April 6, 2020
#5 Change Image | Laravel File Upload | getClientOriginalName | E-commerce website tutorial

#5 Change Image | Laravel File Upload | getClientOriginalName | E-commerce website tutorial

okay friends let’s continue our product
editing functionality in this video we will try to change default product image
if I click here it will go to the new blade so if we need to create new fight
for view and route so go to that your editor inside your admin folder you will
create here new file name it whatever you want
I give ain’t it and email plate dot PHP and you can copy index files all code
and paste here just in change the heading change image go to the web dot
PHP crate new route for inch in it crowd it actually you can use view there is
change image and your autos I mean name of your new plate change image nice okay
now just go to the edit product face here you have a change image link you
put here URL first of all admin then you will put
your route name change image save it go to here refresh click on OK
we do not found that means I put the wrong spelling here
I think it’s only the image not that large
a sorry for that is not found let me copy this name copy save it and put here
also the Lord if you is not why use not fun because I think oh I’m sorry
here you have to add admin dot admin dot because we are using metal via refresh
ok you are now inside your new blade now put here form start your working delete
this extra paragraph put here phone tag with action Sun will be your URL of new
route related to me say it upload ppppp full form is product pic
that’s nice and in corrupt multiple form data and x1 is methyl methyl will be
post nice closing tag of form inside the form first most important as ref field
function this is function so you will successfully submerge your form next is
input type text no input I filed name will be whatever you want
I put quick peek and next input type submit
this button while Leo well you upload and class class will be what done button
fill button every all you can say a success whatever you want save it now
you need this okay you need to add an admin here also sorry okay
now you have to create this route here with method is post post same aim of
function we will create inside admin controller that’s why at the death
upload PP save it go to admin controller after your function of insert command
make clear public function new function upload EP that’s request exam save it
all the best in a variable request and here you will and your data okay first
of all my peak is big request file and your input type is name is Vic that’s it
okay now where is file name my name is dick because we will save input variable
so here get Clyde original name function this will get
original name let me show you what is the discuss save it
what was your we don’t refresh upload any image I have a only Dean this is
default I will show you his name upload his image or DPD
I have other images also in my other project go to the STT dogs my lara book
and public folder images folder image folder so i have here and new image
click on a paddle button and you are getting here image name ok now back to
coding complete this function here you will put part parties public slash image
this is the my part public inside image folder ok
and before that I need to operate file image extra function is time dot file
name this will burnett do file name every time you upload a new file ok the
save it now do you have everything just start the update command
ok he

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