April 9, 2020
3 FREE Ways To Make Money Online Even If You’re BROKE (NO Credit Card Required!) – J.R. Fisher

3 FREE Ways To Make Money Online Even If You’re BROKE (NO Credit Card Required!) – J.R. Fisher

three ways to make money online even if
you’re broke no credit card required hey do you want to make money online but
you’re broke you don’t have any money you don’t even have a credit card in
this video I’m gonna show you three really cool ways to make money online
and you can do it today and we’re starting right now hey J.R. Fisher
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digital products and here’s what I figure it out if you do the right things
you’ll get great results so I take all those things and I share it with you on
this channel so you can start run and grow your online business at the end of
this video I’ve got a bonus for you what is it it’s a free course it’s a $97
course actually but you can get it absolutely free by just clicking in the
link below in the description now have you been trying to make money online
have you found some ways that work or ways that don’t work I want to know what
your experience has been please put your comments below now if you’re having a
problem you got a question but that question below I’ll be happy to answer
it and help you out let’s get going and let me show you three ways you can make
money online even if you’re broke now the first way you can make money online
is with a t-shirt business now you don’t have to have any skills you don’t have
to know anything all you got to do is start your t-shirt business and it’s
free to start now we use a company called principle and it’s really simple
it printful the way it works is that all you do is upload your image that you
want to use for your t-shirt and you start your store now you can put
this image on t-shirts you can put it on mugs you can put it on posters on
bedspreads on shower curtains and guess what it’s not even put on there until
somebody buys it and that’s the cool thing about printable now if you’re
concerned about where do I find a design I can use one printable I’m going to
show you what some of the top designs are right now I’m gonna run over to Etsy
and we’re gonna take a look at some t-shirts right now so you can get an
idea about what you can do okay so I’m at Etsy right now this is what you’re
gonna see when you first get there and then what I’m gonna do is I’m a search
for t-shirts right here and this is gonna help me get some ideas for my
t-shirt so you can see all these t-shirts here now here’s the cool thing
what they do is they show you if you look right here how many t-shirts are
actually sold so this one here is surely not everyone was kung fu fighting
okay now you can’t copy this identically however you can change a couple words in
here in the colors and the shapes of the fonts and sell something very similar to
it this shirt has sold four thousand nine hundred ninety nine shirts that’s
crazy okay and if you scroll through here let me
scroll through and show you some of the other ones over here if you scroll
through here you can find all kinds of this one here is really quite simple
it’s Crayola Crayons inspired unisex shirt now the one thing I would say is
I’d be careful using any type of name-brand so I probably wouldn’t go
after that one there let’s take a look at some of these other shirts that
people have done and I like the ones that are like super simple to do because
if they’re super simple I can do it right I can copy that if there aren’t
Mouse ears I’m not going so that’s kind of a cute
one there obviously you could sell this to people who are going to Disney and
they aren’t really saying anything about Disney here they’re just kind of showing
this and I like this picture they’ve got here this one here cat books and T cat
lovers gift and that got cut off right there but cat books antique you could do
something just like this just a different font maybe you want to put an
image in there and this will give you some ideas as to what you can do for
your particular t-shirts now I’m at Facebook right now that on Facebook you
can also find popular things so let’s go and we’re just gonna hit the F right
here I’m gonna put t-shirts and I’m gonna put
funny right here okay and see what we get okay so if you notice here it’s got
all these t-shirts here and you can see the popular ones by going to let’s go to
pages right here and it says funny t-shirts at funny shirts org and it
looks like 9000 people like that one it looks like 42,000 people like this
one so let’s take a look at this one here and this is a page that somebody
has created within Facebook and it just has it looks like funny t-shirts
behind every smartass daughter is a truly asshole dad that’s an interesting
one all right here’s a funny shirt right here when you meet me you think I’m
quiet when you talk to me you wish I was quiet and when you get to know me you’ll
get scared when I’m quiet so there’s kind of a funny one but you could just
scroll through here and find all kinds of different ones you want to watch the
ones here who have profanity on it which we can see quite a few of those I’m a
nightmare before coffee that’s kind of a cool one but as you can see there’s all
kinds of different ones in here you can look at and what you do is you look here
this one here is that 522 comments four and a half thousand shares so you just
pick one that has a lot of interactions on it and you can find a pretty good
idea just by doing that now the next concern you may have is well can I even
design a shirt do I have the capability to design a shirt well if you don’t
think you do you can go to Fiverr you can find people on Fiverr that can
design this shirt for you for five dollars for ten dollars whatever and
it’s really worth it because these people do it all the time and they can
come up with some really good designs if you just tell them what you want what
words you want to say let’s take a look at Fiverr real quick and search that
okay I’m at five or right now and I will just type in here t-shirt design and see
what we come up with in a couple with all these people they do t-shirts
I will create a awesome illustration t-shirt design for $15 this one’s $10 so
all you got to do is go through here now what you do want to do is you want to
look here to see how many ratings they have and
the rating is now this one is five stars 366 reviews so the odds are this person
is pretty good let’s take a look here real quick and we can see all the
different designs they’ve done if you look through here there’s tons of them
okay and you could just contact these people give them your idea they can
create a t-shirt you don’t have to worry about it you spend twenty bucks that’s
pretty cheap to have a t-shirt design yeah I can’t tell you how many t-shirts
you’re gonna sell that’s totally impossible but if you design more and
more designs you’re gonna have a better chance of that t-shirt going viral and
if a t-shirt it goes vile you could make thousands or hundreds of thousands or
even millions of dollars but there’s one thing I can tell you for sure if you
don’t try any of it it’s not gonna work now not every t-shirt it’s gonna do well
some will some won’t but what you need to do is keep trying different ones over
and over again and you’ll hit on something to do well now I want to take
you over to another site called watch count comm and I want to show you how
that can help you out okay I’m at watch count right now what watch count really
does is it it looks at what the most popular things on eBay as voted by eBay
users so I’m gonna type in t-shirt right here then I’m just gonna hit enter and
it’s gonna pull up t-shirts and it’s going to show you what they sold for
what they look like this one here’s kind of interesting with
the eyelashes in the mouth here as I scroll through here some of them
are plain some of them have stuff on it but I can find the ones that are the
most watched and that will also give you some ideas as to what I can do now let’s
run over to another site which I highly suggest and that’s wish calm okay now
wish calm has a lot of different things in here but let’s go ahead and search
t-shirts real quick and see what they got and some of the deals in here are
incredibly cheap deals and you may not be able to compete with these but
understand your products aren’t gonna be on which calm so I like this one with
the cat here cat t-shirts seem to be very popular and it says not today and
it shows this cat kind of just laying flat on the ground so that’s kind of a
funny one you could do something like that we scroll through here this one
here says I love my girlfriend but if you zoom in
a little bit under the words I love it says I love it when my girlfriend lets
me play video games so that’s kind of a funny one there and they’ve got the
small print right below there so there’s an idea for you
but you can get tons of ideas from these sites and create your own t-shirts now
how do you market with no money though how can you do that well it’s really
simple because Facebook allows you to have your own pages so you can actually
start a t-shirt page it could be around a niche you could be around
save-the-whales it could be around animal rescue it could be around
survival whatever you want and you start putting your t-shirts in there and start
listing them after time people will find the t-shirts and you can actually sell
them right from your Facebook page by putting a link to your printable store
that goes right to the store now how printable works is as soon as somebody
comes in and buys one of your products they will go ahead and charge you your
cost for so maybe your your cost is eight or nine dollars you’re selling for
nineteen ninety-five they will go ahead and charge you you’re eight or nine
dollars they will actually ship out the shirt to the person and you get your
commission of what’s left over you literally don’t have to do any of the
work you don’t have to print the shirt you don’t have to have inventory you
don’t have to ship it out you have to do anything but list it and it’s a zero
startup cost to do that now the next way you can do this is on an Instagram
account you can actually take those pictures those visuals you have of your
shirts that you’ve designed in your printable store and you can put those
pictures on your Instagram account start posting those put a link back to your
printable store they will once again ship out the shirt for you and you don’t
have to do anything but list them now there’s a couple different types of
t-shirts that sell well usually any ones that are funny do really well ones that
are political do really well if you want to make money during a political season
I know we have election coming up you know love or hate the president right
now he’s very polarizing and since he is very polarizing people feel very
strongly on both sides so you could just pick a side and do a t-shirt with some
saying on either side and probably do pretty well if you’re unsure of what’s
popular go to trends google.com moogle will actually tell you what’s trending
what’s popular what people are talking about and you can also pick one of those
subjects and gear your t-shirts around one of those particular subjects
the next way you can design and sell your t-shirts which is a great one is
merch by Amazon that’s merchants amazon.com now Amazon operates the same
way at merged amazon.com where you upload your particular graphic you pick
the types of shirt you want to sell you set your prices and it is sold on Amazon
pretty cool way of doing it and Amazon will actually print the shirt send it
out to your buyer and you keep the difference between what your cost is and
what the buyer paid for the particular t-shirt now Amazon has been around a
long long time you don’t have to worry about shipping you don’t have to worry
about customer support any problems they handle everything for you so that’s
another great Avenue to actually sell your t-shirts online okay so there you
have it you could be in business today without
any money in the bank even if you’re broke you could sell t-shirts online I
highly suggest you give it a try it’s fun it’s easy and there’s a possibility
to make a lot of money there if you enjoyed this video do me a favor and
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thank you so much for listening and if you try some of these methods with
t-shirts I want to hear about it or if you’ve already tried some methods with
t-shirts put it in the comment section below if you have any questions
whatsoever please share them with me I thank you very much for watching the
video and I’ll see you in the next one hey thanks for watching my video
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  1. If you try some of these methods with t-shirts, I want to hear about it or if you've already tried some methods with t-shirts put it in the comment section below. Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE. https://jrfisher.kartra.com/page/yt-description

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