April 10, 2020
4 manières d’utiliser les bons de réduction pour son site Ecommerce

4 manières d’utiliser les bons de réduction pour son site Ecommerce

Turn Coupons into Growth Leverage for Your E-Commerce Coupons have become essential growth leverage when it comes to the French market. They are France’s preferred way to save money, and the choice of 68% of users versus 24% for price cuts. These numbers may come as a surprise, but we verified them. One out of every two purchases are made with a promo code and 53% of users abandon a cart if they don’t get a coupon. To take full advantage of this leverage, coupon sites have become commonplace in the French market. If your name isn’t on them, your competitors have an edge. We’re going to show you how you can make the most of everything these partners have to offer. First off, think about what your main goals are: Are you looking to find new customers or build loyalty among current customers? Or maybe you feel that users need an extra push to complete their purchases. There are quite a few ways you can use coupons, depending on the goals you have in mind. Here is our advice on getting the most out of them. Acquiring new customers – If you’re looking to acquire new customers, coupons can incentivize potential customers to make a first purchase. For this to work, you’ll need to create an enticing code valid only for the first purchase, with a minimum purchase value. · Once you’ve won over new customers, don’t forget to put a loyalty strategy into action. Come up with some e-mail marketing scenarios to: tell them about ongoing deals ● Offer them a loyalty card or a new coupon valid for a second purchase
● Make it so they can refer friends, and turn your new customers into your brand’s very own trend-setters It’s important not to stop treating customers well just because they made a first purchase. Increasing conversion rate – To help you convert visitors to your site, try using convincing price reductions. You can offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount. For instance, offer free shipping for orders over 55 euros when you know that your average cart is 45 euros. This will let you earn a greater profit margin and will encourage users to complete their orders. If you have too much inventory in one category, try offering a dedicated price cut to attract customers, for example 30% off of coats. If users feel that deals are better elsewhere, they won’t hesitate to shop around. Think hard about your offers so you won’t miss out on any opportunities. Encouraging a second purchase – To incentivize customers to make a second order, offer them a substantial price cut with a minimum purchase price, leaving you with a higher profit margin. For example: 10 euros off starting at a 90-euro purchase, or free delivery starting at 60 euros, keeping in mind a 45-euro average cart. Your customers will need to add at least two products to their cart. You can also offer loyal customers an additional price cut during sales periods with a dedicated code, to make them feel pampered and looked after. Make sure you analyze your customer base to create precise scenarios for every customer profile. For starters, send a coupon code for your “pants” category to all customers who have bought at least two sweaters, so they can try something new. Letting shoppers know about new trends

Last but not least, promo code sites also help you get the word out about deals: free shipping in November, 20% off the wooden toy category, a free gift for every two products purchased. Promo codes can help if you are looking to destock your products or if you want to sell more items in a category that’s struggling on your site Coupon code sites improve customer opinion about a brand as well as helping make the decision to purchase. They also help increase loyalty to your site and give you exposure through word-of-mouth. Don’t forget that you should be updating your strategy at least once a month, offering several different promo codes and deals. If you don’t offer at least three per month, your visitors will see what the competition has to offer. See you soon

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