April 3, 2020

19 thoughts on “4 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic and Grow Your Ecommerce Business

  1. good video but neil you missed a big thing which is pinterest group boards just like facebook groups i've been working with pinterest from last 3 years and group boards are my main source of traffic

  2. Hi Neil, Your videos are great. I have also discovered today that you are the owner of Crazy Egg and KissMetrics. That is amazing. I have a question, do you automate using RSS , IFTTT and Zapier? If Yes how? For example you know a great board of someone else on Pinterest for example I have a board about SEO tips or something like that and you know someone posts great content and beautiful infographics, you want everytime that person posts a pin that pin to be pinned to your Board too. How can you do this with RSS and IFTTT? I can not find one single video on Youtube to explain these……For example you have a pin in your niche and you want that pin automatically go to your twitter and google plus and other social book marking sites everytime yoy upload a new pin to one of your boards in Pinterest how can I do this automation via IFTTT ? How can I find RSS feed of that pin? Do I need to use an RSS feed generator? Do I need to use Zapier? What is the most up to date and simples way to optimize and automate the sharing of your pins to other social media platforms and book marking sites or even directory sites for backlinks?

  3. Bad advice to just pin 10 boards just haphazardly. You will just clutter your boards with crap. You want to make a profile full of pins and boards that are of genuine quality. Most of the pins -> follow into blogs are pure rehashing of the same stuff…

  4. D'you know what, Neil, as a horror author who has tried many of the top social media sites to promote my work, I never once considered that Pinterest might be a good source of promo too. Now I know different!

  5. Neil, when pinning your products to Pinterest do you suggest pinning as vertical, square, or a combination of both? Also, would you put your website address on your product pins? THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!

  6. thanks sir
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