April 4, 2020

100 thoughts on “4 Ways To Make πŸ’° Hijacking CELEBRITIES & Brands


  2. How we can to proof if we buy a Trademark item from the right source? Because when the product or site shut down they ask for a license.

  3. I can't believe how many people still try to literally open online stores with other people's unlicenced products haha

  4. 12:40 Sarah, that wrong.
    At least in Austria Manufactures can restrict who i allowed to sell.
    Like Nike and Adidas do

  5. -Was actually wondering the other day what your take on selling items piggybacking off politicians (particularly Donald Trump) was, guess this is my answer

  6. This is why piggy backs off other people's labels is like stock flipping. You either try and make some quick sales off it, or the sales never come and you get shut down. Either way you have to have a flipper mentality to sell others brands.

  7. Sarah – you're fantastic! And if you're ever in the Greater New York area, I'd love to treat you to a cup of coffee πŸ™‚ You offer so much great free content. I appreciate you much.

  8. On the anime community: CERTAIN anime franchises are starting to claim copyright for online sale. I got a piece removed from Redbubble of Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) by a the Japan Creative Contents Alliance. On their website, there's a full list of anime that they will claim.

    The website:

    I'd really appreciate if you could do a deep dive into the anime niche for us though and, if you do, I hope that website helps!

  9. So unless you watch the video after following the free ebook link you will not be able to d/l the free ebook?

  10. Fuck Kim k love fall black man! Bigger rich money ! Oh ! I asked talking to Milo ventimiglia worrying . I tell story x men Scott cyclops james get wedding ! Myself talking tacther woman thinking oh. I don't tell ! πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

  11. Think i'm gonna dive into dropshipping this week, been watching the channel for a few months now, easily the best channel. I feel less stressed watching this videos, compared to a lot of the others ones i've seen. πŸ™‚

  12. Hey Sarah, what is your opinion on flyers as marketing strategie? Old fashioned or a strategie with many possibilities given?

  13. You had it right the first time, the KarJenner clan WOULD and WILL Sue and so would Kanye West! He's a golddigger for real!

  14. Video can be still better need more improvement but way better than before. Good job. Keep it up. Do more transitions and change angle of camera also do position shifting.

  15. Nice video ! What about goodies with fiction names from tv ? Or even couples name shipping , I can t find if it s legal to do this …

  16. Interesting idea to test – copies of MAGA (Make America Great Again). For example t-shirts, cups, hats with: 'Make Australia Great Again', 'Make Canada Great Again', 'Make UK Great Again', etc.

  17. Under the first sale doctrine (US), if you own a product, you're free to do what you want with it. That's my understanding anyway.

  18. From my experience as an Amazon buyer I'd buy from a seller who has 100% positive ratings from 99,999 sales not from a seller who 'Just launched'…

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  20. Sara First off I want to say I love all your video's and I'm trying to start a dropshipping business my biggest problem is finding products and justifying the prices in my own mind. I've owned an Ebay thrifting business for 14 years but I'm looking for a change because that market is now saturated, and thrift stores have caught on and are selling their own merchandise online so that business is dead. I learned from that business you have to combine your shipping cost with your cost for the product then mark it up four times in order to cover advertising and marketing and still make a profit, but here is my dilemma how I can justify the cost because when I do a google search once I do my mark up my price is usually 3 to four times higher than anyone else in the google search. why would someone buy my product over the cheaper prices? Any advice you can give would greatly be appreciated.

  21. Hi Sara! I'm a big fan, but I was wondering about something you said In your video "pick $100/day products" in this example it says "sold exclusively at" when there are a lot of stores selling it. Is this legal and is this ethical? Also you mentioned that there were many sellers with the same product, so we will have access to their images as well. For some reason, I thought I could only use images from the supplier I am actually using? Am I allowed to mix and match product photos from different suppliers if the product is the same???? Thank you sooooo much for everything you do!

  22. Does anyone know how to make a user account system on a wordpress website? I’ve been relentlessly googling for three days and can’t find anything, so I’m asking everyone I can think of for help. Any responses or pointers are much appreciated

  23. Hi dear, I have more than 5000 thousand baby products in inventory and I haven't been succeed on Amazon! Could you inform me on which websites can I offer my products for wholesale? If you have better solution for me, I'd be more than happy to know. Thank you.

  24. Hi Ted, I'm a huge fan! This was another great video. Question: Is it illegal to use images of celebrities on your webstie? For example… the MJ glove…in the description can I put a picture of MJ?

  25. I love your videos but I keep getting distracted with the pretty face πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!!

  26. Super great. And saved me. I was going to replace AOC 's face in the "No Bozos Allowed" clown cartoon. Thought it be funny.

  27. Hi ive tried twice to get yr e book thing. Hasnt arrived, what can i do?

    And this is a test! If i cant get your book and cant get hold of you about not getting it, how can i trust you to give me your course?

    Please help..err, i mean hulp.

  28. Random question, but you had a puerto rican flag sticker on your laptop in one of the videos… I was wondering why Im curious πŸ™‚

  29. Hi Sarah, just want to say that I really enjoy your videos πŸ™‚ To see how a young woman is successful really makes my day (I'm nearly 60 already LOL). I often wondered if there might be some fairly easy way to make just a small extra income (I work full time, plus am very active in Animal Rescue and have loads of cats to feed in my home) like, say, 100 $ per month …. I'm not very tech savvy, and have so very little time…. but an extra 100 would help greatly with cat food LOL Best wishes from Ireland xxx

  30. Hey, love the videos. Another great person I follow is β€˜DIY Perks’ – he’s genious. Just wondered, he’s not your brother is he? He is also very much an entrepreneur

  31. Just opened my store last week. Havent had a sale yet but I'm sure it will take about a month www.makuyishouse.com

  32. I'm interested in selling via Amazon FBA in a certain niche. However, I've noticed that multiple sellers are selling the same copyrighted product with their Amazon brand name tacked on to the beginning of the name. Is this against Amazon's rules?

  33. Hi Sarah! πŸ™‚
    It looks like there has a problem with packages coming from China to Australia recently and I am wondering whether you know anything about it?
    I have ordered around 160 packages from Ebay since the middle of May and I haven't received around 40 of them and got refunds. As a business owner (not dropshipping connected) I order loads and loads of items and NEVER had a problem. This is worrying me a little as I was planning to start dropshipping soon. I know some regulations considering shipping from China changed and I am wondering whether this might be connected and whether you know anything about it? Can't find any information about it on the Internet…
    Thank you! πŸ™‚ x

  34. Sarah, first off thank you for your informative videos! You are amazing!! Question, I have an idea brewing in my head that I think would sell but in no way near am an artist. Where and how can I find someone to bring my idea to life and not have them steal the idea as well? Hope you or someone can help!

  35. by the way, if you want any website where you are anonymous then use .is TLDs. The Icelandic law prevent anybody to do anything, it is like saying "you cant touch this" lol, some years ago we saw alot of steroid websites .com and .net etc, now they all have .is pages, thats why you see them up no matter what! because they cant be taken down! I just found one with a offshore server in asia in the middle of the rainforest lol … so advice use .is here it is 24-7.is

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  37. What about legal copyrighted names? No symbols just the name? Are those copyrighted? Like if I put "Pop-tarts" on a mug or shirt or "Windex" "Betty Crocker" etc. For example not the idea I have but if I put on a mug "Our little Betty Crocker" could the lawyers at General Mills go after it?

  38. Just a FYI but the Carson resin plaque was $30+ only because they were almost out while a resupply was on the way. Always look at the sales history to find the average sale price over the course of 6 months or more. Now this same resin piece is $22.60 so everyone who ran out and purchased from fake distributors are now liquidating their loses. Pretty slick.

  39. Hey everyone, I got a question.
    Found a very funny meme, I'd love to make some phone cases with it – but the problem is, the image showes one scene of a star strek movie with the clear face of of an actor – its a screenshot of the movie.
    Is this copyrighted?

    Greeting from Germany (:

  40. So if i go to Walmart when they have a sale and buy whatever is on sale then sell on my shopify store ,. i should keep the receipt and i will be ok?

  41. Can we put celebrity names in our tags and titles, assuming we don’t use their names/likenesses on the products themselves?

  42. I love to watch and listen to you. I am wasting time just watching Sarah every day instead of taking action. You are contagious!

  43. 1 doulas and 95 saints. I love her accent. You are just to cute to be true. We all have many raisins to like you Sarah.

  44. Business is a way to get rich long term not overnight! I hate stupid people that think business is a way to get rich quick and easy .

  45. Selling on Amazon sucks — there are fees at almost every step of the process and then paying state taxes has become ridiculous.

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