April 10, 2020
3 Steps To eCommerce Success: What Most Amazon Sellers Get Wrong In Business

3 Steps To eCommerce Success: What Most Amazon Sellers Get Wrong In Business

– We’re gonna cover scaling past a million and I mean this with all respect. Amazon sellers tend to
be spoiled entrepreneurs. We’ve got it really easy. (jazzy music) – Okay, Ryan. – What’s up? – Let’s talk about, I
don’t know, one piece of nugget that you shared. – We’re talking about nuggets. – Nuggets. – Nuggets are where all the money is. Alright, if you sell nuggets,
source them from China and you put them on
Amazon, you just give lots of nuggets away for free
and then you get reviews on your nuggets, that’s – That’s it. – That’s where all the nuggets are, man. – That’s number one tip
for selling on Amazon. – Hundred percent. Nuggets are where it’s
at, it’s the next trend. – Okay, so assuming
you’re selling nuggets, you talk about building
audience for nuggets. – Yeah, yeah. – And. – So, you think about who buys nuggets? I mean, you sell a lot of nuggets. So, I mean, who’s the primary customer for your nuggets. – It’s a millennial. – And why are they so
passionate about nuggets? – Because nuggets allow them to, nuggets allow them to
express their freedom. (laughs) – This is your resident
Amazon expert, right here. – Oh, thank you. – I follow his posts for
what’s (mumbles) on Amazon. Good shit, man. – Thank you. – Thank you. – [Announcer] So, in this
session, you’ve already heard an introduction
to him, it’s gonna be Mr. Ryan Moran. So, let’s put our hands
together for Mr. Ryan Moran! (applause) – Love you too, bud. We’re gonna cover scaling past a million and I mean this with all respect. Amazon sellers tend to
be spoiled entrepreneurs. We’ve got it really easy. Number one, the thing
that we all obsess over in this world is where
you take your sales. I call it a sales channel. And the big brain-gasm that I have to get entrepreneurs to get,
is that in most worlds, this is not called Amazon. We, in this world, get
really good at this piece. And, so, the way that you’re
gonna grow past a million is either you develop the
other legs of the stool, or you now take the one thing
that is the most profitable and the most valuable
thing in your business, which is that system, and you
apply it to something else, like another business. Most people who live in this world are not really entrepreneurs. They’re Amazon channel managers. It’s real humbling. (laughter) The second part of this is the product. This gets stuck. And the reason it gets stuck is because, when you’re an Amazon channel manager, you think about product
as what Amazon wants. (chuckles) So, there’s a
mental shift that happens after hitting this wall
about half a dozen times where, for a while, if
you’re obsessed with Amazon you don’t even think about product. You think about what
Amazon says has volume. That is not something that is scalable. That is not something that is sellable. There is no one, none of
the keynotes at this event got big, famous, respected, or rich by selling the exact same
thing as everybody else. Now, there are times
when there’s a new trend, when there’s a new market, and you create a similar product as someone else. But then what has to
exist is the person that you target has to be different. And that’s the third part of this. Over here is audience. Audience is who cares about you. If you are in this world,
kind of the symptom of being in this, if you are only
here, no one cares about you if you go away. And so there’s this tenseness around what if Amazon makes a change? The problem here, the problem
is when you’ve only got these two dialed in,
you are now at the mercy of everyone else who’s
doing the exact same things. This is when we start to
complain about competitors dropping their price. This is when we start trying
to out-review the next person. This is when we start
over-analyzing where we rank for a specific keywords. Because we know, deep down,
nothing is different here. There’s no reason why
someone is selecting us. This is where it gets dog-eat-dog. This is where (laughs) people say, well I don’t talk about my products. That’s adorable. (laughter) When you’ve got this,
audience and product, and you don’t have this. You’ve got audience and
product, you know what you have? You’ve got fans. Right here is actually
where profit margin is made. Right here. Between audience and sales channel. If you just have fans,
you’ve got a really, really great group of people and you’re broke. If you just have revenue,
then you make a lot of sales and you get to say you have
a seven figure business, and you’re broke. If you have audience and a sales channel, you have really high profit margins, but you don’t have scale. When you bring all of them together, this magic section right
here, this is a brand. This is a business. This is something you can scale. That is something, that
is what people are buying when you get acquired. If, for nothing else, start to practice the collection of turning
sales into customers, and they’re different. Peter Drucker had two
functions of business. Get customers, keep customers. Taking a sale on Amazon
is neither of these two. It’s taking a sale because
every single person has bought something from
Amazon, opened up the box, someone said I really
like that and you say yeah, I got it on Amazon. Most people are not willing to do the work of audience and product. They go to where the
money is and they start trying to elbow everybody
else out of the way and take a piece of the pie. I’m interested in looking at
how we make the pie bigger. Because all of that is just systems that other people know. And I don’t really want to
be good at those things. I want to build real businesses. First, you have to decide who you are. You have to start
getting out of the things that you were doing all the time and you do that by mentoring
people who are better than you at it, which requires
you to become a leader. It requires you to, actually,
my first ever event, first person I booked to
speak was Gary Vanderchuck. He was still big, but he
wasn’t like he is now. I’ve been following Gary for ten years. My dream, ever since I
was a kid, was to own the Cleveland Indians. I heard this dude say he wanted to own the New York Jets. I was like, you’re my guy. I’m gonna find out what you do because you’re ten years older than
me and you’re ahead of me. And the thing he said
was if you want to go from million to a hundred million it’s about people. There isn’t an app. There is no algorithm. You have to tap into your
emotional intelligence skills more than your
mental intelligence skills. You cannot think your
way into going faster. You scale human beings. That requires you to become a leader. Which, just like launching
your first product, sucks for a while. (laughs) And then you get better at it. And you get better at it. So, you start to move from
operator of all things to leader of all things. That requires you to lead yourself and to lead a vision
that actually reflects what you are there to do. That’s when you can do
things like scale, or sell. That’s when you’re financially free. That’s when you have F U money. It’s when you’re done. That, that point, when
you make that switch. That’s the switch that most
entrepreneurs don’t wanna make. And it’s the reason why
most people never grow past seven figures. If you want to do that, then
you go put in the hard work of creating those relationships and getting really, really clear about who you want to be in the world. And then start putting in the pieces that allow you to scale
past seven figures. I’m gonna hang for as long
as you guys wanna hang, and then I’m gonna go hear John Mackey. But thank you all for being
here today, I appreciate it. (applause) – Hey. – Hi. – Hey. – I had to come shake your hand. You are such an inspiration to me. – Thanks, man. – One percent, right here. – All right. Sounds good, man. Appreciate it. – I just want a picture with you. – Oh, you bet. – All right, cool. – Thanks, guys. – I also, thank you for
your YouTube channel. I learned pretty much
everything (mumbles). – Oh, good! Tell C-Money that. Sometimes we’re discouraged
when we only get like nine hundred views. (drowned out by laughter) – The wine talks, that’s very good. – Oh, good. Well, thanks. – It help us so much. – I appreciate it. (laughs) Here you go, man. – [Fan] Thank you so much. – You bet. (mumbles) Hey guys, what’s goin’ on? You guys wanna hang out? – We’re gonna do like four million and everything that
you said stings really, really hard. (laughter) When did that hit you
and you realized that? Or did you do it from the very
beginning, those two things? – I couldn’t tell you when it hit. I don’t know, I think
I might be better some at noticing really stupid trends. Like, are we all doing,
is this what’s going on? – For sure. – So, I don’t know. I don’t know when the
light switch came on. I think I’m just willing
to suck at something and then admit it. – Yeah. – I wish I had a better answer for you. (laughter) I mean, what matters for you is like, when did you realize it? And you just did. – Well, I mean the thing
is, those two concepts, especially if you were coming from just the sales channel, right? Those two things are very, like, organic. Very, I don’t want to say arbitrary, but not easy to define. – Yeah, sales channels are
easy for you to manipulate. – Yes. – Like, you could make Amazon your bitch. – Exactly. – You can’t make a customer your bitch. – Exactly. – So, there’s fear of rejection. You have to actually be good. That’s risky. Because most of you know you’re not good. And that’s humble pie to be like oh, shit, my product
actually isn’t any different or better and I actually don’t care about my customer at all. – The things is we know it. Like, I knew it all along. – Well, do you really know
it if you don’t say it? I mean, we are really good
at tricking ourselves. – It’s in the back of your
head, but you’re right. – We’re really good at
pushing it way back there. I mean, like, oh, if
they’re buying from me then I must be doing it
better than other people. And so you find ways to justify it but it’s not a real business. Right? And so, you can keep doing
it and have a nice little cash flow business, but you’ll never be a real entrepreneur. – This was, so, kind of,
great to hear this from you. Because, you know, we
hear the same perspective I think so many times just
focusing on the sales channel. My wife and I are definitely
the Amazon sales distribution kind of managers. We’re doing about forty-k a month, now. Which is great for us. At what point should I do that? And then, also, kind of
going off what you said, just, you know, if we don’t
care about the customer, or having a product that’s
not really superior, do we just completely shift
into something else, or? – No. You find a way to care
about your customer. – Okay, yeah. – People can be really interesting. Especially when they wanna give you money. That’s a really interesting conversation. You asked, the first part was how do I, or when do I start building the audience? It was yesterday. – Okay. – The next best time is now, right? And, like I said this morning, an audience does not mean you have millions of people. It means going super micro. It is emailing your customers
and asking for feedback and calling one on the phone. It starts at the super micro. That’s how it grows. It does not grow by you
sponsoring this influencer and then hoping your brand grows. Because now all you got
was people who don’t give a fuck about you at scale. – Yeah. – We, as human beings, are tribal. So, if you think about
your immediate impact as your tribe, like your job
is to take care of the tribe. And you as a tribe take care of the next outer ring of the tribe. That’s like you and your immediate team taking care of your customers because they have
families and tribes, too. And then there’s ripple effects and you realize how
epically powerful you are. That you have people who report to you for a specific mission,
if you treat it that way. If it is to pay them as little as possible and to maximize sales, then it is always you against everyone else. Which you can do, you’ll
just never be happy. But, if you think about it like
this is your immediate group and you’re taking care of
them, and it is your job to take care of them, and they take care of other people, man, do you have any idea how much people crave that today? It’s like, world just opens up for you. (relaxed music) – [C-Money] Oh, that Moran guy? – Moron? Yeah. It was moron. Definitely a scam artist, yeah. (laughs) – Yeah, so, what’s a good product to sell? Good stuff. C-Money, thanks for being here. Thank you. Good stuff, guys. If you’re selling on Amazon,
biggest mistake people make is they think that it’s
all about the product. And this is bad news for
internet entrepreneurs because they want to
think that there’s a hack, that there’s an algorithm,
that there’s some river of money in sales that they can plug into. And it exists. It’s called people. Money comes from other
people’s bank accounts. And if you don’t have
people that you are serving, it’s gonna be really,
really hard to sell product. You’ve heard the old adage. That it’s seven times
harder to get a new customer than it is to get a customer
to buy from you again. And yet, Amazon sellers
are particularly bad at getting people to choose
them and to follow up with them. So, A, target your person
before they even hit Amazon. Whose the person that
you are marketing to? Go get in front of them. You can do that through influencers. You can do that through advertising. You can do that from
putting up Facebook groups. You can do that through social media. However you do it, if you
are thinking about products before people, you’re toast. If you’re thinking about people, the products become real clear and the sales process becomes real easy. (piano music)

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  2. Nice Ryan! We are thinking about a tribe and empowering then and then backing into a product. “Product research” on one end to get ideas and finding an underserved market that empowers the end user as well. We will see if it works, but we are focusing on the people who will use and be the proud owner of our product. This process that’s a lot more work haha. You know that, and I learned a lot of these new perspectives from you. Keep it up Brother!

  3. I was one of the guys in the back. Eye-opening perspective Ryan! Especially for us "Amazon Channel Managers". Since your presentation my wife and I have been working hard to build our audience and "learn to care" about our customer. We're documenting the process, involving the customer and really learning what they want and don't want. Will be going directly to our audience when we're ready to launch our next product opposed to Jungle Scout or Viral Launch. Will keep you posted! Thanks again.

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