April 3, 2020
#20 Dynamic Bootstrap Tabs In Laravel 5.5 || E-Commerce Website in Laravel 5.5

#20 Dynamic Bootstrap Tabs In Laravel 5.5 || E-Commerce Website in Laravel 5.5

okay after this my account page we will
make our tab dynamically like a if someone click my orders it will show
like haha this type that way we need it but in laravel if you try pass hash with
route it will show error so laravel don’t allow you like a I will show you
my count less my orders and here my count dot index like this type we can’t
use this type of hash let me show you if someone click / my
order it will show error because we can’t find this view so make these
tricks we will have to code something new go to doubt left or PHP and here use
a get and yeah you will take link simply link you can use any name of it and here
you will say function passed a variable parameter link and here you will be done
view simply my account dot index with your data is linked this ring okay it’s
going to pass and you can display here let me show you here if we set link and if here you will show
your link simply just for testing reload and here you can see my daughters and
right foot if it’s nothing so if someone my orders say gained password it will
show here so we are getting that occur now all work is here ok
believe this just copied this all day okay
just content we need to make a copy this so this is the extra four month so he
lot okay that’s fine copy this all content table we need to
create this duplicated just copy and here you will start a new if it said
link is set you will face clear this same data and else yeah this content by
default content and and basically that’s it okay so nothing else changes because
we have to key in this now where we have to check which data is coming so for
that inside the UL you will say we’ve if link equal to 5 then you will show
something like I will show you an LTE link equal
to my orders and you would say this tree Li and again else if link equal to
change password then also you will say ed begley and we will say else and
something else that’s all and end if that’s it now change the active active
class when per file is selected profile is passing then acting is profile
otherwise you will active other L like that’s it okay
here also change the acting class cut and paste in your chain password it will
show only one time save it reload you can see it’s Jade password and here it’s
a change possible if I say my orders here is the my order and profile here is
the perfect and someone something else there so that’s something very good and
what about this this will show your actual data let me show you the profile
here is poor file it is this this let me show you my orders and it’s my order but
you have to debate data according to death okay here is our form just comment
it no comment I mean inspect it yeah you will say profile data so you have to
pass your link okay let me show you if someone click on this it white for
this on my order is my order tap on chain this is that change okay if
someone click on my alters it will show my coder but you have to in this this
dot okay you have to change this data I believe this because you are I will show
you what I engine link data okay you can see this profile my order change out
gains password here is per file if someone click on per file you have
profiled up that’s fine my order your here is you can see your
my order data here she will show that type of Gotham
if someone click on this you can see is changing according to that so that way
you don’t need this for now you will show here according to your pass data so
we will make it he felt with more perfectly in our upcoming videos so
thank you thank you for now see in the next video

5 thoughts on “#20 Dynamic Bootstrap Tabs In Laravel 5.5 || E-Commerce Website in Laravel 5.5

  1. in react native app .when the app is open .(in home page) it should check whether asyncstorage is filed or not .if it is not filled it should redirect to the asyncstorage page (using react navigation ) . can you possible to give a tutorial on that

  2. Is very bad coded in my view, also there is some mistakes with links that is not update when the tab is opened also is not redirect when u use a different link example myaccount/sadasdas is a empty view without redirect and a lot more things that i noticed.

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