November 22, 2019
5 SEO Sins for Ecommerce Product Descriptions | Two Minute Tuesdays

5 SEO Sins for Ecommerce Product Descriptions | Two Minute Tuesdays

Hi, everybody! My name’s Matt, and I’m the
Social Media Manager here at Volusion. Welcome to Two Minute Tuesdays, where we give two
minutes of ecommerce advice to bolster your online success. When it comes to merchandising
your products, SEO is the name of the game, and more often than not, we use our product
descriptions as an afterthought instead of tools in our SEO arsenal. Well, forget that
bad habit, because today I’ve got five SEO mistakes that you’re making in your product
descriptions. First on our list: Never use manufacturer’s
descriptions. This is probably the biggest SEO no-no when it comes to your product descriptions.
Why? Because everyone else is using the exact same copy that you are. This is not good because
it doesn’t allow for your site and your product descriptions to stand out from the crowd,
and Google doesn’t like seeing too much of the same thing. Secondly, and this usually happens with good
intentions, make sure you’re not inadvertently using duplicate content. For example, if your
product descriptions have similar bits of content throughout each of them, like “money
back guaranteed” or “we offer only the finest ingredients,” that still counts as duplicate
content. So go through and make sure that you’re not repeating yourself whenever you’re
trying to upsell yourself. Mistake number three is not writing like your
customers think. It’s really easy for you, as the owner of your business, to get swept
up in industry jargon and think of products as you and other people in the industry would
think of them. The only problem with that is that people in your industry typically
aren’t buying from you. So think like your customer, and as a bonus tip, look out on
other websites and look at customer reviews for the same products that you’re selling.
This might give you some keyword research ideas that you can incorporate into your product
descriptions. Number four, and this is just an overall rule
for anything when it comes to SEO, don’t keyword stuff. Your website is not a Thanksgiving
turkey. In other words, if your keywords are being used four to five times throughout your
product description, it’s not helpful for your users, and Google’s going to catch you,
and knock your website down a couple pegs. Last on our list, beyond keyword stuffing,
you want to make sure that your keywords are not too generic. This is especially true if
you’re in an industry where there are lots of competitors, since several of them are
probably using the exact same keywords in their product descriptions. Get yourself ahead
and go a little bit beyond. Add brand names in there if they apply. Add high quality qualifiers
to your keywords. That way you can get more out of the “long tail” keywords and show up
in search results. Keep these five SEO no-nos in mind when you’re
creating your product descriptions. Have any questions? Just leave me a comment in the
box below. I’ll get right back to you. From me to you, happy selling.

13 thoughts on “5 SEO Sins for Ecommerce Product Descriptions | Two Minute Tuesdays

  1. No problem! Let's look at this example description:
    "Matt's Red Hot Sauce is the perfect dip, made with ripe-vine tomatoes and the freshest jalapenos. As always, we use only the finest ingredients."

    Here's a description for another product:
    "Matt's Green Sauce is made with fire-roasted tomatillos for a super smoky flavor. As always, we use only the finest ingredients."

    The "As always, we use only the finest ingredients" counts as duplicate content. Does that help clarify things a bit?

  2. Sooooo hard with 600+ products but do agree, spend the time on SEO – use the Import/Export tool from Volusion and take your time with it. Otherwise, don't bother! If it's not done right, it's worthless!

  3. So, if I understand you correctly, including "Free Shipping" at the top and a blurb at the bottom regarding my domestic & international shipping, this is going to count against me on Google?

  4. Google do care about your description. They know what is and it do not count, it was good up 2012. Please update user about it. 

  5. I'm curious about how this would relate to products such as hats. Using the word hats is generic but does apply to all the items so what should I be saying instead?

  6. Google Keyword Tool is a great way to find the most popular search terms related to your items. Take those words and scatter them throughout your product descriptions – but make sure they are used in the right context.

  7. If i have multiple product with same features than what should i write in description ,
    Because I can not change the features of the products.

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