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3 Benefits Manufacturers Experience from their B2B eCommerce Systems — June 7, 2018

3 Benefits Manufacturers Experience from their B2B eCommerce Systems — June 7, 2018

Thank you again everybody for joining us!
My name is Wally Tonra, I’m the head of sales here at xTuple. Our presentation
today is going to be given by Josh Fisher, who’s the product manager of xTupleCommerce here at xTuple. Josh has been part of xTuple for a number of
years. A number years back we as a company we’re looking to maybe improve our
ability to help our customers on the web, Josh had a terrific team that was doing
that — was implementing websites and helping companies with web
strategies and his company became part of our company and and they’ve really
helped us to grow and to really better understand this this market segment so
we’re fortunate to have Josh here doing the presentation. I’m going to be
monitoring questions so if you have questions along the way please
use the console that you have, the go-to webinar panel there, there’s a section
for questions. You can put your questions in there and unless it’s something that
we need to stop for our plan is to answer questions at the end, so any time
you have a question just drop it in there and we’ll queue them up for the
end. So, again thank you everybody for joining us today and we’ll turn it over
to Josh! Great! Thanks, Wally! Hi everyone and welcome to “What’s new
and ERP? Business Happens on the Web. So, as Wally said, my name is Josh Fisher. I’m
the product manager of xTupleCommerce here at xTuple. In addition to that, as Wally pointed out I’ve been working within the web marketing world
for a little over a decade now, you know you could say it’s a topic that I’m
pretty passionate about, so I’m excited to talk to you about it today! Today, we’re
not going to be talking specifically about xTuple products, I’m not going to be
giving a demo or anything, we’re going to be talking about web strategy. Really
it’s becoming obvious that things are changing in the world of manufacturing and distribution and it’s impacting what’s important in
regards to an organization’s business tools. I’m sorry my slides aren’t working, there we go. I didn’t realize, oh, it’s there’s my picture, that’s me! That’s Josh! Okay
so, so this is a short webinar today we’re only gonna be talking for about 20
or 30 minutes, if you like what you hear today, I encourage you to sign up for
our July 13th training, by design we want that online training — it’s a day-long training and we want it to be a pretty small group. My plan is to
go into more deeper detail about these same web strategy topics and what I’m
excited about is getting to know each of the attendees of that course and I want
to get my head wrapped around their businesses. Then, during the training, I
plan to use those businesses as examples of how web marketing can be used to grow
organizations. I really want each participant to walk away from the
training with a defined game plan and a list of actions that they can take when
they get back to the office. You can learn more about that a xTuple.com/sales-growth-training or obviously if you have any questions,
don’t hesitate to reach out to us. So, let’s go ahead and get started now if
you’re here because of our recent emails then you likely saw the three points
that were in those emails and those three points we’re number one be 10
times more productive that’s especially for your sales team number two sell more
than ever and number three expand your market now
these are just a few of the many topics that I could go into but these are the
points that are pretty universal across the board really across every industry
and before we get started I want you guys to indulge me here and and really
keep an open mind about the topic of web marketing I know I’m sure that all of
you have thought about how the web is impacting your day to day business and I
guess the thing is I’m not sure how much time you’ve taken a step back and
thought about it strategically and you know thought about it conceptually to
see the way you could use it to grow your business I
I honestly believe that right now the this era that we’re in right now is a
perfect opportunity for manufacturers and distributors to start using the web
as a as a sales tool as a strategic sales tool at the end of the day it’s
just going to make you more competitive the competition’s not doing this yet
it’s really your opportunity to get out ahead of everybody else and obviously
the more competitive you are the more deals you’re gonna win now today if
that’s not the kind of webinar you were looking for if you were looking for a
demo of the product don’t don’t worry don’t hesitate to reach out to us
because we can set up a meeting and we can do a one-on-one demo plus you can go
to x2 cocom and there’s access to free trials and we’re in the process creating
videos Forex tuple you so there’s gonna be plenty of materials for you to get to
see or experience the software but today I want to talk about the strategy to
kind of help people understand why the software is so important so with the
first topic be 10 times more productive the route of making your company
especially your sales team more productive is using the web as a tool
for your business now that may sound a bit exaggerated or you may think it’s
not advantageous for your organization to move in that direction but I want you
to scratch those thoughts from your mind and just think about this with me you
know using a clean slate really in many instances you’re already using the web
you obviously you rely on email you rely on the internet for research and
education today you’re learning about web marketing strategy through this
exact webinar so it’s really natural in today’s business world to use the web in
each of those instances you’re using technology for information transactions
right and the truth is the way that you use the web is no different than the way
your customers use the web we’ve all learned to use the web for educating
ourselves about topics doing research and learning and and now it’s just a
part of our daily lives it’s it’s just so normal but if you think about it
right now how much information about your business and your products are you
providing on the Internet you can go through a list you have a
website do you offer a catalogue of products with extensive details if
you’re a job shop do you go into detail about what you’re capable of
if you if you sell extremely complicated expensive products do you go into detail
about those products online if someone were to go to Google right now
and do a search using keywords related to your industry or your products would
they find your company within 10 minutes and if you’re saying no to those things
you’re really missing out if I had to imagine how you’re functioning right now
I guess that buyers probably find you through networking word-of-mouth or
conferences and things like that then they eventually reach out to somebody at
your company they end up building a relationship with one of your sales reps
they ask that rep a ton of questions and then you’re at your rep asks them a ton
of questions and eventually hopefully they end up buying from you but let’s
let’s dissect what’s really happening there the sales rep is likely answering
the same questions for all potential buyers time and time again and they’re
likely hearing the same questions right discussing the same products in the same
way over and over and over again it’s redundant and it’s repetitive in fact
I’m sure you hold your best sales reps up on a pedestal for talking the most
eloquently about their products I mean it’s pretty common those that know the
products inside now and have their you know their pitch tuned in just right
they’re the ones that succeed and grow businesses but how much of their time
gets dumped into that process what if you could accomplish the same results
with a fraction of that time and think about that for a minute
he’s back in back in 2015 Forrester did a research study on how b2b buyers want
to buy business products they found that more than 50% of b2b buyers at that time
in 2015 more than 50 percent preferred to research products online versus talk
with a sales rep and the problem was what they were learning is that not
enough information was online so the buyers were forced to continue doing
things excuse me doing things the old way like
through the phone calls and the you know just the typical standard ways of
talking to the sales reps now in 2017 Forrester did that same survey and the
number jumps to 68 percent that’s a 30% increase in just two years
so 68 percent it’s a 30 percent increase so 68 percent of b2b buyers say they
want to do their research on their own time but if you’re not giving them that
option they’re not going to be finding you right they’re gonna be searching for
these topics online and if you’re not there you’re just not gonna meet them
additionally 93% of those b2b buyers said that they’d prefer to place their
orders online rather than through a sales rep 93% doesn’t nearly everybody
right and there the research report is full of a lot of great information here
are some other numbers that you know stood out to me really these these
numbers are just from the first couple pages it’s it’s a long document the
other thing to remember these numbers are from to or from a year ago and the
problem is in ten years from now all this will just be the standard this will
be the main option if you’re not on this train rank now you’re going to be left
at the station okay and to help us understand the
future and how things are gonna change down the road let’s take a look
you know backwards let’s look back so here’s a here’s an image that we
probably all remember this is AOL from 2001 hey you think about it that’s 17
years ago in the history of business like that’s nice no time at all right
think a minute for how about how this changed the industry in the 90s how many
people believed in the email would have the impact that it did you know it’s
like in that period of time nobody was looking at email thinking that it was
going to change the world maybe maybe somewhere but I remember in
the 90s it it wasn’t recognized as being
potentially the impact that it was right and then just ten years ago how many
people thought that smartphones would change everything now you look at this
graphic from Apple just ten years ago GPS was being introduced to the world
through a phone like just imagine now not having GPS on your phone at that
time it was unusual for a person to have a smart phone do you remember that like
the the person shows up at the office with the iPhone and everybody gathers
around to check it out now it’s the opposite if you see somebody on the
street with a flip phone it’s something that you kind of chuckle about right
what I’m saying is that’s where we are right now with b2b e-commerce this is
not an extra option or a cool feature that your organization could offer this
is how the world is going to work over the next couple years big organizations
are already adopting the technology and they’re they’re seeing major benefits
now the technology adoption is slowly trickling down to medium and small-sized
companies and for instance coca-cola was used in that Forrester Research study
they were just one of many reference points and they reported seeing sales
increase and customer satisfaction skyrocket right a brand is old as
coca-cola is saying that customers are happier than they’ve ever been and I’m
not talking about consumer customers I’m not talking about you and I I’m talking
about the distribution centers that provide coca-cola to the public they
were happier than they’ve ever been because they have these web-based sales
tools to use to engage with coke and it’s all it’s all because coca-cola had
the foresight to recognize that this internet that the web could be used as a
tool to engage with their customers and that feedback is just going to continue
to grow we’re gonna start seeing it everywhere so imagine that you follow
suit and you get all your product and comfort company information online
customers are now researching and educating themselves about your business
they’re doing this on their own suddenly the hundreds of redundant
questions your sales reps would have answered on the phone there
now being answered online and that information is available 24 hours a day
seven days a week and 365 days a year right how much time do you think that’s
gonna save your sales reps two hours four hours a day
no more answering long phone calls no more long responses via email the sales
rep can just say go to this Resource Center online you’ll find everything you
need to know then reach out to me when you start having questions that the site
can’t answer you know if that happens and the one thing to keep in mind here
this is what the buyers want this isn’t your sales rep just sending people away
the the buyers want access to that information right now if you have this
sales information online every minute of the day you’ve just multiplied a single
sales rep exponential exponentially think about what that saves so you end
up saving let’s just say three hours a day with this new strategy right
the sales rep ends up saving 15 hours a week 60 hours a month and in and in 720
hours a year think about what that sales rep could do with all that time and
really it’s kind of hard to imagine these numbers right and so take a look I
did a screen shot at a calendar and I started drawing these outs so here you
have three hours a day just imagine your calendar where this red block is the
free time that your sales reps have to focus on things other than answering
redundant phone calls right and a week that’s almost two days out of their week
and a month it’s about a week and a half and in a year it’s one third of the year
when added up right one third of the year in business hours
it’s just so much time just imagine what your sales rep can do with that much
time and you might be thinking they’ll play more golf which was a joke that
somebody else made but in reality if they’re a really good sales rep they’re
going to use all this extra time to their advantage right
the most constructive thing that they could do is they could become more
consultative they could they could build more consultative relationships with
customers so let’s to think this through let’s just focus on existing customers
for a minute imagine if your sales were up had the time to visit with existing
customers learn about other business take tours of their location get their
head wrapped around those customers and their business what would happen there
they start to see the challenges that those customers are dealing with they’d
see the gaps in the customers business flows they’d see the projects that
they’re working on the problems and the struggles that they deal with then
hopefully if you have a good sales rep they’ll find ways that your organization
can solve those problems they’d figure out ways that your organization could
extend the relationship even further and hopefully more profitably right and the
customers they’d love you for it you’d be solving all the problems you’d
actually be caring about them and helping them grow and that’s the
position that you want your sales team in that’s what’s going to make them more
productive and by the way I should mention too if you’ve done your own
research about b2b e-commerce you you may have come across these articles
about how you know the sales reps are going to eventually just be replaced
with b2b e-commerce sites right and I don’t believe that I don’t think it’s
true so it’s not to say that there won’t be a decrease in sales reps and it’s not
to say that those sales reps that are really just order takers aren’t going to
be pushed out and when I say order takers I’m just talking about the people
that answer the phone jot down the orders and get it into the
ERP they potentially could be replaced by an e-commerce system right but for
the really great sales reps the ones that are great at building relationships
and seeing strategic opportunities this change is really going to give them the
opportunity to flex their muscles and and build those relationships and win
more contracts in the long run it’s going to help them make your
organization more profitable so in summary if you take the redundant
work away from your sales reps they’ll have a lot more time and energy to put
into building stronger relationships with existing customers and additionally
they’ll have time to find new customers now on to the next point sell more than
ever and I know I know that sounds very salesy it’s very marketing heavy it’s
kind of like clickbait right just hear me out here there’s a lot of truth to
that comment we’ve already talked about it a little bit but let’s let’s get a
little deeper imagine that you now have all of your
organization’s product content online and I should mention too there’s a
myriad of ways to do that I know manufacturers are especially protective
of inside information but I’m not suggesting that you just start
plastering your secrets all over the web that’s actually um that’s a topic that
I’ll get into more in the July training we’ll talk about how to protect your
intellectual property online but as you imagine this with me just imagine that
you’re you’re putting your information online in a very smart way all right so
you have all your information online in a smart manner and sales reps are
building better stronger relationships with existing customers and prospects
people you don’t know people you’ve never met they may not even be close to
your locations they start finding your business online when they’re doing
research right at that point your website really your web presence is
functioning as a sales tool it it’s almost like you know like the first
mission has been accomplished if you give the customers the ability to place
orders online in addition to gathering information the customers will begin
buying more and this is something I heard from existing x/2 pool commerce
customers right but I didn’t feel I never felt like I had enough proof to
talk about this publicly until I saw the same report from that Forrester research
paper and in the research paper what they found was that existing customers
the ones that made regular orders on a on a pretty regular schedule they
started placing orders online there were five
percent larger than their typical past orders if you think about why would that
happen um it actually it kind of makes sense if you’re if your household is
anything like mine it’s not a lot different than coming home from work and
finding one Amazon box on your doorstep once a week right and then a year later
you start noticing to Amazon boxes on your doorstep like every other night
right it’s just so much easier now it’s it’s well what people love to do is they
love to research products and they love to learn about things online um everybody I how do I put this
buyers these b2b buyers they’re simply people like you and me right they sit at
home they watch TV they scan the internet from their couches on their
laptop or on their iPad they like finding solutions to little challenges
around their house so it’s a pretty universal definition of how Americans
live now right it’s extremely common these same people are the professionals
that have to keep a business moving forward they’re the ones that are going
to work every day and they wanted to use those same tactics at work if the
information about the things that they need to buy is out there it makes the
purchasing process so much easier people will do it right
people love digging into details on their own they like researching they
like being the one with the knowledge they like finding solutions to
challenges Plus with the website you have the ability to upsell things you
can even do that in an automated fashion right
I pretty much everybody seen this you’re online you’re shopping for something the
website recognizes that you bought this product it introduces you to other
related products or if if you have a site that’s functioning for your team
your team can start looking at trends and the end so you can start seeing
trends about buying processes you start to realize where the opportunities are
even looking at analytics about products that people were maybe looking at may
even adding to their cart but they’re not buying they’re not converting on
them you can see that information and that’s just gold for you and your
strategic team right so if you make buying easier and more accessible to
those customers they’re gonna do it more often
right if you use these tools you’re gonna get more insight about the the
behavior of those customers as well as well and it’s just gonna help you grow
okay last but not least expand your market in the previous point talked
mainly about existing customers but what about prospects what about the people
you haven’t met yet or what about customers that you’ve had in the past
for your sales reps they don’t have strong relationships with them you know
they’re they’re basically those two types of people in the market the
prospects that you have no chance of meeting that are looking for your
products but the chances of you crossing paths with them are slim to none and
then there’s also the customers that are too expensive to service so let’s talk
about each of these individually okay so first let’s this this prospect that you
have little chance of meeting we’ve already said the b2b buyers love to do
their own research and it’s a good bet that many b2b buyers are already out
there searching for your products but they’re never gonna find you if you’re
not online there’s that old saying go fishing where the fish are right the
same is true here becoming an easy-to-find seller online starts with
building a web presence a a ka a you know a good website and it doesn’t have
to be flashy it doesn’t require a design agency from
New York or LA frankly it doesn’t even have to be a difficult process you just
need to get your content and nice images online really that’s those are the
fundamentals think about what it takes for you to trust a website it has to
look good it has to present well and it has to not feel outdated right the next
step once you have that web presence is to begin building and continue building
quality content about your organization your products and your services again
you don’t have to share all your secrets but you you want to get plenty of useful
information out there and it’s okay to repeat yourself a bit from page to page
think about how many times you have to see something before you take action
right your customers are no different you also have to be conscious of how
Google is going to index your site meaning you need to use keywords in your
content that your buyers are using when they’re searching for your product
solutions and those are the keywords that are gonna help them find you right
again that’s a deeper topic that’s something for that July training that I
talked about but once you’re online and once your contents out there for people
to find there are a series of other steps that they need to take place
eventually though you start building up this library of content your site starts
to get more traction other sites sites start linking to you as a resource and
eventually you start seeing your traffic increase every month right you start to
realize by looking at your analytics what content people are really
interested in what they appreciate what content do they share and that tells you
where you need to continue to grow once you have that information you start
narrowing down the niche and and strategically that’s where you begin to
expand and by expanding that content it’s going to help those people that
you’ve never met before it’s gonna help them find you right now if you’re
thinking you know this isn’t gonna work for our business we’re too unique or we
can’t explain what we do online or our products are far too complicated my
favorite my personal favorite is no one is interested in what we’re what we’re
doing here if that’s what you’re thinking then you’re exactly who I’m
talking about right if you have a product or an industry niche then you
have gold for web marketing now if if you think I’m exaggerating about that
check out this book epic content marketing it really explains everything
I’m talking about it was written specifically for
businesses like yours b2b businesses that do unique complicated big things
right I’m the I absolutely love this book I’ve read a handful of of Joe’s
books but this one in particular is great for b2b businesses and after the
webinar we’ll send out an email with a link to this book so you can check it
out highly recommend this and then of course
these are the kinds of things I’m going to go into more detail about in the in
the training in July but on to the second point now second group of
customers these are the people that want to give you money but in the past you
haven’t had enough time or resources to serve them everybody knows what I’m
talking about here every business has this kind of customer they’re the ones
that they may make one order a year and it’s relatively small or unpredictable
or they use up like a hundred hours of your sales teams time nitpicking about
every detail then they take forever to actually make that order or they place
small orders sporadically throughout the year the solution here is self service
give these buyers the tool to do all the legwork themselves it’s very very common
it’s a very very common reason for prospects or customers to come to us and
want a b2b e-commerce system we hear this pretty often we had a customer last
year that went live with fixed up commerce and they had these big plans
all these things that they wanted to do with the site very strategic team
they’re very thoughtful right and what I found out in building a relationship
with them was that the reason management was behind the effort was because they
recognized the number of difficult to serve customers that could serve
themselves right in the last I heard and you know we went live with their site
and they’re good now and I reconnected with their team and they made the point
that nearly 15% of their annual revenue now is made up of those kinds of orders
right and and you have the thing to like their sales team is not spending any
time on those orders it’s all just automated web business right
if you think of just imagine that for a minute no nobody wants to turn away
business especially not in manufacturing district distribution if you had a tool
that could make it possible to serve those customers not only are you going
to make them happy because they’re now able to do everything they need to do
online they’re getting all the answers to the questions that they have but
you’re also your you’re not losing that revenue oh and if you think about it I
mean you know this takes it to the next level but just think about how those
customers or other customers in general are just going to share information if
they find that buying from you is this easy they’re just going to continue to
tell their colleagues and and and people that they know in the industry as well
right and if you’re not doing this if your competition is doing this then
you’re gonna miss out you want to get those relationships early like being the
first on the block here with this technology is really important because
if you if you are the first on the block and you start building these
relationships with prospects and customers that’s a great position to be
in because you’ll have the relationship you’ll have the initial relationship and
people will just know to continue returning to you you got to get out
ahead of your competition with this and and like I said in ten years from now
this is all there’s going this is all that there’s going there’s going to be
this isn’t an option like I said before it’s not a cool feature this is
something that everyone’s going to have to adapt to and I encourage you to take
this very seriously right now okay so that’s the three topics that I wanted to
talk about today and really there’s so much more that I’d love to go into I’m
even thinking about doing these webinars on a regular basis where every webinar I
go into a specific topic like this just twenty or thirty minutes and in fact if
you enjoyed this today be sure to let us know if if you’d appreciate these kinds
of things over and over again because it’s it seems to me that you know these
strategy conversations are not the conversations that organizations are
having internally there’s there’s more of a do we have a
website no we don’t okay we need one let’s just build one and it’s better to
take a step back and think about okay how is this gonna work for you how is
this actually going to help you grow let’s get into the weeds and figure out
those details and there’s a ton of things I can go into like here’s a list
we can talk about analytics personalization unique customer
experiences multiple channels on the web web-based chat omni-channel selling
inbound marketing really the list just goes on and on I could talk about this
for a very long time and of course the reason I’m talking about all this today
is because of Vic stupid commerce right our team has built this b2b e-commerce
web portal and it has a real-time integration with X to Polly R P now if
that that doesn’t mean anything to you think about this everything that you
learned today everything that I talked about today can be done with a system
like this plus dozens of other things and with that real-time integration to
the ERP you can manage everything inside the ERP now we all know with the ERP of
the purpose is to have one place that everybody goes and they manage
everything about the business right this is just an extension of that now the the
analogy I like to use is that the ERP is for managing everything within your
warehouse right all the orders that are coming in all the customers all the
accounting Ixtapa commerce is really like an extension of that ERP into the
outside world by having this b2b e-commerce web portal you’re giving
customers the tools that they need to create sales orders and to educate
themselves about your products they can even log in and they see all their
information they’re able to update their own account information and I can demo
all this for you and like I said we’re going to be posting videos on X tuple U
and everything but really it’s a it’s a extremely powerful tool and it gives
your customers that self-service ability to take care of themselves which
in turn obviously is gonna save you guys time you can use that time to expand in
other things and everything else we talked about today okay if you’re
curious about this you can sign up for a free demo on xtube accom or like I said
reach out to us and we can we can do a demo for you I’m happy to do that and
that’s everything I want to talk to you about today so thank you I really
appreciate you joining me today we do have a little time for Q&A so um
if you have questions ready Wally I can I can address them okay Thank You Josh a
couple of questions here people are pretty interested in that I guess the
topic of content it says it is any of the data that’s in the ERP I guess
they’re talking about the X to people commerce that you were just talking
about available as content does that become content I guess they’re asking
well yeah so let’s talk about that so all your products are in the ERP right
all the all the SKUs of products you’re selling and with Excel commerce you’re
able to create content about those products that will be rendered on the
website right number one you have the ability to enable or disable products so
that they show up on the website or not you also have the ability to create
customer experiences so this customer type can see this block of products and
this second customer type can see that same block of products plus another you
can control those kinds of experiences but then within the ERP when you install
like stupa commerce in the item master there’s a new tab called marketing
content now the system if if the marketing content is empty it’ll just
rely on the standard description the description second line and the extended
description right but if you do have information in your marketing content
area that will all be rendered on the website as well plus all your customer
information same thing customer logs in and maybe they have a
handful of shipped to addresses all of that’s in an ERP and it gets
surrendered whenever that customer logs in they can see all their ship to
addresses and make changes to them add new ones they can now save credit cards
to their account you can you know they see all their own customer specific
prices when they log in so yes there’s a lot of information an ERP that ends up
getting rendered on the website in real time in real time means you make an
update in the ERP and you immediately see it on the website
somebody places an order on the website and it immediately shows up as a sales
order in the ERP we’re actually relying on the ERP database for those things
there’s no um you know duplication of the information so I hope that answered
your question yeah I think that does and the next question was was kind of a
similar one it said what information is available under this topic of
self-service in quotes because you said self-service a couple of times so when I
say self-service I’m talking about the customers that number one one research
and learn about products and maybe they want to get a quote on products like I
said before if a customer has an account with you and you’ve negotiated prices
with them when they log into the site they’re gonna see all their own customer
specific prices right so they can add things to their cart and they can see
all the prices and start getting totals and whatnot when they do that it’s
actually creating a quote in the ERP and then that customer as they’re building
up the cart they have the ability what we learned from customers is is
sometimes people will build up these carts and you have the ability to save
your cart you can save it to your account and you can save multiple carts
so imagine a customer that’s purchasing for let’s say a construction project
right they build up a cart and they save it they know they’re not going to have
to place that order until fall of next year but they’ve saved it into their
account and they’re able to export that as a PDF and they can get sign-off from
the their client or supervisor or whoever they can start using it as a
tool within their day-to-day business and then when they’re ready to process
that order it’s just a matter of adding it back to the cart and checking out and
they can pay with their terms they can pay with a credit card if
you if you offer customer credit to the customers they can checkout with those
if you want them to so when I say self-service what I mean there is that
in all of those examples that I just presented that customer never has to
reach out to you they don’t have to engage with you to be able to be taken
care of they can do up they can do it a hundred percent on their own from
anywhere right we had another customer tell us that
it’s been helpful for them what they’ve heard for people to be in business
meetings they’re on their phone they’re looking at inventory levels on products
that are in the ERP and they’re able to answer questions that they’re being
asked is there enough of these can we get these by the end of next week
they’re able to answer those during these business meetings on their phone
and in some cases you know if they need to they’re able to process those orders
immediately there is no calling in and saying you know hey Bob need to get
another shipment of those products again it’s all self-service okay thank you
there’s a question here that says we have an in quotes image website already
what a b2b website via a second site or a different site oh that’s a good
question so it could be either the the b2b site
when you say you have an image website already let’s just imagine that I’m not
a hundred percent sure what you’re saying there but I would imagine that
you’re talking about a marketing site you’re talking about a site where people
go and they look at your products or maybe they read a little information
about your products and then you know strategically you’d push them to a b2b
e-commerce site where they would be able to add those items to their cart and
actually place an order so you could do it one of two ways you could keep what
you have now and when someone wants to buy a product you send them over to the
b2b e-commerce platform you would set it up so that the user doesn’t even realize
that they’re moving from one site to the next but technically it could be two
different platforms what we’ve done in the past is we’ll
take existing websites and their content and their images and since in some cases
even the the theme and we’ll just merge all of that into x2 po commerce so that
you have the marketing aspect of your business and they eat ecommerce aspect
to your business just in one place and I should mention with extreme commerce
it’s built with a content management system so it’s ready
you know out-of-the-box it has a blog it has the ability to add testimonials you
can add contact forms so all those features that you would need for a
strong marketing site they’re sitting there waiting for you to use you can you
can lay out like really fancy marketing home pages and things like that so it’s
not limited to just e-commerce okay thank you that’s actually the the end of
the questions that we have here it doesn’t look like there’s any more
anybody has any you can put them right in the the questions section you can
also at any time shoot us an e-mail at sales at x2 people comm we’ll both get
those a bunch of us here we’ll get those and we’ll route them to whoever is the
right person to answer those questions as well as as Josh has pointed out a
couple times we’re happy to schedule a kind of more personalized discussion and
demonstration of the full ecommerce solution if you’d like that so no more
questions so thank you all again for attending today Thank You Josh for a
great presentation and we look forward to continuing the discussion here thank
you everyone yeah thanks everyone have a good thing
talk to you soon

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