April 3, 2020

13 thoughts on “#40 – How much should I spend on Google Adwords advertising?

  1. Should I run some kind of sale or special when I run a google adword campaign? Or would it be okay to just direct customers to my home page just for my service only?

  2. Nice video! well i'm from India n i'm newbie in Online Marketing. i want to test Google adwords for the first time so my question is how much money should i spend on my first ads on Adwords?

  3. You are the best. No dancing around on the question. Straight to the point with clear and precise and explanations. Thank you!

  4. How do I find out if my click through ratio is acceptable? Also, I'm getting clicks, but nobody is buying even though I am using placements to hone in on my target market. How do I figure out what is wrong with my site? The product is good and valuable and inexpensive.

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