April 2, 2020
4 awesome online business ideas

4 awesome online business ideas

4 awesome online business ideas to start Niche positioning is preferred in ecommerce to such an extent that it is increasingly difficult to find a niche in which a competitor has not already positioned themselves. Our PrestaShop e-merchants’ operate in a wide variety of sectors, so we’ve put together a few ideas to make your offer an original concept. First of all, think about setting yourself apart by the origin of your products. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the origin of what they buy, an undeniable proof of quality
and originality which can make all the difference to the success of your business. This is the strategy used by: Bloom’s online store, which completely revisits traditional flower delivery, with its online flower market. Here you choose to pick flowers in season directly from the producer, for delivery 24 hours later with no storage, to guarantee flower freshness, longevity and originality. These are effective arguments for consumers who are tired of the traditional offerings from physical or online florists. Ahlavache.fr, also found success with its online butcher, offering meat delivery directly from producers in the founder’s home region. This is a concept which is also based on the freshness of the products and their area of origin, for a quality commitment in an often controversial business. Both tell their story, and above all, the story of the producers they work with. This is a very effective way of enhancing your products. Don’t hesitate to try storytelling, that is telling the story of your brand and your products. Consumers will have a clear of idea of what you’re selling and where it comes from, and will be likely to talk about it to their friends and spread the word about your shop if they
agree with your sourcing ethics. This back-to-the-source trend and proof of quality also gave rise to the enthusiasm for the “Do it Yourself” concept. It enables customers to create products themselves that they purchase as finished products, by offering them the components and instructions to make them. This is an original concept which may give you access to an already popular market, like the culinary market. This is what Bechef has done, enabling customers to choose recipes for dishes and have the ingredients and quantities required to make them delivered to their doorstep. Customers remain chefs in the kitchen without having to buy more food than they need for the recipe. Bloom’s fully incorporates this particularity in its concept, by sending the flowers in a box, leaving the customer the possibility to arrange their bouquet as they wish. The aim of an e-merchant is often to reach a broad target group irrespective of their location. However, positioning oneself in a niche market, may translate into offer proximity. Developing a business online in a limited geographical area such as a town or city can be even more effective. This is what Kiezkaufhaus, german merchant did. They brought the town’s e-merchants together in its shop to create a local marketplace that ensures same-day delivery on products. This is a reassuring and effective way of generating loyalty among consumers who are used to visiting their neighborhood shops. Revisiting basic products. Just because some products are standardized doesn’t mean you can’t give them a new lease on life! The shop Papier Tigre chose to make stationary a trendy, decorative and eco-friendly concept, by combining quality and innovative materials with refined graphic design. Mastering the entire chain from design to made in France distribution, Papier Tigre provides a unique and unexpected offering, attracting a target group which is very attached to fashion, art and writing. Skylantern seller, has adopted the same strategy, offering a broad range of traditional Japanese ball laterns available in different colors, shapes and patterns. The product is ideal for events and interior design, two areas where customers are increasingly demanding and seeking new products. Finally, don’t forget that an original concept is based on a strong identity. More than making your consumers loyal, you must offer them a real customer experience, and give them the desire to join your community. Invite each member to share their creations on your page, to see upcoming designs, give their opinion or meet you at events. By focusing your strategy on your identity and your community, you can try your hand at an innovative business model which engages over the long term, like the monthly subscription offered by Bechef and Bloom’s. This will enable you to make your offer last and evolve, and to make your online store a concept in its own right. For more information on starting your online business, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and discover our eCommerce software! Thank’s for watching and happy selling!

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  1. Thank you for the tips – inspired me to think of a large number of start-up ideas in a very short time 🙂

  2. I want more innovative ideas in e-commerce business like this video. How different e-commerce company made profit briar for other companies. What are the briar. Examples are amazon is giving one day delivery,

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