March 29, 2020
3 Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

3 Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

hey guys in this video I’m going to go
over three passive income ideas for beginners for those of you that want to
get started making money online or from home or wall traveling laptop lifestyle
so I’m going to go over those three ideas in this video but also that’s what
this entire channel is actually about passive income and making money online
so if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to subscribe to the channel and
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so I’m really excited to show you guys these ideas and let’s get started and I
just want to let you guys know these are not the only passive income ideas that
you can do or that are for beginners there’s tons of other really cool ideas
too so I would love to hear from you guys in the comments some hustles that
you’re rapportive or some ideas that you have for the viewers of this channel but
let’s get into the ideas that I have for you guys today so one of them is info
products selling info products what is that that is taking your knowledge and
expertise and experience and packaging it into a digital product that you can
sell over and over and over again while you’re sleeping so instead of teaching
someone one on one which takes time or even teaching a room of people let’s say
10 people or even 500 people in a room and you’re teaching them at once
you still have to be there for that but when you create an info product like
pre-recording your training or your course then that can be sold or you’re
sleeping and people can be going through the content and learning while you are
living your life and that is what passive income is all about so some
ideas for info products is an online course or also
like ebook content something that people can read a lot of people like to view
video and learn that way and then they’re also hearing and seeing then was
written content maybe they would just be reading but there’s also audio content
you can just straight up sell audio I’m not gonna overwhelm you guys too much
just gonna give you some general ideas so you can create a course to get to get
people to start buying from you you need to get value first so you might want to
start with like a free mini course and you can put that on a site like udemy or
you can make your own membership site something even bigger and then sell it
on something like clickfunnels that’s what i do i have free content for people
but I also have a paid course that’s hosted in clickfunnels
password-protected people they they buy it I wake even this morning I woke up
and I got a new sale of my online course another thing you can do is just type up
what you know and you might be thinking oh but what if I don’t know anything I’m
sure you know something so you just have to be one step ahead of someone so you
could just start in a Google Doc typing what you know maybe add images and then
you can upload it to Amazon as a Kindle book you can do Amazon CreateSpace I
also have a book and I wrote the book once I don’t sell too much of it because
I don’t market it that much but if I put more time into marketing it I could make
more money from it and I already wrote it almost two years ago but the point of
putting it up there for free is just to start getting some experience getting a
fan base getting reviews and then you can sell it also there’s a whole
business of getting ebooks written and then just selling them and you don’t
have to actually write it all you can hire someone on outsourcing site like
Fiverr or up work to write these things for you and then you do the work
of getting it uploaded to amazon and selling it passively we’re not limited
to just these things it’s just some ideas of things that you could do an
online course or ebooks for info products next is affiliate marketing
this is my favorite and I’ve everything I’m sharing with you guys like I’ve done
I’ve tried or or done maybe how succeeded in but then just got over it
or maybe I just still do it like the online course thing the book thing I do
it great the thing I’m gonna show you after this actually you know what now
I’m gonna show you this and then I’ll explain why this is my favorite but
let’s let’s go into this so affiliate marketing that is selling someone else’s
stuff you don’t ever have to touch it you can do that with physical products
but I like to do this with digital products software’s
my friends course has other people’s courses other people’s softwares so I
don’t have to deal with delivery or fulfillment or customers
I just promote different software’s and tools and courses and make Commission’s
off of that and what I love about software is is I make recurring
commissions off of that so every single month I get commissions so think about
your favorite software’s that you like to use what suffers are you using they
probably have an affiliate program and then you could be making content about
those software’s informative YouTube videos blog posts just like how I do and
then put your affiliate link in the description people ask me what do you do
Rachel and I’m now I just say like I saw software it’s just the easiest thing to
say because our review saw a review software’s and then get my cut for
driving the traffic so just think about which ones you already like or which
ones you want to try out there’s all these software’s I test all the time
test them maybe make a review video tutorial and just takes a few sales
for me to get my money back from joining the software or gets offers for free
even after you start making a name for yourself
and then start profiting from that software some of some that I really like
to promote build a wall great affiliate program recurring commissions two-tier
commissions same with click funnels and then I promote different email marketing
software’s convertkit active campaign there are so many so you
guys can see all put in the description below
my favorite offers to promote you’ll see that and then if you guys want to model
what I’m promoting you can totally do that
totally sign up with my link because it’s a lot of them are two-tier and you
can also do physical products like Amazon I could be putting Amazon
affiliate links in this YouTube video but I’m not really you can you could be
an affiliate for different ecommerce sites Shopify stores your favorite
stores Etsy eBay it’s kind of like the whole influencer marketing thing too or
the girls posing with their little gummy vitamins and either they’re getting paid
up front to do it or they’re getting paid per sale which is affiliate
marketing but you don’t got to be an Instagram models to do this you could be
promoting software’s that are cool and that you like and then finally ecommerce
so more specifically drop shipping so you still don’t have to touch the
product and you can make passive income so you want to find a hot nacho hot
product and do your research see what’s selling and then you can create a
Shopify store and connect it to a drop shipping company like Aliexpress and
they handle all the fulfillment you tho are in charge of marketing it’s up to
you to build the brand and automate the marketing as much as possible in the
traffic so you’re automating the sales it is
hard to do this this two comma Club that I got from clickfunnels me and the team
we were doing EECOM not necessarily dropshipping sometimes it’s considered
drop shipping just depending on how close you want to deal with the
manufacturer but the main the main job was the marketing and getting the sales
and automating that and nailing down paid traffic strategies you can nail
down organic traffic strategies too it’s still cost money
a lot of people have tried those stuff there’s waste lots of ways to do it
there’s also like print on demand t-shirts print on demand print on demand
products coffee mugs whatever t-shirt got print on demand t-shirts right here
and you know what I made sales of this today too so I still like it all but my
favorite my bread and butter my ice cream and chocolate fudge and sprinkles
is affiliate marketing I make it video one time and still get paid for what you
on the content that you created months later years later that’s the goal we
want online real estate to get paid years later so like I said these are not
the only ways to make passive income online but they are great ideas for
beginners creating info products doing affiliate marketing or doing e-commerce
probably my suggestion to you just depends on your personality but for me
it’s the affiliate marketing there’s a ton of more affiliate marketing
trainings on my youtube so be sure to subscribe to my channel
turn on the notifications go check out the videos go check out the playlist I
have check the description below this video often to all my free stuff I give
you guys there’s so much free training and tools I have a free Facebook group
we do coaching in there and then if you are ready for more advanced training or
you need that extra accountability I have
programmed daily commissions Club which is an only thing I have everything about
how I run my business online course group coaching every single week all the
strategies and funnels and emails and systems I used to run my business I
share with you guys in daily Commission’s club so that will
be linked below also and or them to hear from you guys too if any of these ideas
you’re going to try out let me know which ones in the comments and I’ll see
you guys on the on another video

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