April 3, 2020

3 Facebook Advertising Tools To Dominate Your Market in 2020!

– Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath from Lead Guru. And in this video I’m going to show you three Facebook advertising
tools that are really, really important, can really
help you improve your results. In fact, in my mind
there’s thee major parts to success with Facebook advertising. There’s your targeting,
there’s your ad creative, and then there’s your overall
Facebook advertising strategy. And I’ve got a tool that’s gonna help you with each one of those three elements. These are three tools that we use as a Facebook advertising
agency all the time that really help us improve the results we get for our clients. With that said, let’s get into it. The first Facebook advertising tool that we use all the time
is audience insights. It’s completely free, it’s
something that Facebook provide. When you’re in ads manager,
the way you get here is you just click on these
three little lines at the top. When you’re in ads
manager go to all tools, and go to audience
insights underneath plan. And you’ll come into this, you’ll see a window that looks like this. Now, the reason why this is so useful is it’s fantastic for
funding targeting options that are likely to deliver
great results for your business. Now, if you’ve seen my videos you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of creating lookalike audiences based
off previous customers. But there are a huge amount of people that watch my videos that are advertising on Facebook that are just getting started. They don’t have previous customers. So how can they target a
lookalike audience based off them? In that case you need to come into Facebook’s audience insights tool, and have a little play
around, and do some research. Just to quickly show you how this works I’ll include a link to another video that has a more detailed explanation of how to use audience insights. But I’m gonna give you
a quick overview now. The first thing you want to do is come down to interests,
and add in something that’s closely related to your business. So if we are a Facebook
advertising agency, and we wanted to advertise and reach people
that are perhaps advertising on Facebook, interested in that, we could try something
like Facebook advertising. Now, I know that that’s not an option. And that might be the sort
of thing that you see. You might put something in
there, it doesn’t really come up. Okay, can’t use Facebook advertising. What could we use that’s related? How about digital marketing? Okay, that’s a bit broader of
a topic, that is an option. This is people who are interested in business and industry online. Now, once you’ve got something
like that you can start to see the people that are interested in that are gonna closely
reflect the people that are interested in our services. You can see some interesting
demographic data. You can see that it’s roughly a 50-50 split, slightly more male. The best age range is 25 to
34, followed by 35 to 44. This is all data that you can use to start narrowing down your criteria. You can see that they are more likely than average to be single. They are more likely than average to have college education or higher. You can see the sort of job
titles they’re likely to have. They’re more likely to be in IT and technical services,
computer mathematics. These things make sense,
really useful information. So you can find out some
demographic information. But what you can also do is
you can select page likes, and this is a really,
really interesting thing. You can see a top categories, that’s kind of interesting,
go through that. But what I really recommend you do is go for affinity audiences. Now, affinity down here refers to, excuse me, how likely your
audience is to like a given page compared to everyone on Facebook. So people who are interested
in digital marketing are 178 times more likely to like the page DigitalMarketer than the
average Facebook user. Now, what’s fantastic about
that is that these people, people who like the DigitalMarketer page, could be fantastic options
for us to advertise to when we’re first
creating our campaigns. So we can create a campaign where we’re targeting Facebook for business. I mean, that’s a really
obvious one if want people who are interested in
Facebook advertising. But we could also try advertising to people that are interested in GoPro. That’s something that I wouldn’t
have otherwise thought of unless had I gone through this exercise. People who are using Spotify, who knew? A lot more different options down here. You know, Tough Mudder, Beats by Dre, you wouldn’t necessarily think that that’s a digital marketing audience. But according to Facebook 100 times more likely to be interested. So when you’re first getting started with Facebook add something
in your interests, and then come have a
look at your demographic. If it’s really, really
male, really, really female, you could change things, et cetera. Otherwise, click on page
likes, come down, have a look at these, and try targeting
some of these options. You’re likely to find a winner. So, the first Facebook advertising tool that I recommend that we use all the time to help you dominate your market is Facebook’s audience insights. And that’s exactly how we use it. Second one is surrounding the ad creative. Now, a lot of people just
use Facebook’s stock images. So it’s Facebook,
there’ll be Shutterstock. And you can just use their
stock images in your ads. You can choose ones that you think are appropriate to your
product or services. If companies are product-based
they often just use a picture of their product, or a picture of their service in action,
something like that. All those things are great,
but they’re not enough. We found that by far images perform a lot, lot better if you could
overlay some text over the top. And that text over the
top needs to emphasise the best benefit that the
product and service has. If you’ve got an image
of let’s say a shoe, your selling a particular type of shoe, can you overlay some text over that image? Something really simple that has something like real leather, UK-made, prices starting from 30 pounds if it’s a particularly low price. What’s the main benefit? Is it the quality of the
product, is it the price point? Is it the delivery, is it your expertise? Put that, overlay that over
your best performing images. And you will almost
certainly see an increase and improvement in your
Facebook advertising results. The easiest way to do that
is with this online tool. It’s completely free to use. There are pro elements
that I would recommend, but it’s completely free to use. You can upload your images into Canva. And you can very easily add text, all different fonts, colours. It’s super, super simple to
use, we use it all the time. All our Facebook
advertisers, all the people that manage accounts for us
in our company are well-versed in Canva because they’re
creating creatives, and images, and things like that for
our clients all the time. These are all free by
the way, which is great. My second Facebook advertising
tool that I’d recommend for your ad creatives
specifically is Canva. It’s a very simple, it
really is low hanging fruit, to take images that are
working, and to just overlay some text that talks
about your best benefit. Often we reiterate the
headline, something like that. Just pop that in there,
keep it under the 20% rule. I can’t show you any examples I’m afraid. Because, obviously, our
client work is confidential. But it’s very straightforward to do and really helps improve the
results of your campaigns. As I said, low hanging
fruit, okay, moving on. The third Facebook advertising
tool that I would strongly, strongly recommend that you
use, and this one’s really for your overall Facebook
advertising strategy. You know, you’re not talking
about specific targeting. You’re not talking about your
ad creative, your imagery. You’re thinking about should
I be using this offer? Should I be using this
three-stage sales funnel? Should I be using this, that,
whatever it happens to be? The Facebook ads library,
which is quite a new thing, is brilliant for doing that. Because what you can do
is you can come in here, and you can search some of the best performing competitors in your industry. You can take a look at the
ads that they’re running. You can click on those ads, go through to their landing pages. And you can see their exact sales funnel. So, obviously, the best place to come up with a winning Facebook
advertising strategy is to think of the best
performing companies in your industry, your competitors that you aspire to that
you want to be like. Think what are they doing,
let’s model from their process. If I click into here, and
I search for something like let’s search for clickfunnels. Here’s a perfect example. Really well-known, fantastic
software with the industry. I highly recommend it
if you’re not using it. And we get all this fantastic information. So I can search, I can filter by country, I could do the UK, I could do the US. I can see all the ads
that they’re running. You can see, obviously, also, by the way when it was created, some
other great information. But you can see the exact ads that they’re running right now. This ad started running June
5, 2019, here’s the copy. They’re running this little video. They’ve got this headline,
this call to action. You can click on see ad
details, all this information. You can click on that button,
click on One Funnel Away. It will take you through to the link. In fact, let’s quickly do that. Click on that there, it will
take you through to here. And you can see, look, this
is the exact sales funnel, the exact sales page landing page that they’re using, absolutely brilliant. I will pause this, in fact, you know what I’m gonna close this down because with me recording this and this video going that’s
gonna make it difficult. But you can come in, and you
can see the exact sales page landing pages these companies are running. As I said, Facebook advertising strategy, the best Facebook
advertising tool you can use, completely free, is to come
into Facebook ads library. You just go to facebook.com/ads/library. I’ll include a link to it
in the video description. Search for some of your competitors, perhaps words in your industry. See if they’re advertising on Facebook. If they are you know it’s gonna
be a viable channel for you. Oh, and by the way, one more thing I’ll mention about Facebook ads library. These ads were created June 2019, which is when I’m recording this video. If I scroll down, keep
scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, I will find ads
that were created in April. Perhaps further back if I keep
going, we’re back into March. Now, the longer an ad has been running the more likely it is
to be really successful. If a company creates an
ad two or three days ago it’s not necessarily sure that
that’s working really well. But if you go back to ads
that are three months, six months, a year old,
the chances that those ads are producing profitable
results are really, really high. Because who would keep
advertising on Facebook if something’s not profitable. The further back you can
go, you can take a look at their ads, you can take a look at their entire sales funnel. It’s a fantastic Facebook advertising tool for determining your Facebook
advertising strategy. Hopefully that video’s been useful. As I said, three free
Facebook advertising tools that you can use to improve the results of your Facebook ad campaigns. We use them all the time as a
Facebook advertising agency. It doesn’t take very long
to use any of these either. You can go in, have a quick look. It can make a massive
difference to your results. Before you go I want to quickly tell you about my five-part Facebook ad template you can download right now for free. This Facebook ad template contains some of the best performing ads
we’ve created for a number of different clients in a
number of different industries. We’ve broken each ad down. We’ve explained what
we’ve included and why. We’ve talked about why
we use that headline, this image, that text,
et cetera, et cetera. You can download it for free. All you need to do is click on the link in the video description. That’ll take you to a page on our website, and you can download it there. And you can obviously model from these ads if you’re looking for better
results from Facebook. This is almost certainly going
to help you achieve them. If you liked this video
please give it a thumbs up. Share it, comment below if
you’ve got any questions. Don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel. And I will talk to you soon,
thanks a lot guys, bye bye.

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