April 8, 2020
5 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Hemp CBD Ecommerce Business

5 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Hemp CBD Ecommerce Business

Hey guys! Hunter Saab with 420WebDesigns.com and today I’m going to talk about five questions, you need to ask before launching your hemp CBD e-commerce business. Check it out! Hemp CBD is hotter than ever Chances, are you’ve seen CBD companies popping up in your area and social media like crazy! People, you know have been raving about the benefits of CBD. Celebrities and Influencers are now creating their own product lines. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the action! Here are five questions you need to ask before launching your hemp CBD business. Number one, Who is your audience? In order to have a successful business you need to determine who your audience is and what your eye audience is attracted to when it comes to your products. Number two, what are you selling? You need to determine what kind of hemp CBD products you will be selling on your online store. With so many different hemp CBD products when it comes to oil, extracts, lotions, cosmetics, topicals, food drinks, and more! The possibilities are endless! You need to find your niche in one of those products and run with it! Number three, where will you distribute your hemp CBD products from? You basically have three options when it comes to finding a CBD supplier you can source your CBD products directly from a hemp CBD farm or find a CBD wholesaler that could possibly also handle your shipping when your customers purchase on your website and they handle all that which is known as drop shipping. Or you could purchase the CBD directly from a farm wholesaler and be the distributor from your house and be the warehouse and send off the packages yourself directly. Number four, why are you launching your hemp CBD business? Has CBD changed your life or someone, you know? Well, find your niche within when it comes to selling your products online. Are you starting your hemp CBD business? Because it’s a hot trend or are you wanting to spread education and awareness about the benefits of CBD and hemp? Are you willing to stick with your hemp CBD ecommerce business through the highs and lows? That’s something you really need to ask yourself. Come hell or high water, how committed and passionate are you?n Number five, ask yourself how are you going to sell your hemp CBD products online? Many people put up a DIY do-it-yourself mediocre website and after a couple months they wonder why aren’t I making any sales? Well, one of those reasons is you need a professional website built by someone who knows about the cannabis industry Just saying… With an eye catching an educational hemp CBD website. Your customers are more likely to stay on your website longer and are way more likely to make a purchase. You want people to build trust with your brand when it comes to your education, your blogs, your brand, and your website. All of that comes together. Do you need help with your hemp CBD e-commerce business? Check out 420WEBDESIGNS.com
We can help you with branding, marketing, educational blogs, your website design, and more. Feel free to hit me up Hit me up in the DM. Alright guys, that’s five questions you need to ask yourself before launching your hemp CBD ecommerce business. Good luck and go get em’ guys!

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