February 23, 2020
$4,180 in 5 Days | PROFIT REVEALED

$4,180 in 5 Days | PROFIT REVEALED

(soft music) – Yo what is good everybody? What’s up? What’s up? Welcome back and you know I just wanna get into this video showing you the store that’s generated $5,000. No, it’s $4,000 within the past five days. Okay, so apologies for
not being that active. I was actually in New York. I was kicking it with family. But I’m back, everything is good, just needed some time to myself. What I do want to cover is this store that I had been working on throughout this little New York trip. And it’s been able to generate $4,000 within the past five days and it’s still up and
running and we’re gonna get into the behind the scenes. I’m gonna show you the profitability. I’m gonna show you the way I scale. And there’s a lot of little insights that you can take away from this and I know, a lot of
y’all been really asking how fast can I see results? How much do I have to spend? You know, if before I start making profit and seeing profitability, well this is gonna answer
most of y’all questions so let’s get right into it. So this is the store right here and as you can see,
yes, it is a live store. It’s not one of those fake, phony guru, you know draftings. And this is in the past week, so this is what I wanted to show y’all is that on the past five days, I’ve been doing a steady
500, okay 600 right here, and then we decided to scale. That’s why you see this little bump here. This is called a push day. And this is very important. We’re gonna get to this
but I wanna show y’all the breakdown of what
happened around this time and what was our thought
process behind scaling. Okay? So let me show y’all that. These first three days right here was pretty much just testing. Okay? And if we go into my
dashboard of profitability this is on the 11th right
now, so as you can see that’s the 11th, today is the 13th so this is two days ago. This would be this day right here, June 11th, and let me show you out of that $687 we made, which matches up right here, we generated $193 in profit
at a 28% profit margin. On average we spent $11 per order and we spent $228 on ads, right? So I saw this right here and I said okay we’re getting these, these are pretty consistent for the first three days and then I said “all right, we’re getting good margins for three days straight, let’s scale these campaigns.” So we decided to have a push day. And what a push day is
is this day right here. That’s where you see this
bar go up a little bit. And this all that means
is that we’re spending more on ads and we’re
increasing our reach. We’re trying to get more
numbers into our store. These first three days we’re just learning okay what’s my conversion rate? Meaning for every hundred
people that come into the store I know that
I’m getting three people to buy on average within
these past three days. And that was enough to
leave us with profitability and some ad sets that
were running pretty well. Then, we decided to
take those ad sets which were ad sets of $10 budgets
and we duplicated them. So I duplicated them into
six different campaigns. Under each campaign, there
were six different ad sets. I don’t like doing too many ad sets under one campaign because I feel like they will start to compete against each other with the audiences. So that’s just one of
my little miffs that I abide by but you can ignore that. Whatever works for your ads manager is really what it’s gonna
come down to for you, okay? So for me, I knew that $10 to $15 budget ad sets were doing really well. They was getting a good overwise,
so I decided to duplicate the same thing horizontally. So, instead of So instead of increasing
from $10 to $20 on an ad set that was doing really well
and getting us great results, instead of doing that,
we just duplicated them. We just said, all right
this is doing well at $10 and if it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it, right? So, we just duplicated the same thing multiple times, and what that’s doing is, you’re increasing your reach, okay? You’re giving your ads a
fair chance to optimize at a low budget, but you’re
also increasing the amount of people that’s seeing it. So you remember I said, for
every hundred people that comes into the store, we’re
getting three people to buy. So now what if we get a
thousand people into the store? Okay, you’re gonna get
thirty people to buy, which is the results
that you’re seeing here. On this day, on this push day,
we actually spent more on ads because most of the ads aren’t
gonna do well, all right? So that’s the big aha moment
that you should have here is that on these push days
when you’re scaling your store, don’t aim to be profitable, okay? You can aim to just break even. What you’re doing is actually, you’re investing in your
business so that you move it up a notch and your
margins are now bigger. Okay, so you know your
formula. Now you’re just injecting more into that margin. But don’t expect profit on this first day. The reason why most drop
shippers at a beginning stage would, they won’t scale is because they have the mentality that, okay, if I’m not breaking, if
I’m breaking even here, or I’m not profitable on this day alone, then why should I keep
spending that amount? Well, after you cut the fat on your ads, and you cut out the ads
that aren’t doing too well, once you do that, you’re gonna have a lot more profitable ad sets, and only those profitable ad sets running. And in fact, that’s exactly what we did. So let me show you the profitability and what happened to this store
after we decided to let the ads optimize and let it run. So, this is, um… so
let’s go to the push day which was the 12th and
what you will notice here is that on the push day, the net profit dropped down to $80, right? Whoa. That’s really scary. We went from $172 net
profit to $80 net profit. I consider this break-even, you
know, after you include your customer service cost and all that, but what I’m trying to show
you is that we spent… we went from $200 in ad
spend to $616 in ad spend. And I’m okay with that because
we got $1,000 in revenue back and we broke even. But after you cut the fat, and the reason why we’re
not profitable is because the ad spend went up, right? It went from $11 per
purchase to $16 per purchase. But after you cut the ads that aren’t bringing you any sales, then, of course, all you’re gonna have is profitable ads running. And what happens on the day
like today, which is the day after the push day, once you give your ads time to optimize, you’re gonna see that everything’s
gonna go back to normal except the numbers are gonna be bigger. So, 28% profit margin now,
ad spend per order actually went down so it was at
$11 before the push day and now it’s at $10 because we gave them time to optimize. Another very important
thing for all the newbies and everybody getting its drop shipment, let your ads optimize. I know you’re excited to see
what the data looks like, and you probably saved up a lot of money so that you can invest in this business and now you’re just really
attached to that amount of money, look, you have to let your ads optimize. Let Facebook do its thing. You have to trust that Facebook
is not gonna be perfect, but you can, overall, it
will still have that uptrend. Okay, everything comes in a wave. If you look at the stock market, it has good days, it has bad days, but on those bad days, do you think that everybody just quits trading stock? No. They look at the overall
trend over a period of time. And as long as that is up, as long as that is growing, that means you’re growing. That means you have more profitability, and you’re growing a
profitable business, okay? This dashboard is actually
order metrics that I owe for those of you who don’t know. I suggest you go ahead and I’ll maybe include a link
to that in the description. Maybe affiliate link or not, I don’t know. Today, we’re only at 6pm right now. It’s only 6pm today. And we’re at $300 profit which
is more profit than I made in the past couple days because we scaled, we had a nice push day, we broke even, we’re okay with that. And then after we cut the fat, we realized that we had
the best performing ad sets bringing in the majority of our money. So, that is how you scale properly, okay? Doing zero dollars a day
to doing a consistent 500 and scaling that path, so by the end of the day, I can expect, you know,
I hate doing predictions but I can expect 12 to 1400 and then at the end of tomorrow night, we’re gonna do another push day and then we’re gonna grow
this up a little bit. That’s the mindset and you’re
probably wondering to yourself well, how do we know
which ad sets to cut off and when to cut ’em off? Well, I’m gonna cover
that in the next video. If you make sure you
subscribe, comment, you know, hit a like on this video
if you got some value. Most people won’t show you that, okay? They not gonna show you the bad days. They just glorify this drop shipping thing and make it seem like
you’re supposed to be profiting everyday. No business works like that. Every business has to make investments, and it’s up to the business owner, you, to make those decisions,
to say, all right, we’re gonna push, and we’re
gonna scale hard today. We’re not gonna expect to profit, we just want to break even, and see what our numbers look like, and if we should go
forward and keep scaling. So, break even is not a bad thing, okay? There’s profitability,
then there’s break even, then there’s losing money. If you’re here all the time, you’re doing something wrong. Change your product, move on. But also develop the
mindset of being very strict with your money, okay? This is your hard-earned money, and you don’t want to see it
being wasted down Facebook ads for no reason if you’re
not seeing a profit. So, make sure that if you’re
not profitable after two days, and only after you give your
ads a fair chance to optimize, then and only then will you cut those ads and move onto the next product. As far as everything else, I’m gonna keep y’all updated on, actually the rules and metrics
that you should look at to know whether you should cut an ad set, if it’s profitable or not, we’re gonna get into all
that into the next video, all right? So, if you got some value out of this, again, hit the like, subscribe. And if you want more one
on one coaching from me, and you want to see all
of my secret strategies, I’m a leave a link into my
premium boot camp course. I’ll leave a link of
that in the description and if you see it there right now, that means it’s open. If you don’t see it, that means I closed enrollment because I like to focus
on my students, okay? So, just think about that, okay? Think about the way that
profitability and cash flow actually moves with your e-commerce store. You know on just a day
to day level, I did… You know what I did today? I woke up, went to the
gym, I made some breakfast, took a shower, went to CVS, get
some shampoo and conditioner and I checked my store. And now for the rest of the day, I’m pretty much gonna respond
back to you guys’ messages on social media and invite a friend over. We’re gonna watch the NBA finals tonight ’cause that’s going on, and I made three hundred dollars. I’m gonna make more by the end of tonight. So, think about what
that would do for you. That’s enough to quit your job. You know what I’m saying? And is it worth learning this
so that you can live this life Like you can buy the house you want, you can buy…understanding
profitability and cash flow is gonna allow you to do that. Not just clicking numbers
and being worried about every single dollar that
you spend on Facebook ads. You have to be very strategic. You are the owner of your business. It’s not just a little side gig
that’s generating you money. Okay? You have to apply
the basics of just business to every single aspect of this as well. So, that’s all for this video. Just wanted to hitch out real quick. If you like the video,
make sure you subscribe. Make sure you like, comment, share. Let me know what y’all think, all right? Make sure you check out
some of my other videos that’s gonna help you get your first sale with your drop shipment store, all right? That’s all I have for today. I’ll see y’all in the next one. Peace. (soft music)

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