April 5, 2020
3 Content Marketing Tips For eCommerce Stores

3 Content Marketing Tips For eCommerce Stores

– Hey, what’s up, everybody? Anton Kraly here from
DropShipLifestyle.com and in today’s episode
of Drop Ship Weekly, we are gonna be talking about
three content marketing tips for your e-commerce store. So, quick note before we get into this. This applies to drop shipping stores, so if you’re using the
Drop Ship Lifestyle model, this’ll work for you. It also works if you’re selling on eBay or Amazon or really, anywhere. These are just tips that if you’re selling physical products online
will help you to be able to create better content that will bring a better quality lead to your website through your content marketing efforts. So, with that being said,
let’s go ahead and get into this week’s episode
of Drop Ship Weekly. (bright synthesizer music) Okay, so the first tip I can give you is about choosing the right
format of the content. This could either be one
of three things, primarily. It could be written
content, so think things like blog posts, just a bunch of text, right, if it’s written. It could be audio, so
picture podcasts, right? That’s a form of audio content. Or it could be video like
you’re watching right now. Now, the reason format
matters even more so than what your audience
is used to engaging with, the reason it matters is because you have to be comfortable making this content. If you’re the person that’s really driving your brand forward, which
is gonna be the case if you’re a smaller e-commerce
store, and if you’re the one that’s creating content
and brainstorming ideas, and if you’re ultimately
the one that’s responsible for the quality of it,
especially in the beginning, the format in which you
create content should be what comes naturally to you. Now, I’m not gonna stand here and tell you that I’m the best person on video. I’m definitely not, but I am comfortable taking out the camera, turning
it on, sharing a lesson just like this or a lesson about a product or a review on something I just bought. So, for me, video seems to work. I’m happy with it, and
that’s why you see a lot of video content from me
at Drop Ship Lifestyle. Same thing with eCommerce stuff. I’m comfortable doing
video, so I do video. With writing, like blog
posts, we do have blog posts, but that’s something I get
help from our team with because I am not a writer,
and if I ever had to sit down in front of a computer and
write a 5,000 word article on, I don’t know, a new chandelier,
or like new chandeliers for, you know, 2019, it’s not
gonna be a fun process at all. I’m gonna hate doing it. It’s not gonna be good quality, and it’s probably never
gonna be completed. Again, though, if I had
to make a video about the top chandeliers of 2019,
I could probably do that. I’ll do my research, I’ll get on camera, I’ll talk about what’s
good about each one, and then, boom, that could
become a piece of video content for an e-commerce brand we had
that sold chandeliers, right? So, again, whatever
you’re comfortable with, you should choose that. Wherever you excel, that’s
where you should put your time. And here’s the beauty of that, as well. Let’s just say that your
format ends up being audio. Maybe you don’t wanna get on camera, you don’t want your face to be seen. Maybe you’re just not comfortable with it, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Then do the audio version. Get a microphone, record
your content as audio, and then you can have that audio sent to a website that we use
called Rev.com, R E V dot com, and what they’ll do is transcribe it for you and send that back. Then you could have the
audio version of your content that could be turned into a blog post through your transcript. But again, the first tip I’ll give you with content marketing, if
you’re gonna do it right, is knowing what format
you actually excel at. Know what format, you
know, again, excites you. It doesn’t give you pain
when you have to do it. And then, that should be where everything that you do stems from. Again, even if your audience loves reading blog posts and you know
that you hate writing but you’re good at talking, do a podcast, record audio, have it
turned into a blog post. So, tip number one is know your format. It’ll be a better quality piece of content that you’re putting out and you’ll be more consistent with it because, again, you’re not gonna hate doing it. Okay, so that’s tip number one. Know your format and stick with that. Second tip has to do with goals. Now, I’m not talking about goals like how much content you want to create. I’m talking about the goals of the piece of content that you are creating. You see this all the time with people that are new to content marketing. Like, they write blog
posts or they make videos and maybe, you know, you watch it, like if they’re your future competitor and you’re spying on them and
seeing what they’re doing, you might see this and be like, what are they trying to
get their viewer to do? A lot of times you find that there’s no clear call to action. So, whenever you are creating content and whenever you’re brainstorming ideas, know what the goal of
that piece of content is, whether it’s somebody reading
a post on your website, watching a video that you have created, listening to a podcast you recorded, what is the goal that you want to happen when someone consumes
that piece of content. This could either be
something like a lead. So, maybe you’re having
them read a piece of content and then, you know, it’s
telling them why they should opt-in to your email list
to get a free report. Maybe the goal is for a sale. So, maybe the piece of
content you’re creating is like a long-form
sales letter that people are reading through
learning all about your products or your store or why it’s better, and then ending with them
clicking something to buy. Maybe the goal of your content
is to increase conversions. So, maybe you’re putting
out a piece of content for your store that’s about
reviews of the top three, you know, electric skateboards,
if that’s what you sell. Top three electric skateboards of 2019. Talking about the pros
and cons of each one and why people should choose
which one over another. What that is gonna do
is provide your reader with clarity, or your viewer with clarity, and it’s gonna help them choose
which one is right for them, which is gonna increase your conversions. So, again, when you do this, right, when you’re putting out content, it should typically educate, that’s usually what we’re trying to do. Educate the consumer or the, yeah, the person consuming
the content, but then, it’s also driving an action to happen. You want them to, again,
go through it, consume it, and then take an action that, obviously, is gonna benefit your business. And sometimes it might just be a lead. Sometimes it might be
share this with a friend. Sometimes it might be
leave a comment below. But either way, whatever it is, when you’re creating that
content it should be tied to a goal or else the
effort you’re putting in is just kind of out there,
like you’re just doing it and you’re not gonna know
what’s gonna come of it because you’re not asking
for anything to come of it. Go into it knowing what the goal is. I’ll tell you, like, if
you’re wondering like, well, how would that work
with videos, for example? This video you’re
watching right now, right, this is for Drop Ship Lifestyle, which is, obviously, an info
product, it’s information. It’s not one of my
physical product brands, but when you watch these
videos on Drop Ship Weekly, there are different
call to actions, right? In some videos I say, hey,
if you like this video, click the Like button,
leave a comment, subscribe, and then, in some videos when I’m talking about drop shipping specifically, I say, if you want to
know more about this, go to DropShipLifestyle.com/webinar where you can get my free training, it’s about two-and-a-half hours long, and learn how we build highly profitable semi-automated stores. There’s a goal. The content’s here. It’s here to educate, like I mentioned. We do a lot of how-tos. So, teaching you something and then again having these goals of the
content throughout it. What is the action that the person consuming this should take. This is true, again
whether you are doing info like you’re watching right
now, whether you’re doing this with your physical products,
or whether you’re doing this with different services
within your industry. Whatever it is, it
should be tied to a goal, so it’s trackable and so
that it can get you results and help move your business forward. Next tip that I’ll give
you with content marketing, and this one I think
isn’t used enough at all. This is kind of like, it’s
like a hidden goal almost. I call this creating your seed audiences, probably spelled that wrong, whatever. I did a podcast not too
long ago on my podcast eCommerce Lifestyle, and
it’s called plant your seeds. I’m gonna link to that in the description. Go to that podcast though, check
it out, cause I dive deeper into this, but what’s happening
here with content marketing, as we’re creating this,
as it has our goals, we’re sharing it online right? We’re sharing it on social,
we’re emailing it to our list, we’re getting it in front of
people, and then what happens if we have the Facebook
pixel on our website, so if we again install the
Facebook pixel on our website, and if we have the Google
remarketing tag on our website; what’s happening is as people
are viewing the content, as they’re consuming this
content that we created, hopefully they take an
action and complete the goal, but regardless of if
they do or they don’t, I’m just gonna draw this out. This is the, here’s our content, alright? We’re sending people to it, and then again they can take an action. Action would be one of these,
so hopefully that happens. Maybe they do that, maybe they don’t, but regardless, when
they are on this content, I’ll just change the
color so you can see this. Let me grab black. When they’re on the content,
we’re pixeling them, that’s FB for Facebook, and
then I just write G Ads, that’s what I use for Google Ads, and what’s happening here
is we are tracking them through cookies, right? This is why Facebook is so powerful. This is why Google is so
powerful, and we’re building what are called audiences in our accounts, and by doing this when
this person is there, we can then go ahead and
show them different ads. So they’re on our content,
they’re getting this stuff that’s educating them, it’s
providing them with value, it’s hopefully increasing
the goals that we want, but when they go back to Facebook
and they go back to Google we can remarket to them
by showing them offers. So maybe they were reading again, an article about the top
chandeliers of 2019, right? Like the newest things that have come out, the newest styles, and that’s
just purely educational based. Then they go on Facebook
and then it shows them a product ad saying, hey here’s
the number one chandelier of 2019, click here to buy now, so it’s showing them an offer. We can do that on Facebook, we can do that on Google through remarketing. Now beyond that, this is
like a little step two, and I do apologize if this is
getting a little bit advanced for some people that aren’t
marketing with content yet, but another thing we do here
is when we have these audiences that are built, again these
are called our seed audiences. What we do is build
look-alike audiences off them, so we can tell Facebook,
hey Facebook you know those 100 people that viewed the content on our website yesterday,
can you go out there and find a million
people that use Facebook that are most similar to
those people that viewed our content, and then that
becomes a look-alike audience that we built off of our seed audience, and we can show those
people ads to our content. The look-alike audience
bring them back in, get them to take action. If they don’t take action,
they’re added to the list, and it builds on itself. So these are just some ways that I think, things that I wish I knew
again, like when I first thought that I wanted to get
into producing content for our e-commerce stuff. I would be like okay, I’m
selling product whatever, xyz and I would go to a website like Upwork, and I would post an ad like
hey I need a blog writer, can you write me an article on whatever, the top dining rooms tables of 2010, and then like I’d get
this terrible article. It’d be like dining room
tables are important to be in your household, because your
family can eat around them. They’ve been blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, invented in this year, and
the typical size dining table fits six people, and it
was like this basic crap that doesn’t benefit anybody,
but like a lot of people, again that’s what I did. Like when you start
with content marketing, you don’t know any better. So again the tips are know your format so the content can actually be good. Know what people actually
wanna learn about. I just did a podcast recently, I think it’s called how to
brainstorm content ideas. It’s on eCommerce Lifestyle,
I’ll link to that as well, so it’ll help you with getting creative, and figuring out what people
actually wanna know about. And then again, of
course when they’re there don’t just tell them some basic
stuff about what you sell, that has no purpose for anybody. Give them info, give them education. Guide them to an action, and
when they’re on your website make sure you’re creating these audiences, and sending people to
the appropriate offers when they leave your site
and go back to Google, and they go back to Facebook. So as always guys, if you
got value from this video, please do give it a thumbs up, and let me know in the comments. If you’re not subscribed, I do at least one new training like
this every single week. Been doing that for years
now on this channel, so definitely click subscribe,
and if you’re watching this and you’re not part of
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in-depth free training, sharing the seven steps
that we use every time we launch a brand new
Drop Ship Lifestyle store selling high ticket items. So go ahead, check that out,
and with that being said I’ll see you guys next
Tuesday for our next episode of Drop Ship Weekly. Thank you everybody. (bright synthesizer music)

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