April 9, 2020
5 Profitable Business Ideas Online For 2020 (Living in Japan or Home)

5 Profitable Business Ideas Online For 2020 (Living in Japan or Home)

hey it’s me Doston and welcome back to
my channel and where we discuss about saving making and investing money while
living in Japan so right now we’re still in 2019 but 2020 is almost here and in
this video I wanted to share my ideas about online businesses that you can
start in this 2020 but before that I want to say that all this require a lot
of time to invest but if you if you are unwilling to start something if you are
willing to work hard on those ideas on those projects I think you will achieve
a lot of results so that’s why but yeah it requires a lot of time so that’s why
I don’t worry about ideas the most important thing is to implement those
things into your life and make them real so first things first is online courses
and even though we have a lot of websites with online courses like udemy
and Skillshare but if you find your niche if you find something specific
there’s still market for those online courses and I think it’s a huge business
if you want to start in 2020 but you can enter it if you have something
interesting to offer and online courses how can you start actually you can find
websites where you can just upload your courses as I mentioned a udemy but the
disadvantage of this course of this website is there they get their own cut
and also you need to you know you cannot get information about your clients and
customers so that’s why it’s a little bit a tricky thing but if you don’t want
to bother making your own website all those you know payments and all
those things you can put them on udemy and test and then you can actually build
your own website and actually you me they allow you to post anywhere you want
so that’s why it’s not a problem here and I feel like courses will grow even
bigger because right now you know college and education is really
expensive and that’s why people are searching for alternative education and
next thing is affiliate marketing and I’m not gonna talk about you know
affiliate marketing as a you know some kind of Ponzi scheme or something
because there is a bad image of affiliate marketing recently but to be
honest like even if you’re a small creator you can start making some money
from affiliate marketing and the biggest one probably you all know is Amazon
Associates where you’re you know favorite youtubers they put those
affiliate links in the description where you click the creator gets commission
from that no one loses anything but it’s interesting to to think about affiliate
marketing and because it still works it’s still pretty big and it’s growing
even bigger and even for other services like uber eats or Airbnb you can find
affiliate links right and you can start making money from that yeah if you have
your own website if you write some blog or some Instagram posts you can put some
links in your description that’s why I think about affiliate marketing from
this standpoint how can you help people to find best products and like if you
think strategically how can you help your clients and then you can get a lot
of money from affiliate marketing you know one of your favorite channels they
make a living just from affiliate marketing because it’s huge if you think
how much can you make from that but if your small creator it’s it’s one
of the probably will be bigger than your you know YouTube ad revenue
if you’re a small creator alright and next one is selling your and DIY so you
can start your own shop from using Shopify of course it’s not that hard you
can start even now and set up your own websites in I don’t know one day of
course their services like etsy.com they get their own cut as well but they take
care of marketing they take care of you know those listings and stuff but if you
want to start now of course it’s a good way and then you can move on and make
Shopify store or if you want right now to set up your own store you can also
make your own website as well so that’s why I selling your DIY and if you have
any hobbies or something I think it’s a great way to start your small business
and then grow to something bigger alright next thing is social media and
PR consultant right now we have so many websites we have so many social media
websites like tic toc coming right now pretty big even like getting ahead of
Instagram but there is still a demand for that and businesses you know like
they really they still think analog and they don’t really see value in on the
internet marketing but if you can provide those services to companies I
think you will be in a good like position because if you even have five
or seven clients and you can charge them monthly you can get like almost living
like full-time living imagine if you can charge them thousand dollars and you
spent only five hundred to your marketing then you can make a pretty
good money from that right so how can you learn about that it’s
actually not that hard if you know Facebook marketing or you’re still not
sure how to make a ad campaign just search on youtube there are plenty of
tutorial videos about how to set up ad campaign on Facebook and it’s same with
Instagram so it’s not that hard it just takes time to learn about those skills
and then you can start approaching companies and offering your service I
find it pretty interesting because I also had similar experience when I made
some commercial videos but then I also included service with PR consultant and
social media so we did a few videos with them with pretty big company in Japan
actually and it was it was a good profit I guess because I knew a little bit
about Facebook marketing and I just asked my friends about that and it a
little bit of research and here we go I offered not only video shoot but also
social media promotion for them so I think it’s pretty good thing if you if
you want to start from something small and then you can grow to bigger scale
hire some other people and I feel it you can think it as a business and take care
of that as a business and next thing is also related to online business it’s
setting up your own YouTube channel and your own blog I really want to emphasize
on thinking it as a business because YouTube we think oh it’s just online
videos and nothing serious but to be honest in 2020 it will be even bigger
with more attention to YouTube of course there are so many policies and that
prevents you to create something cool but still if you can adapt to those
rules and if you consider my YouTube and your own block is a real business then
you will be successful in this a new year and then you know YouTube and your
own block it’s really easy to scale if you take it seriously and then you can
also take like and make money not just from ad revenue because it’s really
small percentage for most creators but also you can focus on other like
monetization and then if you have your online course set it up and or if you
have your patreon or shop then you can promote those services and those
products from your own YouTube channel or blog so that’s why you’re getting
like a free promotion so marketing is very important and then you’re getting
all those things so that’s why I find it pretty fascinating that you can get
those tools for free and then you can start from now yeah yeah all those ideas
of course are important but as I said the most important thing is to start and
then implement those strategies you have those ideas you have thank you for
watching this video if you’re interested in saving investing and making more
money subscribe to my channel and watch more in our playlist and leave a comment
and what business you want to start in 2020 I will be eager to see them and
let’s let’s get to the comments and talk about all of those things and see you
next time bye bye

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