April 8, 2020
4 Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners – Make Money Online

4 Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners – Make Money Online

one two three four, four affiliate
marketing strategies for beginners what’s going on everyone Attan here and
that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you here in today’s video four affiliate
marketing strategies for beginners you can get started with to make money
online with. To find out all the details all you have to do is stay with me but
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in your video all right before we get started here I want you to pay close
attention and watch the whole video so you don’t miss out on any important
information I’m gonna share with you here today and if you re interested in
making a full time passive income online will the real sustainable online
business with this method I’m going to share with
you with these four strategies here and much more I highly suggest you to have a
closer look at my number one recommendation right here below at the
end of this video of course alright with that being said let’s get started okay
so the first strategy and the most important is email list building so you
probably heard the phrase the money’s in the list and everyone knows what they
are talking about when they say that because the money is in the list I
learned this the hard way so I want you to skip that far away and save yourself
huge amount of time and money and do it the right way from beginning here so
what happened is this so let’s say that you have traffic here okay we have the
traffic and here is a squeeze page I’m going to
show you exactly what they say is on offer now if we would have drove traffic
straight here to the offer if people don’t purchase it from the first time we
never know who who came here from these traffic source we have paid we have
spent thousands of dollars and hours on getting this traffic and they will see
the offer only once and that is goodbye after that but if you have your email
marketing in place you’re going to create something called a squeeze page
or an opt-in page and to give you a quick example this is one of my squeeze
page an opt-in page you can see here I have a free video case study here where
I show you how I made four hundred and twenty dollars in less than 24 hours
okay and how you can do it too so all to find out and see that case
study all you have to do is opt-in and that is where I have you in my list and
I can connect with you and of course promote offers later on also okay
another strategy to use that is also very important is to use some kind of an
exit page which is more or less the same as the squeeze page but it works with a
separate plugin and what happens is when I try to exit my blog here for example
this will show up here so this is where I say wait before you leave don’t you
want the free report blah blah blah and of course you need to enter your email
address to get that here so this is a super important step and now of course
when you have subscribed it is important to not get stored there in just a
bombard with affiliate offers there but make sure to connect provide some kind
of a value especially in the first email and then you can get started to promote
of course so that is definitely the first and most important
what you’re going to do hereafter is you’re going to create a follow-up
series with emails so it will work in your autoresponder you need an
autoresponder of course so people will opt in and they will read your emails
there okay so you don’t have to think about every morning when you wake up
what kind of an emails you’re going to write there all right let’s move on to
another strategy and that is to offer some kind of a free report just like I
showed you earlier here so this is affiliate marketing supremacy and what I
did here is I show people on how they can get started
we think the Hockley Warren was talking about earlier here build an email list
you see here my method of choice so this is totally free and I show you exactly
how to do this here and most important is that a lot of these links that I have
here is affiliate links so when someone clicks here let’s say for example you
need a squeeze page I promote instabuilder here and if someone clicks
these links they will go to insta builder they will purchase it and I will
make a commission so this is a nice strategy and it doesn’t have to be just
for your free reporter but you can create any kind of a free report from
time to time and just send it to your list and say thank you very much I
appreciate that you all have subscribed to my lister and as I thank you I’m
going to send you this free reporter so how you’re going to write a free report
if you’re stuck and you don’t know how to do it you can easily go to PLR sites
it stands for private label rights and you can find any kind in almost any
images Pirlo reports now I highly suggest you here is another site also I
highly suggest you to rewrite it to make it a bit unique and of course make a
unique a cover there so it looks more nice and of course more unique
so that is another strategy all right let’s move on to the next one and that
is to review a product and you can do it in two ways there is the launched
jacking method I’m going to show you here on manche where I can see exactly
whenever someone is launching products in make money online most thing mostly
in make money online niche here so you can do this you can review the products
like one or two day before it’s getting launched so you can have it ranked in
YouTube just to give you a quick example here this is a review that I did
recently for Kevin for his I am checklist volume 20 so I’m ranking for a
lot of keywords you can see it here and what I do is I offer a unique bonus okay
so that goes also and have their with another strategy and that is to offer a
bonus package now you can offer a PLO products just like I showed you earlier
here or you can do a unique bonus package if you are able to create your
own products there so to give you a quick example this is how it looks on my
site my IM tips com here is the full review I have the video on the top here
and as a bonus I include my own course of course daily list profits and the pro
version and here you can see this is PLO products actually to be honest I didn’t
even I was a little bit lazy here I should have done a more unique actually
approach here this is a good example of a uniqueness because I created a unique
e cover and I rewrote this report actually I hired a copywriter even for
having this rewritten a while back when I did it and I actually include all
these products here as a unique bonuses so you can’t find them of course
anywhere else okay someone wants to give your boners they need to purchase my
product and it’s not worth it because I sang only this one alone for $27 okay so
definitely a good approach and a strategy and probably one of the most
important after you have built your email list is to offer any kind of a
unique bonus package there you can just do a video or whatever okay talk about a
few things we’ll talk about the strategy that has been launched so if it would
have been for PL or let’s say that you’re an expert or know a bit few
things about the PLO products you could have done a case study on PLO products
or something like that and offer it as a unique bonus because that way when
people are searching for the best bonus package there they would most likely buy
from you because it is a unique bonus package stuff okay so there is another
strategy and to move on a little bit here and other strategies of course you
can do review regular products let’s say for example that you are interested in
cameras you can go for a Canon DSLR here on Amazon so you okay it would be better
of course if you have the product but you can’t buy all these cameras okay so
what you can do is you can find all the good things and bad things about it take
some snapshots take some pictures and do a slideshow presentation do a video put
it up on YouTube of course and on your blog if you do have a blog because I
highly suggest you to have some kind of a blog like I have a presence here my I
am tips and have your affiliate link included there okay so that is another
strategy and a good tip okay I think that I covered probably
more than four strategies here but the most important one is probably the first
one that is to build an email list because as I said you will may be able
to promote again and again to that list and of course connect with at least also
it can be actually that you creating your own product you can sell your own
product to that list later on also and of course the second most important I
think is to include a bonus package there all right if you got some value
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