February 26, 2020
5 Big Ecommerce Predictions for 2013 | Two Minute Tuesdays

5 Big Ecommerce Predictions for 2013 | Two Minute Tuesdays

Hi, everybody! My name is Matt, and I’m the
Social Media Manager here at Volusion. Welcome to Two Minute Tuesdays, where we give you
two minutes of ecommerce advice to bolster your online success. From me and the Volusion
team, Happy New Year and welcome to 2013! This is going to be a big, epic year for our
industry, and I’ve got five big ecommerce predictions for 2013. Big prediction number one: Tablets take over.
We all know that mobile has become more and more important when it comes to ecommerce,
and tablets are going to run with the herd this year. Just think about all the tablet
devices that we were given for the holidays. Expect customers to be making use of them
when it comes to your ecommerce site. The second thing to keep an eye out for in
2013 is faster shipping, and an increase in customers expecting it. Believe it or not,
Amazon is already dabbling in same day delivery. If this shipping trend really catches on,
your customers are going to be looking for faster shipping from you and your online business. Number three on our list: Video validates
its value. Beyond trying to say that three times fast, take note that video is going
to come to fruition in 2013. People don’t like to read anymore, and video provides a
great opportunity to offer interactive content to your viewers. So start dabbling in video
as soon as you can. Number four for 2013: Seamless shopping experiences
really take hold. What this means is that, while your ecommerce site will continue to
be the base for your online presence, people are looking to any digital touch point to
interact with your brand. This means your social media outlets, your blog and really
any other digital touch point must provide a very seamless branding and shopping experience
to best cater to your customers. Last, but definitely not least: Content becomes
the new SEO. We’ve known that content is king for a very long time, but it’s really going
to overtake how Google and other search engines rank your content. Instead of using any type
of black hat or even traditional SEO tactics, you need to focus on your content marketing
efforts to deliver highly relevant, educational and entertaining content to conquer search
engine rankings. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen,
because 2013 is going to be one heck of a ride. Keep these five big predictions in mind
when you’re putting together your 2013 strategy. If you have any questions, just leave me a
comment in the box below. I’ll get right back to you. From me to you, happy selling!

7 thoughts on “5 Big Ecommerce Predictions for 2013 | Two Minute Tuesdays

  1. Matt, l always enjoy your 2 Minute Tuesday videos. I hope in 2013 they will continue to be informative, interesting and generally excellent as they were in 2012 Keep up th e good work, we're all listening.

  2. Glad that they're helpful! We'll definitely be around each Tuesday for the rest of the year, so stay tuned. Here's to a pleasant and profitable 2013! -Matt

  3. Hi Manny, thanks for watching. Our software comes with a built-in tablet-ready admin, so you can manage your store directly from your tablet device. Hope this helps! -Matt

  4. Howdy, and thanks for the feedback! While we do have a tablet-optimized admin to help you mange your store, I'll definitely share this with the Product team. Thanks! -Matt

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