January 18, 2020
3-Step Lead Generation Tutorial To Own Your Customer Before The Offer

3-Step Lead Generation Tutorial To Own Your Customer Before The Offer

Enterprise value, owning the customer
data, lifetime values going up, and really they just stuck one little step in between. There’s really three steps to accomplish
something like this, to build your business long-term and actually own the offer, or own customer without the offer. So first one is building a brand around
an affinity, not an offer. So what I mean by that is a lot of you and myself guilty, early days, I’m selling diet pills. Ooh AdWords would love if I do best diet pill tips or if I put that on Facebook, or it can be super congruent with the diet pills I’m selling. Last time I checked, I haven’t ran to my mom, but like, mom you got to
check out bestdietpills.com. Building an affinity. So Vegan Beauty
Hunters. It’s a shareable name, it can cover multiple under the affinity. Here’s
one of a great examples, it’s The Wirecutter. So The Wirecutter is nothing
more than an electronics affiliate and how they started out, don’t
quote me on this, was I believe, pushing watches, and they said heck, we’re
spending less money in front of watch people what happens if they just like type
in our site or if they Google us or something like that. Crazy
concept. Can we monetise them with a bunch of different things? A bunch of
different offers? So they started pushing one product and then moved it to
actually being able to monetise someone multiple ways, just by branded search or
spillover. It got really sticky for them. They got super excited, so then they blew
out a whole thing and sold for $30 million This is nothing more
than call it a watch affiliate at the end of the day. I think the New York
Times bought them too. This is one that if you take a picture of anything it’s this one. It’s owning the pre-sale page. I just gave you an
example with it, with the digital product. It’s very similar to you busting your ass
to figure out where all the hot girls hang out. You talked to
this girl that you’re like, oh that’s the girl my dreams. Talk to your friends, you
learn about her, you finally get the chance for a conversation with her, and
then you don’t take down her number. You just leave and you never see her again,
or worse you get her number but you don’t follow up to go on a date or a second
date or third date. This is a lot of you today. You work so hard to attract this
click, get this person coming to your site, and then they just poof. They go. You
already paid for them and they’re gone. So some different ways on here too,
outside of this. I’m gonna give some examples as well to reference, but some
examples of owning that presale page might be getting someone to fill out
something, download a guide, a PDF, SMS for text, email coupon, take a quiz, an
account for personalised offers, and then at a minimum, pushing push notifications
and retargeting, which some of you may be grabbing today, great. But I’m gonna
challenge you to take that pre-sale page to the next level. Not just advertorial.
Here’s a cute little site. Quiz to sell pills by emaill.
It’s kind of scammy looking. Some of us ripoff Google and throw up on
our landers. Really what this is, is RealAge is the name of it. What you do is you
give them all your information, you say, you know, I’m 25 and they you talk
about your life and then they say oh, you’re 25, but really by your answers
you’re 33. And in order to really be your real age, the 25, you need to take these
weight-loss pills or use these creams for skincare or anything like that.
$70 million acquisition. So now you look at it, it’s this
beautiful, first step to growing younger. It looks Silicon Valley-eque. It’s a quiz
to sell offers is what it is, and it’s a quiz to sell diet pill offers, or you know,
sh*t that a lot of people would be like, oh you don’t want to tell your mom
that that’s what you’re pushing as your affiliate offers. So just this simple quiz
makes this an incredibly valuable company to the tune of $70 million,
which got me excited. Hopefully it’ll excite you too and again, it’s
nothing more than just a little step in between the flow or your funnel that you
have today. Step 3, so this is the last step across the board. This one’s super
exciting for me. Reoccurring revenue. Reoccurring paid membership. Essentially,
subscription revenue. So two really common companies are Amazon Prime,
obviously. Users spend $1,400 when they’re a Prime member versus $600. So
it’s a testament that they’re a stickier customer, being part of that community,
but again, you can make an argument you’re gonna say, well they give you
one day shipping or it’s because of this. Sure. Costco makes more money, in
fact, double than they do selling $138 billion worth of products. Costco is exactly that succulent site. You’re paying for access to offers. If you think about it. They have vetted offers. They
have seen offers. You come in there and because you pay for the subscription.
They can break even on their leading offer, which is all the
food and drink and all the stuff you buy. They even lose money, I think, on like
the chickens and sh*t like that, but you know, can you break even on your leading
offer and make money on the back end? That’s a challenge for you too, and
Costco is exactly the example I just gave you there. You’re
paying for access to offers at the end of the day. So here’s a quick —
doesn’t disrupt your current flow or funnel one bit. It’s free and it’s going
to essentially move someone from a interactor on your Facebook ad to
actually a paid subscription member. So we’re gonna rock through this. This tool called “Invite post likers to like your page in Facebook” essentially invites
post loggers to like your page on Facebook. Really creative name. Clever
name, but really what it does is somebody likes your ad, you’re then inviting them
to like your page in Facebook. Great. That’s the name of the tool. Super simple.
Next what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go and actually create a group
that’s linked to your page. So you’re gonna go to your page that you just
invited, and you’re gonna go right on the left, you see groups. Link group or create
a group. You’re gonna link the two, then you’re gonna use that exact same tool I
just mentioned to essentially invite people, once somebody’s liked your page,
that suggested box for groups are all pages likers. So now you’ve moved someone
from someone who just liked the Facebook ad to inviting them to join your
Facebook group now for free, and through that flow. So now they’ve got
an invite to actually join your group. You’re gonna add sales copy and you’re
gonna add sales copy everywhere you can. So write in the little note, you’re gonna
have sales copy. The banner image there’s sales copy. The about us, there’s sales copy.
All across the board on why somebody should join your group and then when
they click the join group, there’s questions you’re gonna ask them. Might be
something, and really, again – I leverage that and we leverage that as sales copy too. So for $6.93 a month, this group saves you $125 on your monthly bills.
Pay here by going to this link. Or you say something like that secrets are true love or two, an average member finds their significant other in the first 90 days. All for $6.77 a month or whatever random number you want to choose, and then at the minimum, minimum, minimum. Ask for their email and phone number. So now you’ve turned a Facebook
ad liker to actually having their email and phone, and it’s costs you zero and
it hasn’t disrupted your flow or your funnel whatsoever. Or whatever you’re
running today. Pushing offers anything like that. You’ve turned someone from a again, a Facebook ad liker to actually a paying member of your group.

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