April 2, 2020

3 ways to Improve Productivity | Work Smarter Not Harder

Hello guys. Today we’re going to talk
about 3 ways to be more productive. This is something you need to constantly
improve and learn and test what are the best methods that work for you. But I’m going to share with you
3 tips that really skyrocketed. My team’s productivity. So we’re going to talk about the
way we structure and plan a week. Eh, I’m going to share
with you another tip, which is five minutes that are
also a lot of money for you. And the third tip is the 3 two one rule
you should follow for consistent growth and afterwards stick to
the end of the video. And I’m going to share with you another cool secrets that we use and save
us a lot of time, a lot of energy. so before we start with the
tips, just a few points,, I’m constantly reminding myself and
I want to clarify and tell you guys, first of all, consuming knowledge without implementing
is a new form of procrastination. You have to test and implement. Otherwise the time that you
invested in studying isn’t so much. The second thing which is
related by creating and testing. Even if you don’t succeed, you can better understand
what isn’t working and by
eliminating staff that don’t rock products that don’t work,
business plans that don’t work, you can get an idea of what will work
because you have a lot of options and you eliminate options that are not working. The next thing is distinguishing between
the manager runs it and the creator mindset. When you’re the manager,
you’re the CEO of the company. You have to plan and analyze and think
about the future and think about what are the tasks that are most important
for your business at the moment. But once you decided what you have to do, you have to outsource this to your team
or to yourself and now you become a contractor and you have to create, you have to be hands on and you have to
do stuff and you can go back thinking, planning, having doubts.
Once you’re creating, you’re creating and you have to show
output at the end of the day to your CEO, which in this case it’s going to be you. And the last point is that there is
no such thing called multitasking. Once you start working, work as
this for 40 or 50 or 60 minutes, leave your phone outside of
the room. Don’t answer emails, don’t answer Facebook. Just concentrate. Focus on the tasks that you have
to complete. Even if it looks, if it even if you think that you just
taking you one minute to answer it, the Facebook or the WhatsApp, it actually consumes a lot of
energy and takes a lot of effort. Then to switch back to the task
that you tried to complete. So for the first tip, I want to
show you how we structure our week. Basically every Saturday
evening or Sunday morning, we think what are the most
important tasks for this week? What are the things that we will
do, will really create positive ROI. We also like dividing every day into
two blocks. I’ll show you in a minute. The division that we use, and
obviously in your weekly planning, you have to take buffers and
set times for uncompleted tasks. Don’t expect things to work exactly
as you wanted and in the pace that you wanted. So here’s the, an example of a template that we use. Obviously it’s not the exact
one that we use because, I had to delete some stuff, but this is a basic idea. Basically, as you can see here, this
is the weekly planning. So every Sunday we do the weekly
planning and we do product uploading. Mondays is product uploading and
speaking with our ed team and VAs. On Tuesday, we do all the marketing
stuff or create creatives. We do a bit more of Google as we think
about AB tests and we implement AB test. Wednesday is the accounting day
and the conversion analysis, downloading many reports and
analyzing where we have, positive ROI, where we can improve,
what are opportunities. On Thursday, we concentrate on
email marketing and followups. We complete tasks that we didn’t complete
during the week and we expected to finish a Friday and Saturday
are the same. It’s more like, closing the gaps. As you can see here, here we write down all the most
important task for this week. Here, rewrite a our daily task that we do on
a daily basis and then we Mark them in green. And here’s a place for to do list
AB test idea is accounting tasks, competitors, Teresa. So here I keep all the stores that
I like to see on a weekly basis. Here I write down a product idea is ideas
and there’s some room for additions. I leave a link below in the description
if you guys want to download this empty template. Okay, so the second tip is five
minutes today we save you a load of money tomorrow. So basically
you probably guys know this quote. Failing to plan is planning to fail. You have to plan exactly what you want
to do and then start implementing. So every day, every
evening I asked myself, what is the most important
thing I have to do tomorrow, five minutes or even less just writing
down in Google tasks or in a spreadsheet or even in our to do list. What is the most important thing that
you have to complete tomorrow in order to progress your business? You can even do this in the shower
or while brushing your teeth. But it’s highly important to do this, eh, in the evening you have to wake up when
you already know exactly what are the, what is the most important
task for you to do today. So here’s a quick example I did
today or yesterday actually. So I wrote down record
a video, this video, obviously check out the AB test, sought out the salaries
for me and for my workers, upload the product and check
the status of the CBOs. So these are like general,
tasks that I need to do. But I know that the most important tasks
is recording this video. So this is, eh, in the upper part of the list, tore every evening thing. What is the most important thing
that you have to do tomorrow? And a delicate task as soon as
possible. So you won’t be dependent. So if there’s anything that you have
to use that you’re planning to do, let’s say upload a new campaign
and you have to get a creatives. So make sure that you think ahead and if
you don’t create the creatives and you need the graphic designer to crazy. So send a this task as soon as possible
in the morning or the beginning of the week because you don’t want to arrive to
the session that you planned it to work and upload the campaign and only then
ask your VA or your graphic designer to send you this stuff. So what you
can delegate and outsource this as, do it as quick as possible. So you will have all the material ready
for you when you actually want to get stuff done. And the third tip is
keeping the three to one ratio. What is the three to one ratio?
For every one hour of maintenance, you have to do three hours of developing.
So if you work eight hours daily, you have to devote two hours
for maintenance and six
hours for developing the road is evolving very fast, especially in the eCommerce
world and the marketing world. So you have to stay on
top of your, of your game. Learn to learn new skill test new markets, test a new marketing platforms a
prove your conversion all the time. You can’t freeze. You can’t expect
that if stuff is working at the moment, it would keep on rocking forever. So you have to keep on developing
your business while maintaining. If you don’t have this ratio
of one hour of maintenance, two free hours of developing it
means means one of the two things, one of them is that you
don’t outsource enough. If you have too much maintenance
to be done, eh, you need to also, eh, the thing that are not
essential for you to do. So if you’re doing customer support or
anything related to order fulfillment, you have to also see stuff as soon
as possible. On the other hand, if you’re already also seeing all the
non-essentials stuff of your business, eh, and you still don’t have a, for
every one hour of maintenance, the three hours of developing it means
that you’re being lazy and or something, and you’re not developing
your business enough, eh, and be careful of this because eh, drop shipping eCommerce
or marketing, as I said, is very evolving very fast. And just the fact that you’re
on top now doesn’t mean you’re, that you’ll be on top of it tomorrow.
So you have to keep on developing. And believe me when I got my
first winners like two years ago, I remember I celebrated every day
and I enjoyed life, which is cool. It’s fine. But, as soon as your winners start dying and
your competitors start copying you and you’re stuck with no renos and
your profitability goes down, it’s not such a, it’s not,
it’s not that fun anymore. So this is why you have to keep on
evolving and testing and maintaining the, developing a mindset and not
just only focusing on maintaining and one last bonus tip. So before we go on and
show you the the tip, I want to ask you a question. What
is the worst answer to the question? What is your profit, your conversion
rate or what is your profit percentage? There’s only one worst answer which I
also used to give when I was just starting and I am sure that some of
you are currently giving, and this is a something that you have to
stop answering there was the answer for these questions are, let me
check. You have to know your co, your main KPIs by heart. You have
to know exactly what was your, what was your conversion rate yesterday. You have to know your last
month’s profitability. You have to know all
the most important KPIs. Even if I wake you up in
the middle of the night, you have to know them because if you’re
not on the numbers on the most essential numbers, you might be losing money. You have to know the most
essential numbers by heart is, this is one of the reasons we
are using the following tip. So basically the following tip is
we create a real time dashboard. We do so using opera, opera
is like Google Chrome, but we use Google on a daily basis. And we downloaded a different
in navigation software
in which we open all the most essential websites for us, and I take a look at them every morning
and once again in the before lunchtime and one second in the evening. And this way I have like a dashboard of
all my most important KPIs ready for me that I don’t need to
open the windows every, every time and started
reviewing all my numbers. So just download Opera
and here’s the example. So every morning I go to my Google
analytics, it’s already ready, it’s already open on yesterday’s numbers. Then I go to my Facebook ads dashboard,
then I go to my Shopify analytics, then to WooCommerce, then I check my team per activity in upwok. Cause
then I log into my PayPal. I see that, I see my balance and I go to transfer, why they see my balance and
I go to Google ad words. So the whole idea is having all the tabs
of your most essential windows open all the time in the navigation system
that you don’t use. For example, if you are using Google Chrome, so so you can use the Opera or internet
Explorer and have everything already open for you. So you can just do a
quick overview whenever you want. Quick summary of what we talked
about today. First of all, you have to find a weekly schedule that
works for you and you have to set your most important goals for every week. Second thing is invest five minutes every
evening plan tomorrow you have to wake up when you know already what
you have to do for today. You have to know exactly
what you need to accomplish. Now the thing is keep developing your
business. Maintain the three to one ratio, one hour of maintenance for
every three hours of developing. Don’t get sucked into
too much maintenance. You have to keep on developing
and evolving. So that being said, you can use many tools in
order to automate and make
your life easier and make all the maintenance stuff tasks
easier. You can use Zapier, you can use outsourcing of tasks, anything that helps you focus on the
most important thing which is developing your business. And the last
thing is knowing your numbers. You have to know the most
essential KPIs by heart. Remember there was a
answer to the question, what is your conversion rates and what
is your professor? Profitability is, let me check. You have to know all
the most essential KPIs by heart. I’ll share with you guys a template of
the weekly planning eh schedule that we use in the description of the video. You can just click the link and
download it. That’s it guys. Thank you very much for watching.
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