March 28, 2020
#28 Laravel Checkout | Laravel Routes | E-Commerce Website in Laravel 5.5

#28 Laravel Checkout | Laravel Routes | E-Commerce Website in Laravel 5.5

yes it’s Lara show 505 first of all
sorry for late video lest lots of thing is pending in this video over try to set
up our routes you can see in the last video of what I done if I had to cut his
say Attica so then I opened a cut it show
the product which I added ok and when I click on checkout it will insert your
data and order place first of all let me set our route with according to our view
we will create some new view so for that go to cough is empty now I think because
order is placed first of all if I click on add to cart button then it should be
the deck true our shopping cart page so for that go to left dot PHP here we have
a and God controller we have a function is a datum soap at least let me return
first of all save it in a variable we will check its query successfully done
then we will say a real-time view plant no cart is folder index is 5 so with
your data your content data cart content that’s fine if it’s Emmy :
just run click on Add to Cart okay I think is function save it reload here
is fuel cut with product ok second if I click on checkout which
it’s working order place but we need something more
we need a detect to a new view blade file which will save our users address
like a name email address street number city everything then we will say C or D
option and payment gateway everything and click order place
so for that let me create a new view inside your views folder go to your
resources and view new file check out dot rate PHP ok here is shift this to
front ok move to front I need inside the front here we will
display data first of all go to your cart controller here you are directly
order placing but so here it’s written to check out new blade return view front
door front door here check out your blade name with cut off your cock that’s
fine same like Adam semicolon save it real load click on
checkout and here we can check it’s not order placing just output of your
product which we added let me add one or two more product vegetables
add two back now fruit grapes add two back click on check out here is your 3
is a redditer so you will do it go to cut index file copy all data place here
okay reload here is your check out everything
will be fine on checkout same like our cart page just few things will be
changed like if we cut chain the country on checkout second it he’ll highlight
doubling a shipping because we need to insert form here and then check out we
will write here place order okay that’s nice just first of highlight this point
for that you will see here is your four tabs black box is highlighted so make it
first of all black from white and arrow put here arrow down and put the white
purpose now note here is it cut is Scott highlighted checkout is billing and
shipping now you will see I’m image this row and here is surface me row we will
say minion form will hear the song action action will be it’s mp4 now let me I have not traveled
for this method will be post yeah naturally the post I would spawn here we will say feel
billing address so here we will show our address that will be save our dresses
okay but before that we are checkout function inside our cart we don’t need
this actually we’ve watch it check out
controller okay so for that here you will say p8 we are listen to make
controller check out controller I got controller is split down inside
here we check our controller right here function with this return public
function in the X here let’s check out and chain this mmm where you are
redirecting to card controller while a user click on check out just say it
check out controller and function is index so now you don’t need this
function leave to save it say class F is not found
I think I have to use the head reuse app Scott not found shows use
art reload okay here is your check out let me test his
cock click check out okay inside here and now you don’t need to
open this car controller here you have checkout button
okay here you will say place for them and you don’t need you don’t need I
think this button okay will be same place out reached final
button it will be placed out okay and you don’t need to show the quantity
update so don’t need to add this just delete it and this span also that’s okay
I think I can show that quantity simply not Xbox okay to the create fun to you
do not write to adhere okay edge coupon no need to coupon here also okay that’s
fine mmm now you will add a form here okay
that we will cover in the next part I see Jax police cracked the updated code
from my github here is a new era of my github and you know is here is a wrapper
for this project just check the output it to the code
okay I will update after the video okay thank you

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  1. Where is the episode for Product Details? Some files are missing in your github project. Please updated and thanks for your tutorials.

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