April 7, 2020

23 thoughts on “5 Mind Tricks MILLIONAIRES Use To Become RICH [Animated Video] – Millionaire Habits

  1. i love your video's specially the etsy one..i earned $700 in just 3 days…hats off to you..keep up the good work.

  2. Hello, Sarah, I love this video thank you for the great content I have been saying the same thing for years but some people don't see it this way Thanks again

  3. I agree super strongly on number 3. I am sick and tired of listening how you have to work 37 hours a day to be rich. No sleep, no food, no sex just HUSTLE AND GRIND. We Germans are so successful not because we work harder than everyone else, but because we are efficient when we work.

  4. I thought you started doing this when you were 15 with the GameStop scheme? If it worked why were you working long hours anywhere?

  5. What if I don’t have successful friends and they don’t have the mindset like I do? How do I find successful friends that can influence me?

  6. Sarah awesome video, as always. May I ask for links to the research you looked into regarding sleep please. Thank you.

  7. I dont understand the validity of the last study, there are a lot of fat smokers in the world so of course friends of friends will be fat smokers

  8. I followed you a few weeks ago and I can't stop watching your videos. I just signed up for your course free trial too. Thank you for making this easier for us as a dropshipper beginner. <3

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