April 3, 2020
5 Japanese Commercials w/ American Celebrities

5 Japanese Commercials w/ American Celebrities

( music playing )Konnichiwa.When American celebrities
aren’t starring in big
Hollywood movies or sitting front row
at Lakers games or in rehab, some of them can be found
in Japanese commercials! So we’re going to play
a little game with that, Link. I’m going to tell you
about a Japanese commercial that has an American
actor in it and then I’m going to give you
some multiple choices. You’re trying to guess
the correct answer. – Okay?
– Oh, okay. Sometimes I feel like maybe
I haven’t established that. – Yeah.
– You’re trying to guess
the correct answer. It’s hard to know.
Okay, I’ll try
to be right this time. – And if you get three–
– Any aspect of the commercial. If you get three of these right
you’re gonna win candy that is featured in one
of the commercials. Is that it?
Let me see this candy. No, don’t.
I don’t want you to see it. I want you
to experience it later. I’m looking at it. When Nicolas Cage
isn’t screaming and acting like an insane person
in American movies, he’s doing it
in Japanese commercials. In this ad for a Japanese
arcade game called Pachinko… – I hate those people.
– I was that guy this year. – I’m sorry.
– You ate tuna on an airplane? Yeah, I didn’t
think it through. A baby or a werewolf is
what I’m thinking. ( mocking Link )
Werewolf. I’m thinking of the CGI
capabilities of Japan, and there’s
no upper limit to it. I think it’s babies. I don’t know why. – I think it’s babies.
– Babies. Let’s see if he’s right.
Roll the commercial. So, you’re twins. – Both: No.
– All: We’re triplets. – Link:Triplets!
– What? Triplets: Fever. – Fever!
– Fever. Fever.
Fever! Fever! – Fever.
– Yeah. Yeah, triplets give
Nicolas Cage a fever! At one point in that commercial
Nicolas Cage went… Yeah, yeah, yeah. What does a director
have to say in order for that
to be the thing– Nothing to Nic Cage.
Nothing! – Nic, you do you!
– You just say,
“Nic, you do you! Yeah, exactly. I gotta say, still better
than “Ghost Rider.” I was wrong. In this commercial
for a Japanese bank, Brad Pitt takes on a role
he’s never done before. See, they can take risks. – You know the American actors–
– That’s the whole point. They think they can go
over there and like cash– – Hide?
– Cash in on the money– – They can’t hide!
– And take risks. You can’t hide from us,
Brad Pitt! Brad Pitt doesn’t
have any money in a Japanese bank.
Or does he? He is taking on a role
he’s never done before
on screen or off, a personal assistant,
but… Okay. More with the babies. Because Brad Pitt is
no one’s assistant! I think Brad Pitt
would be in– Blah Pitt. A pop band called Arishi. Well, it’s Arashi. – Arashi.
– Does that change your answer? Yeah, I’m going
with needy sumo wrestler. Let’s see if he’s right! Link:Yes!Rhett:That’s a sumo wrestler.
Watch what happens.
A broken thong.Not a problem
for Brad Pitt.
Incidentally, Brad has
never successfully lifted
all of his children. – At once.
– Hit me baby one more time with another commercial. In this Japanese
candy commercial – Yes!
– Britney is flying
in a pink airplane while singing her classic
“Sometimes.” She then feeds a piece
of candy to her bodyguard which causes him to what? A, jump out of the airplane
and parachute out of frame. B, break out into an awkward
dance with Britney. C, grow a big juicy butt. Or D, go into diabetic shock
because he shouldn’t
be having sweets! I feel like I was hoping
for “big juicy butt,” even before you said that. Hoping for a big juicy butt. – Like if it would just–
– That kinda day. It is that kinda day. So, I’m definitely
hoping for that. I think it would be ironic
for a bodyguard to get a bulbous butt
based on her song. I can see it.
Show it to me. Let’s see it.
Is he right?♪ Really want is
to hold you tight ♪
♪ Treat you right ♪♪ Be with you day
and night… ♪
– Rhett:Here we go.
– Suki? – Suki.
– Link:Suki.♪ Baby, all I need is time… ♪( man speaking Japanese ) – Rhett:No, no big juicy butt.
– Link:Dang it!Just a nice, awkward,
weird dance. – What did–
– That was some classic Britney. ♪ The song was so good
and it all made it great ♪ ♪ Even though there wasn’t
a juicy butt ♪ ♪ Anywhere to be found ♪ – Maybe there was,
but it wasn’t his.
– Yeah. Well, you know,
it was all fun and games until you realized
that was a Tide Pod. Ooh. – Yeah.
– Tide Pod? Britney started the trend. Sure. Okay, Link,
you missed that one. Sylvester Stallone is famous
for playing a boxer who whacks Apollo Creed,
but in this Japanese commercial he plays a golfer
who whacks what? Who whacks. He’s whacking. I think think
it’s a Chia pet because would they be spending
all their marketing money– I’ve seen the American
commercials. Ch-ch-ch-chia! Their spending all their money
in Japan on Sly? – No way.
– Okay. All right,
you’re narrowing it down. Cans of beer
or little sausages. ( mimics Stallone )
Hey, I don’t wanna– I don’t
wanna advertise beer because– That’s what he said.
So he turned down the beer. Oh, really? You’re working your way
to little sausages? ( mimics Stallone )
Hey, I narrowed it down
to the sausages. Okay.
That’s your answer? – Little sausages.
– Let’s see if he’s right! – Rhett and Link:Yes!
– Bayern. Rhett:
That’s a little sausage!
( man speaking Japanese ) – Bayern.
– ( man speaking Japanese ) Yeah! ( speaking Japanese ) He don’t know
what he’s said. Just give me the paycheck. He does not know what he said
and neither do I. – It’s very difficult–
– These little sausages
are great. It’s very difficult to see
exactly what is going on
in that commercial, but our researchers
have confirmed he was indeed
whacking the sausages. We– we have researchers– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – They dug real deep.
– Okay. Link, you got two right. In this commercial
for a Japanese energy drink, the drink is played
by a life-sized singing
and dancing woman. When the top of her head
unscrews like the top
of a bottle, a genie pops out
in a fit of laughter. Who plays this
laughing genie? A genie pops out
of a person’s head? Oh, gosh, you just can’t–
Oh, it’s gonna be amazing. – Hmm.
– He gets around. Yeah. Um… I can see Gwen Stefani.
Like she– Gwen Stefani likes
to wear midriffs. – True.
– Like many of the lamp
held genies. Uh-huh.
Yeah, yeah. – It’s insight you’ve got.
– But– But the Japanese
ironic sensibility – is so honed.
– Wow. I think they went
with the big guy. – Arnold.
– Oh. – Really?
– For the win. Is he right?( singing in Japanese )Western town.– Link:Oh!
– ( gasps ) Rhett:Who’s it gonna be?
Who’s it gonna be?
– Link:Is it?
– Rhett:I don’t know yet.– Link:Is it Gwen Stefani?
– Rhett:Yes!– ( maniacal laugh )
– Rhett:That’s Arnold!– Link:I actually couldn’t–
– Rhett:You couldn’t tell?Look at the diastema. ( both speaking Japanese ) I don’t even feel happy
about getting that right. – Really?
– It was so scarring. Yeah, apparently the people
of Japan loved the idea of drinking Arnold
carbonated bath water. But, Link, you know
what you like the idea of? – Winning!
– Winning some candy! You won Richao. Richao. Four fruit flavors. – Britney loves it.
– Flute flavors. And so does her bodyguard. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – I’m Cameron.
– I’m Sarah. – I’m Elijah.
– And I’m Julia. And we’re the Lanner
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100 thoughts on “5 Japanese Commercials w/ American Celebrities

  1. Boss Rainbow Mountain Coffees main commercials is Tommy Lee Jones from Men in Black. He ironically plays an alien 👽.

  2. I remember reading an article in an old Japanese Starlog sci-fi magazine (one with the E.T. on the cover so from 1982) about Ray Bradbury filming a coffee ad for a Japanese company (I believe it was AGF) and, according to the reporter, during the filming Bradbury more than once grabbed him and got outside the studio and asked "Are you sure they're not mistaking me for someone else? I mean, I CAN'T be that famous in Japan to appear in a TV ad."

  3. Actually when link said konichiwa, he should have said ohayo
    (pronounced Oh-hi-Oh).
    Ohayo means good morning while konichiwa is typically used in the afternoon.
    Yes I like Japanese.

  4. That awkward moment you confuse an Austrian for an American simply because he's appeared in American films. Wow Americans are dumb…

  5. Anybody else notice they used Jerry "the king" Lawlers entrance music in the Nicolous cages commercial?

  6. Does anyone remember the name of the video Rhett originally said WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT in?

  7. I got all of them right except for the little sausages. Lol, pays to be a past otaku sometimes. I’m not anymore. But I used to be. 😂 lol

  8. rhett: "our researchers have confirmed, he was indeed whacking the sausages.."
    link: "..we have researchers?"
    oh, link.. you are too pure.

  9. But what were some of these commercials for? It'd have been nice to get context for Nic Cage's and Brad Pitt's commercials.

  10. Stallone doesn't "whack" Apollo Creed; Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren, does. The main premise of Rocky 2 was Stallone's character avenging his friend's death.
    @3:23 Honestly, there are worse broken thongs we could see on a sumo wrestler.

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