April 9, 2020
20 WordPress Themes with Demo Content | Best WordPress Themes (2019)

20 WordPress Themes with Demo Content | Best WordPress Themes (2019)

In this video we’ll share with you 20 of
the best WordPress Themes with Demo Content for 2018 and 2019. For this comprehensive review we’ve analyzed
100’s of WordPress themes based on speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness,
and functionality, to bring you only the best WordPress themes for 2018 & 2019 that include
demo content. Allowing you to get your website or blog up
and running quickly. We have included a range of multi-purpose
and niche specific WordPress themes that you could use for business, for blogs, for affiliate
marketing, for eCommerce, or for a portfolio – so let’s take a look! We’ve created a post that you can follow
along with on the OHKLYN blog, you’ll find a direct link in the description below or
via the info card for this video. Here you’ll find the links to the themes
covered in this video, as well the summary stats for each theme we’ve analyzed. The links will also be available in the description
below, some of which will be affiliate links that will help fund future free videos like
this one, so we appreciate your support. On the OHKLYN blog we’ve also created a
number of niche specific WordPress theme review articles and videos that you can access for
free, such as the best wordpress themes for business, or the best wordpress themes for
eCommerce, etc. In case you don’t find exactly what you
want in this video. However, we’ve got some pretty great themes
to share with you, and the good thing is that they all come with demo content that you can
leverage via either a one-click demo content importer, or similar tool. So let’s go through them. In the top spot we have Ultra scoring an overall
9 out of 10 Ultra is Themify’s flagship theme and in
their own words the most powerful and flexible theme created by them. It has a wide range of default designs that
cover everything from an agency, to a restaurant, to a fitness site. Each of these pre-designed demos suit their
niche perfectly, making Ultra a wise choice for almost anyone. There really isn’t much wrong with this
theme, the worst we can come up with is that the design isn’t as cutting-edge as some
other options you’ll see on this list. However, it does boast an impressive page
load speed for a site with so many options and features. Ultra is a true multi-purpose theme and is
certainly worth checking out. Review our free WordPress tutorials page to
access one of our step by step tutorials using the Ultra theme. Similarly, subscribe to the ohklyn newsletter
to get access to an exclusive 30% discount. In close second is Doyle, also scoring 9 out
of 10 It’s easy to get swayed into using a theme
from one of the big theme providers. However, every now and then some gems emerge
from lesser well-known providers that have the advantage of not being as overused as
some of the flagship themes from larger providers. Doyle is one such theme. It is chock full of features, and so well-polished
that it’s hard to believe it comes from a smaller studio. It’s extensive features, and mega menu are
awe-inspiring with its use of animations and graphical elements. With a solid page load speed, great range
of design options and demos to choose from, and an intuitive user experience, Doyle is
an impressive WordPress theme. The mobile experience is absolutely flawless. Rounding out the podium is Salient, also with
a 9 out of 10. The definition of salient is the most noticeable
or important, and this theme does that justice by really standing out from the crowd. It’s a multi-purpose theme but is still
geared mostly to working professionals – either as a business or portfolio site. However, if you use this theme, you will have
a unique look in a saturated market with some stunning visuals. The shop and image galleries are also really
well put together. Overall, it’s hard to think of a downside
except that most themes are a bit over-reliant on stunning images. However, if you have an account with ShutterStock
or something similar, this won’t be a problem. Overall the demo layouts look great, are unique,
and include a good variety. Up next is Olsen with 8 out of 10 Olsen itself is commonly featured in our theme
review articles, and this stylish theme has made its way into our top 5 themes for specific
niches on a number of occasions. This theme lends itself well to any fashion
or lifestyle blogger with its excellent design and visual appeal. Everything about it feels so balanced without
going over the top in terms of styling or complicated elements. It also ships with an extensive range of layout
options so that you can tune it to perfection. There isn’t much wrong with this theme and
to prove that the only real fault we could find is that the article text may be a little
too small for some, something that can easily be fixed via the customizer settings. The image galleries and flawless placement
of widgets round off this high-quality theme. You will be doing yourself a huge favor if
you pick this as your next fashion or lifestyle blog theme. For a free step by step tutorial using the
Olsen theme, check out our free WordPress tutorials page on the OHKYLN blog We then have Monstroid squared with 8 out
of 10 Monstroid squared is the flagship theme of
TemplateMonster who both create their own themes and act as a marketplace for other
theme providers. Therefore, you can expect it to be an impressive
WordPress theme. It does a stellar job with respect to its
mobile responsiveness and page load speed. From construction to holiday accommodation,
and fitness to online training, Monstroid squared has demo theme content for just about
every niche. Our only concern is it’s slightly lower
page load speed score, which is a trade-off you’ll need to make to get access to the
extensive range of features and design options. However, we feel this is a trade-off worth
considering as this theme’s navigation is extremely flexible and intuitive, and the
mobile experience is impeccable. Next is creatively with 8 out of 10 This theme is perfect as an online portfolio
for any of your projects whether it’s photography, design, IT, or just about anything else. The wide-ranging and very appropriate demo
content illustrates this nicely. Another thing this theme absolutely nails
is the typography. It’s modern, straightforward, and easy to
read. With an impressive page load speed, great
user experience, and mobile responsive scores, Creatively is a real contender. It comes with a really nice, tiered mega menu
and the mobile experience is completely tailored, not just a spin on the original. This is truly a worthy theme to showcase all
your work. Up next is Divi with 8 out of 10 Divi is one of the most popular and well-supported
themes on the market. It includes a custom built drag and drop page
builder with both a front-end and back-end option which is one of the best in the biz. As such, Divi can be literally anything you
want it to be. It comes with an ever growing range of pre-designed
layouts covering most niches to get you started in the in the right direction. As you can expect from such a comprehensive
WordPress theme, it doesn’t perform as well as other themes in terms of page load speed. However, Divi is still one of our favorite
themes and is what we use on the OHKLYN blog. It’s features and design options are extensive,
it provides a solid mobile experience, and is intuitive and user-friendly. With access to support and an incredibly active
community, Divi will be a great choice for many users. For a free step by step tutorial using Divi,
review our free WordPress tutorials page. We then have Shutter with 8 out of 10 Yep, you guessed it, this theme is meant to
be used as an online portfolio for photographers who want to showcase their work. However, it caters to a much more trendy and
modern feel. It’s bold and minimalist in terms of fonts
and elements and makes good use of popping hover state colors. It does an excellent job of showcasing your
photographs or artwork and has a functional mega menu with some unique layouts. This theme is sharply focused on its niche,
and as such may not really translate to other applications. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing,
and if you’re wanting to get more exposure for your creative works, then this could be
the right theme for you. Olins is next on the list with a score of
8 out of 10 There seem to be many more multi-purpose themes
out there today than single-purpose themes which makes it refreshing to find one that’s
dedicated entirely to its cause. Olins is an online portfolio and nothing else. The theme itself is as simple and straightforward
as they come. The landing page and side menu reads just
like a CV would without any navigation. It’s easy to digest and looks very professional
which are two of the most important things when it comes to a CV. However, you should be aware that it has very
little other features and functionality. You can’t use it for anything else than
its intended purpose which will suit people who need an online resume just fine. The quick page load speed is also important
in making your portfolio easy to access. The style is minimalist and elegant and will
allow your content to shine. We then have Bridge with 8 out of 10 Bridge is another multi-purpose WordPress
theme that has a huge range of theme demo’s to get you pointed in the right direction
no matter what your niche is. Even within sectors such as business or food,
it has many sub-categories to choose from, such as conferences, startups, etc. It even caters for niches like the automotive
industry among others. The individual WordPress demos are all really
well crafted. In fact, so much so, that it’s hard to imagine
that they are all parts of one overarching theme. Each has its own feel and design elements,
yet they all have the same high level of quality. The slower page load speed is our only real
concern and is a trade-off you’ll need to consider when choosing such a comprehensive
theme. That being said, there is really something
here for everyone. Up next, we have Materialism scoring 8 out
of 10 Materialism is a beautiful theme that is aimed
at businesses who want a modern and creative website to serve as the face of their online
brand. It has all the iconography and elements needed
for this kind of site, including, employee bio’s, icon’s that convey certain characteristics
of the business, and those big info pieces we have become so accustomed to on these kinds
of sites. It also makes use of big, modern, sans-serif
fonts that are very easy on the eyes. The only let down is that it doesn’t come
with all the functionality or modules you might want in this kind of site. However, you can always add additional plugins. The page load speed could be improved, however,
the mobile experience is solid, and the design is modern and engaging. The next theme on the list is Mont Blanc with
8 out of 10 Mont Blanc is every bit as suave and sophisticated
as its name suggests. All it’s theme demo’s feel polished and
professional and most of them would be excellent for any professional services company, a photographer
with an online portfolio, or other business. It also has very thorough shopping features
and would make a good online store. It uses soft, elegant animations to give it
an air of calmness and control. The theme demos have largely the same visual
style and feel. However, if it’s the exact look and feel
you are going for, then this will be a great choice. So, if you want a toned down and professional
site, you should definitely check out Mont Blanc. Next is The Core with 8 out of 10 The Core is a multi-purpose theme from Themefuse
that comes packed with many different demo content designs. All of the included demo content layouts are
really well designed, and many cater to specific niches. Its designs make use of bold iconography,
contrasting grayscale images with colorful elements, along with bold and easy to read
fonts. The themes mobile responsiveness is also exemplary,
even relative to others on this list. Similarly, it’s large range of design options
and ease of use scores are sure to please most users. We then have the Extra theme scoring 8 out
of 10 Extra really lives up to its name. It comes so packed full of features that you
might mistake it for its big brother Divi at first glance. It has all the widgets, elements, modules,
and layout options that you could possibly want and a little extra! It even has e-commerce functionality to create
a comprehensive store. Most other design choices, such as the mega
menu and typography have also been well thought out. The only downside is that it’s a little
bland out of the box, and will require a little extra elbow grease on your part to customize
it to suit your brand. This theme is intuitive and responds well
on all devices. Next, scoring 7 out of 10 we have the Mochi
theme Mochi is just like the Japanese treat it’s
named after. Simple, sweet, tasty, and good to look at. It’s an online portfolio type blog and would
be perfect to display your artwork, designs or photography. What we like most about this theme is that
it really feels as if it has character and heart. Something that’s compounded by it’s perfectly
curated demo content. It’s rounded off with understated, yet attractive,
hover states and animations. Depending on your needs, the only downside
is that it doesn’t have the feature list of some of the other premium themes included
in this analysis. However, if you want your work to be the focal
point, then this theme is perfect for you. Also scoring 7 out of 10 is Tuulikki Tuulikki is a very elegant and stylized blog
theme. It doesn’t make use of any bright colors
or bold fonts, opting for understated colors and delicate serif fonts. The demo content that comes with this theme
will give you an even better feel of exactly what the designers were going for and are
just as toned down and sophisticated as the site itself. This theme could use a little more liveliness
when it comes to things such as hover states or animations, however, this is an easy fix
with some CSS. What we do like is the fade in and out when
navigating between pages. If you want to create a Nordic fashion or
lifestyle blog, or online shop, this theme could be for you. Next up is Neto, with 7 out of 10 Yet another CSSIgniter theme that is worthy
of featuring on one of our top theme review lists. Neto is a trendy and suave shop theme that
is definitely geared towards those who are serious about creating an online store. It would be the perfect theme for a shop aimed
at modern and sophisticated urbanites that make use of a lot of grey, black, denim and
flannel. What it does, it does well and our only concern
is the slightly lower page load speed compared to others on this list. However, this could easily be overcome by
upgrading your hosting to something like WP Engine (we’ll add a discount link in the
description). All-in-all it is intuitive to use, includes
a number of modern designs, and is 100% responsive. For a free eCommerce WordPress tutorial using
the Neto theme, check out our WordPress tutorials page. We then have Lense with 7 out of 10 Lense is a straightforward theme that does
what it’s supposed to, which if you’re a photographer or artist, is to showcase your
content. It’s a well built theme with a good range
of design elements and options. Once again our only concern is that the page
load speed could be improved, however, in this case, it’s not a dealbreaker. It makes up for this with some stunning and
diverse demo content. All in all, Lense is a well-built theme that
is 100% responsive and includes intuitive navigation. Next is Werkstatt with 7 out of 10 Werkstatt is an interesting theme from designers
Fuel Themes. It has a few unique design elements that you
don’t see that often. The menu slides out from the side and covers
the screen from top to bottom, almost all elements and images have “flip” hover
states, and they also have some quirky loading animations. The cherry on the cake is that there are even
sound effects! (if you’re into that sort of thing). A possible downside to this theme is that
it might not be as intuitive for all first-time users, although, it’s still a great theme. The demo content that comes with the theme
is of excellent quality and is neutral enough to suit most applications. The mobile experience is great and the unique
design options are refreshing. Rounding out the top 20 best WordPress themes
with Demo content for 2018 + 2019 is Shoppe One thing is for sure, when you buy a Themify
theme they don’t skimp on the sides. Their themes always come packed with layout
options, elements, and modules. Shoppe is no different. It’s meant to be a very refined, modern,
and almost artistic online store that’s perfect for fashion or lifestyle items, as
well as other niches. The demo content conveys this well, especially
by using touched up, vintage-looking hero images. Shoppe scored consistently well across all
categories. It’s well designed, 100% responsive, easy
to use and includes a great range of functionality. It could improve its page load speed, however,
makes up for this slight shortcoming in a number of other areas. With plenty of demo content and access to
the intuitive Themify builder, this theme is a real winner. And that wraps up our review of the best wordpress
themes for 2018 and 2019 that include demo content. We hope that you enjoyed this video and found
a theme for your next project. Leave a comment and tell us which themes you
liked or didn’t like and any feedback for how we can improve future videos. If you liked this video hit the like button
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