April 1, 2020
5 Reasons to Use Messenger Marketing for E-Commerce

5 Reasons to Use Messenger Marketing for E-Commerce

(energetic music) – Hey there, d’you wanna make more money? Of course, we all do. If you’re in a business that sells products or services online, listen up. We’ve got five reasons
why you need to develop a Messenger marketing strategy
to grow your business. Messenger marketing is
conversational by nature. You’re talking to your audience in a place they already chat in, all day, every day. Better yet, you can personalize and tailor that experience for
each of your customers. Use your bot to learn about customers and then use that info to guide them toward the perfect purchase. Marketing through Messenger is a great way to cut through the chatter. It’s not a saturated
channel for marketing, so it’s especially easy
for brands and businesses to get their stories told. Potential customers are
significantly more likely to open a missed message from you rather than from am email you might send. If there’s one thing everyone
appreciates, it’s being heard. Messenger is a great
real-time channel for support. You can automate responses to your FAQs, direct customers to tutorials and guides, and when all else fails, chat one on one with
customers using live chat. The biggest e-commerce brands out there share one thing in common, they make it really easy to buy. Thanks to Messenger
marketing, there’s no need to yank people out of the app
they’re in to seal the deal. You can take a customer
through the buyer’s journey entirely within Messenger. Selling products is as
easy as one, two, three. Everyone likes a good deal. Offer coupon codes, exclusive
sales and free stuff to snag new customers,
generate return buyers, and cultivate brand loyalty. Well, that’s that. Check out ManyChat’s blog
or some of our other videos to hear from folks who’ve had wild success implementing e-commerce strategies
with Messenger marketing.

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