April 2, 2020
3 Income Producing Activities That Every Online Business MUST Do

3 Income Producing Activities That Every Online Business MUST Do

hey guys Rachel ously here and in this
video I’m going to share with you the three top income producing activities
that every online business must do because in our online business there’s
always so much to do so much distraction so much to learn so many things to do so
if you have a limited time and you don’t have eight hours a day to focus on your
online business or 16 hours a day or 24 hours a day to focus on it and you have
a limited time it’s so important to be wise with that time and actually when I
hear from you in the comments below what are some things that you have to do in
your business but are they really helping you create income so start
thinking about that and if you can come up with some some it would be cool if
you could share it in the comments because then you could see other people
what they’re saying it’s probably something very similar to you and
there’s so many things you can be doing to grow your online business such as
learning and branding but really thinking was gonna get you to the money
the soonest because the more the quicker you can be making money in your online
business then you can have that money to reinvest in the business and stay afloat
and just just sustain yourself before getting into like the extras not that
some things it’s important to do but it doesn’t mean it’s the right time to do
them maybe you got some things you want to implement in your business you got to
do that during months two of the business or month five of the business
and it’s not time right now like people are like I want to make a podcast and I
want to write a book and even getting like a new photo shoot or website design
just not doesn’t mean those are bad things but it might not be the right
time so what are some what are the three top income producing activities that
every online business place do I specialize in affiliate marketing and
helping people with affiliate marketing but even if you are in e-commerce or
Consulting or agency work think about these things
drive traffic can write this down bed capture leads and then convert sales so
driving traffic that means getting eyeballs on you on your offers on the
content you produce and usually that would be like new traffic people that
have not heard of you before like every day if you can get new eyeballs on
things that’s good that that’s you know what we would
consider traffic but sometimes now just with social media things change so rapid
it used to be with online business like your email list is the most valuable
thing you have but now with social media even your Facebook audience is super
valuable and your Instagram audience and followers are super valuable valuable
like your followers are worse could be yours as much or even more than an email
even though emails are still good too so doing activities every single day what
could you do today to drive more traffic that’s just one thing just one thing to
get more traffic you could be active in a Facebook group or an online forum you
can publish a blog post and pub and release it in some places and do some
SEO on it and distribute it you can create a video for youtube and then
distribute that and use keywords you can be posting on Instagram sort of
Instagram automation you could be having ads run and Google Ads running those are
some various things you can do today to drive traffic I do lots of those things
every day a lot but it also depends on how much percentage of your time is
invested into your online business so if there’s just one thing you could do
today pick one of those and that is to drunk get eyeballs to to
something collecting leaves this would be like getting them to let’s say
someone looks at your Instagram but we really want to capture that lead so if
we can get them I would even call a follower a lead so if we could get that
eyeball the person that saw your photo they liked it but I don’t want a phone
or I want them to click the link in my bio give me their email address or I
want someone to join from facebook my facebook chat bot list and then I have
that lead or I want them to join in my Facebook group and then that’s a lead or
I want them to subscribe to my YouTube channel and I consider that a lead the
traffic is them looking at it someone you’re looking at it but when they
subscribe and now I consider that a lead so every day what are you doing what is
one thing you did today to get a new leaders you get any new leads so you
couldn’t get any new leads today it’s not it’s not the goal the goal is to get
new leads fresh leads and you can also do solo ads you can pay for pay for
leads you can pay for clicks there’s ways to be getting leads so you want to
be focusing on that and doubling down on that do you even have anything for them
to opt-in to do you have a lead magnet some freebie for them to to give to them
in exchange for your email or for their email address or for them opting and
some incentives something to give to them do you have it any valuable piece
of content to give to people can’t expect to just put on the Internet hey
buy this and even if you sent traffic where where there’s you want to you want
to collect these leads you can follow up with them and then the converting sales
that comes down to like what are you selling there’s so many things to sell
on the Internet I get hit up every day Rachel will you be an affiliate for this
affiliate for that oh my gosh there’s too many things to promote I’m gonna
promote the ones that convert the best that like make big Commission’s or like
good Commission’s based off what it is and that are a good program or a good
software so I can promote that to my audience I don’t want to promote
anything to my audience that’s crappy or that doesn’t convert I want already
proven sales funnels to convert I want to already proven sales funnel first
someone’s really good online course or already proven sales page for someone’s
really good software so if you’re just starting you might be wondering well
what offer should I promote and how do I promote them also really good offers
they give you the tools to promote they’ll give you ideas on what to use
for your email copy and you graphics to use yeah they make it
try to make it easier but some places some some affiliate programs like they
don’t give you much so you have to be creative I’ve created actually like a
lot of like email swipes email sequences that I send people or just different
like landing pages and different ways to promote different programs and
software’s and I share that with my students I don’t want to over whelmed
you guys right too much this video was just about the three income-producing
activities that every online business should be doing every day every day make
sure you’re doing something that drive traffic make sure you’re doing something
to capture leads and make sure you are converting sales by having a converting
offer and enough traffic and leads to go to it so like I said before it would be
interesting for you guys identify which activities in your business don’t fall
into that it’s just like I said it doesn’t mean don’t do them and don’t get
better but maybe it’s you’re doing something too much of something that you
could be doing less of or just doing like one day a week or you start you
know you started on something but it’s probably not the thing you should be
working on until a few months down the road I would love to hear that in the
comments and I would love for you to subscribe to my youtube channel because
I put out new videos and like relevant information based on what’s going on in
this rapidly improving online marketing space there’s so many cool softwares and
automations and so many cool ways to make money online that you maybe didn’t
even know existed just cuz you never heard of it before
it doesn’t mean you can’t do it it doesn’t mean that it’s too advanced for
you you just have to learn about it and then learn how it works learn and then
implement and get better and better and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t
succeed with whatever you really set your mind to so I’d love to hear from
you in the comments and subscribe and I’ll talk to you soon

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