February 24, 2020
5 reasons why reviews are essential for ecommerce

5 reasons why reviews are essential for ecommerce

Hi everyone, I am Riccardo Osti, and on a
daily basis, I help world’s best brands to become more successful by investing in the consumer experience. Some weeks ago I’ve explained on this video why reviews are important for traditional retail. Now, I will tell you the importance of reviews for e-commerce, and why they are becoming so relevant in a digitized world. There are five main reasons why reviews are one of the most important things if not the most important one, for online stores First one, reviews create trust. This happens because they are independent opinion from people like you and me, consumers. It’s not a brand sponsoring itself, but actually real people talking about their own experiences using the product. And this experience doesn’t even need to
be good to make reviews worth it. A study revealed that a product that has only
negative reviews sells more than a product with no reviews at all. About 70% more. This happens because people like to take risks in group, instead of doing them on their own So if other consumers have tried this product before and reported they had bad experiences at least you won’t have any surprises. On the other hand, if you buy a product with no reviews at all you don’t know what to expect from it, and this is actually what generate insecurity and frustration. Number two, reviews are voluntarily generated,
in free text format. This means they represent truly what consumers want to say, without any possible filter. When purchasing a speaker for example, consumers
might start by searching for reviews about the sound quality, in which brand A may not
be the best. However, after reading reviews, they realize
other customers are satisfied with the design of this product. Design is a value that, before reviews, didn’t
even exist. But now, it turns up to be important, maybe. Number three, reviews are a point of interaction between a brand and its clients. Very often, brands talk to customers through
reviews’ channels, starting finally a conversation with them. And its proven that when customers feel heard their feeling about the brand improves. Forth, reviews improve SEO, since they help
brands to better rank on Search Engines. Reviews mention product name several times,
and some important keywords that are used by clients to search for the product. This text improves the relevance of a webpage,
and search engines like Google will see it positively when ranking this e-commerce page. In fact, number five, and last one, which is also the most important one, is that reviews drive sales There are plenty of numbers that support this
affirmation. In fact, 95% of people read reviews before
purchasing anything, and more than 80% of them make their decisions based on what others write on reviews. On average, customers trust reviews as much
as they trust their family and friends! Reviews are beneficial not only for the product,
but for the e-commerce itself. Another study shows the results of adding
reviews to an ecommerce: 42% of the site administrators reported increases in
average order value, versus only 6% that report a decrease with inclusion of reviews. So it’s a win-win, for the product, and
for the channel. I hope this explanation gives you a clear
understanding about the role of reviews in ecommerce. If you didn’t subscribe to my channel do
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