April 1, 2020
5 Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

5 Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

Hello, and welcome to my latest Koozai video.
My name’s Harry Gardiner, and today I’m going to be talking to you about social media for
ecommerce businesses. Now, I’ve got five top tips to help you out
with social media, if you’re running an ecommerce business. Let’s take a look. Number one is update regularly. You need to
be posting product updates, offers, reviews as much as you can. Just remember the 70-30
rule. Seventy percent of what you post should be resources, like how-to guides, information,
videos, things that can build your brand and help your users. You can also share a concept
from other brands that are relevant to your users and things that your audience might
be interested in. Thirty percent of your content should then
be focused on advertising your brand and pushing your products out to users. So, if you’ve
70% of your content helping out, offering resources, making your social profile this
really great place to be for users and 30% adverts. Number two is run giveaways, competitions,
and exclusive offers. People who follow you like to get free things. Well, everyone likes
to get free things. So, if you run exclusive offers or giveaways on your social profiles,
(a) you attract users, and (b) you offer those people who are following you something in
return. You can use this to highlight certain products that you want to push. You can also
use this to build your brand further. Number three is ask questions to engage your
users. Now, a lot of brands are doing some social media, because it allows you to communicate
with your users directly. So you might as well use it as well. If you ask your users
questions about the products you’re offering or about the themes you are running, it would
be a great way to see (a) what your audience thinks and (b) how they engage with your brand. Number four is be reactive. Now, social media
gives you an instant platform to do exactly what you need to do and to respond to the
things that are happening in the current news. For example, if you, say, heard news about
another royal baby being born, you could advertise products that are relevant to that news. If
you sold baby clothes, you could advertise royal offers and things on baby clothes. If
you’re an ecommerce site, like Play.com who offers a wide range of products, you’ve got
a whole menagerie of things to offer and push out. Number five, my last, but not least point,
is add CTAs. You can’t forget that everything you do on social media, all this resource
you’re building and this usefulness you’re doing, is to get sales. The end result is
always to get sales. So if you add CTAs to everything you do — maybe not most of the
pushing out and maybe not most of the 70% of the brand building — but you could even
put it on the end of that. Post a resource about something you’re looking into, and then
put, if you’re more interested in this, put a link at the end of it to your things. If you add a CTA to everything you do, you
can help increase conversions and really push product sales. Those have been my five top tips. But for
more information, why don’t you follow the social profiles in this video. Thank you ever
so much.

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