every now and then I’ll
sit down watch some of them but I don’t watch them every day and usually if I
want something like that I’m trying to learn something from it you know and I’m
gonna try to find a channel but there’s really really well and I’m going to try
to learn something from it so that’s my number one thing is create more than you
consume okay you got it you only you know what you’re doing with your time
right nobody else knows but you know what you’re doing with your time the
next thing I would tell you is in your business develop line extensions what’s
that what’s a line extension a line extension is another product then you
can offer your customer that is going to be something you could make money on now
I’ll take you back a number of years you know we have a survival food company
it’s been around for 10 years survival came out great foods but I started off
with freeze-dried dehydrated foods and I think I had a 90 serving a 187 and a 360
serving that was my business those three buckets that was it and I will tell you
that we did pretty well but I kept getting a lot of feedback from people
and that feedback was that you know I don’t B protein so where’s the meat
right where’s the meat you know meat proteins so we decided to come up with a
canned meat that’s ready to eat out of the can that’s long term food storage
thank you very much Jessica I appreciate that just because I never want you to
appreciate that and that meat we actually we did beef chicken turkey pork
and ground beef and that was nine years ago
and we’re still selling those products and that’s became one of our number one
products and that’s a product that sells almost every single day back to that
celery we’ve done millions of dollars with that
product and we did that because it was similar to the product we have now
you’re going to do some line extensions that don’t do as well now we have entree
buckets and we have breakfast buckets and we have fruit buckets and we came up
with all these different buckets and some of them did better than others and
you know that’s what I think a lot of people will kind of shy away from doing
a line extension they’re like well gee if I put t-shirts with my business what
if they don’t do well you know that’s gonna take my eye off you know my focus
of everything else and it will it will and I wouldn’t say put all your effort
into it but I would say this you need line extensions you need to test out new
products and every big company does this you know I I was taking back when I saw
these potato chip companies in the grocery store and they were doing cajun
potato chips and they were doing you know I don’t know ranch ranch would be a
bad example chocolate potato chips or whatever there’s some crazy stuff they
were doing and I’m sure a lot of those failed but the point is they were trying
new things so you know if you have a business and you know your business is
something when you’re selling a physical product maybe you’ll want to add some
digital products and if you’re selling digital products maybe you’ll want to
sell some t-shirts and hats and stuff so people can buy more into your brand but
the point is you need you need need line extensions it could be a book you know
maybe you want to write a book this year and write your folks it’s not that hard
to do it doesn’t have to be long it doesn’t have to be four hundred pages
long you don’t have to be you know Stephen King or anything like that but
you do have to have additional items for your customer to build your brand so
that’s number two line extensions number three is pretty interesting and
we’ve done this and I’ve made a lot of money doing this and not in every case
but you know a lot of times I have and that is affiliate marketing now no
affiliate marketing has two sides right now we’ve always been a drop shipper
with our products so for years we’ve dropship for Walmart and thousands of
other websites our survival food products but a few years ago we also
became an affiliate of other people’s products where you know we had this list
of people about survival food and every now and then I just
an offer that’s a related offer to our product so you can do something like
that through Clickbank which I highly recommend it’s my favorite place for
affiliate marketing and you can go there and you can find other offers that you
can send out to the customers that you have right now and you can make some
money off it and you can also develop products which I’ve also gonna develop
courses and I put those courses on Clickbank and then other people actually
sell those courses so not only am i a drop shipper in that respect you know I
have affiliates that sell my products but in addition to that I’ve put other
products on my list and I’ve mailed out for those not make more money or less
and I don’t do anything right I don’t do anything all I you do is mail my list if
when she build up a list that list is valuable as long as you take care of it
hey Ferris what’s the one on haven’t seen you in a while so that’s another
thing you can do become an affiliate you know you can either become an affiliate
or you can you know do affiliate offers either way you want to do it
number four is increase the quality of what you do increases this is something
that we’re really going to work on increase the quality of what we do now I
used to have this terrible curtain behind me I can’t really curtain we’ve
got we built a brick wall how about that a brick wall is pretty cool that little
sign up there it says live on here got our Facebook logo there we got our
YouTube logo so there’s a pretty cool stuff and we did that because the video
quality wasn’t that good and you can’t see the other side now but I’ve got one
two three four five different lights shining on me now why because my videos
look too dark but it looked good so the next thing you can do is improve
the quality of what you do take a step back today look at what you’re doing you
know if you’re doing videos or and what if this is up we’re working on – we have
a great video editor guy now but if you add to your videos you know put some
b-roll in there put some words in there you know put some graphics in there put
an intro video on it there’s so many things you could do with you know a
video one of my favorite people to watch online is more
Wiens and he’s a food blogger he travels all around the world and I know I
stumbled across him probably two and a half years ago and I was going to get a
Bangkok Thailand and he lives in Bangkok so he was doing all these food videos on
Bangkok and you know what was going on there with street food and all that good
stuff and I got to where I watched a lot of those videos cuz I want to learn
about thank God and he had about a million subscribers I think back then
and I pulled him up the other day and he’s got 4.6 million subscribers and I
did some rough calculations just don’t views alone he’s probably making about
fifty two hundred dollars a day on people viewing his videos but here’s the
thing you know and I’ve heard him talk about it he spends sometimes 1215 hours
a day editing his own videos and he wants them to look good and he has a lot
of b-roll which is you know side videos of him doing stuff for the town he’s
added a drone reel at drone pictures and he’s constantly improved the quality of
those videos and it’s been reflected right in his income and his views and
subscribers all those things so what was the last time you took what you did and
you said you know what I’m gonna make this better
I’m gonna do better at it I’m gonna make it look really good I’m gonna make it
sound really good I’m gonna you know improve whatever I’m doing so that my
end user will have a better experience when was the last time you did that
something to think about right and the last one I got this is so important oh
my gosh this is so important and labor-saving automations and here’s the
cool thing nowadays there are so many different new software’s out there and
you can get confused you can get overwhelmed by these things but we added
one about a year ago called Carter oh and I love Carter because Carter took
the place you know the clickfunnels to take the place of Infusionsoft he took
the place of Plus this and I could go on and on it took the place of me having to
embed YouTube videos because you can upload videos to it but it’s it’s
basically a labor-saving automation it does all these things for me which is
pretty cool stuff and if you don’t have those automations you know if you’re if
you’re physically writing emails you know out to your audience once or twice
a week stop that I mean you could do some broadcast but you should have some
automations that go out when somebody joins your list they get tagged and you
know they’re a member of your list and they’re gonna get this sequence about
this product and this sequence about this product they’re gonna get this
sequence and if they buy that product that’s going to take them out of the
sequence and if you don’t have to do that
we do have training on that by the way but you should have some automation so
I’m going to run through these things we’ll more times I think they’re also
important number one this is probably the biggest most important one is create
more than you consume okay create more than you consume don’t just constantly
watch stuff and read stuff you develop something you come up with something you
you make something you know I’ve gotten more bad out of things that’s created in
life that I’ve ever read right and I still need to read I need to learn
things sure but at some point I gotta act on what I learned and you know I see
a lot of people fall down in that area they you know they’ll get some
information they’ll get excited about something but they don’t do anything so
you got to create kind of create develop line extensions get related products to
what you have and market those to your audience you never know when you’re
gonna have a hit nor canned meats is our number one product at our survival food
company and that was a line extension that was something similar to the
freeze-dried foods we had John become an affiliate or gain affiliates right so
you can actually go out there and find people to sell your product for you and
pay them a commission you could do something like that to Clickbank or
through Clickbank and I’m giving them a lot of shoutouts there but I mean
they’re good you can go out to Clickbank and you can find offers out there you
can sort them by how good the offers are and you can realize out to your audience
you can make some extra money next thing is increase the quality of what you do
you know hopefully this video is lit better it looks better than those dark
ones I was doing six months ago with a curtain right it did look terrible you
know these are a little bit brighter and they show up a little bit more probably
better sound though this one here I didn’t put the external mic one should
have done that right but we’re gonna make mistakes and the last one is and
labor-saving automations and if you don’t mind I want to give you a bonus
only give you bonus okay here’s the bonus you know just now I mentioned that
I didn’t add the external mic to this because I chef should have done that but
here’s the thing it’s not gonna be perfect now but that’s what scares a lot
of people is they go you know what I I need this and I need that I need this
like I need that microphone I need you know this office I need a wall like what
you’ve got I need oh look you don’t you don’t you would do a whole lot better to
have something that is your best effort for right now and create something that
they keep waiting for it to be perfect because you know what you’re not a
perfectionist nobody’s a perfectionist they say that they go climb just such a
perfectionist I can’t do these things I can’t do it unless it’s perfect well
here’s the truth it’s never perfect ever I don’t care how hard you try it’s not
going to be perfect what perfectionism really is is
procrastination okay that’s what all it is when you try to make things perfect
all the time all you’re really doing is procrastinate
you’re putting off something that you know you should be doing so my word of
advice of my bonus number six I guess that would be a bonus number six is that
you should produce something and quit trying to make it perfect okay do the
best you possibly can because your audience out there your customers out
there you know if you if you give them nothing if you offer them nothing then
you’re never gonna make any money and you’re not gonna build that audience and
that’s a sad thing okay because you got this one chance alright some people will
have a chance anymore some people are gone right you got this one chance to do
something with it I hope that helps you out a little bit those are my five steps
plus that one bonus I just gave you if you like this video please do me a favor
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