April 4, 2020
20 Best WordPress Themes for Business (2018)

20 Best WordPress Themes for Business (2018)

In this video, we’ll feature the 20 best
WordPress themes for business in 2017 & 2018. In doing this, we analyzed 100’s of WordPress
themes, based on speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness and functionality to
bring you the best business WordPress themes. Some that made the cut include Ultra, Divi,
Infinite, Narcos, and Elbrus – just to name a few. In this video, we’ll take a look at why
the theme scored well, and the areas that you should consider before making a decision. You can follow along with the post on the
OHKLYN blog, at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n .com/blog (we’ll add a direct link below). All the links to the themes covered in this
video will be available in the description box below, and on the OHKLYN post. There is also a link to our ‘WordPress Tutorial
for Beginners’ video, which takes you through how to make a WordPress website step by step
with one of the top featured themes. As well as a link to discount hosting and
a free domain with our affiliate partner bluehost. To learn more about how we’ve analyzed these
themes, review our article on ‘How to choose a wordpress theme’. So, if you’re with me, let’s get to it
and take a look at the 20 Best WordPress Themes for Business. At the top of the list is Ultra – scoring
a 9 out of 10 This theme scores unusually well in the page
load speed category for a theme that has so much going on. After spending some time with this theme,
we could tell that it’s very well polished – The creators of the theme even created
widgets and design elements that few consider. One of the most impressive features is Ultra’s
mega menu – It supports images, has a nice animation, and the spacing is well thought
out to ensure users don’t ‘mis-click’. Most layouts and designs are also structured
logically, even when non-standard design is used. The gallery is also well equipped, and Ultra
manages to make your screen feel much bigger than it really is, which is a testament to
its ease of use. From restaurants to gyms, and video games
to law firms, Ultra’s pre-made designs look amazing for any industry. There are other themes highlighted on this
list that provide a wider range of features and layout options, however, there aren’t
many. Ultra’s shop functionality is brilliant,
well designed, and allows products to be displayed in the navigation menu. Typically, themes struggle to cater to a lot
of options on a small screens, but the Ultra theme manages to pull it off. The main menu is easy to use with good sized
buttons and multiple levels of navigation. If you purchase the Ultra theme, you’ll
get a bunch of useful add-on’s such as progress bars, timelines, and countdowns. Widgets can also be added straight to the
main menu. Ultra is a complete and well rounded theme
that would suit a number of industries. Up Next we have TheGem which scored an overall
9/10 With the same total score as Ultra, TheGem
can hold its head high. This theme has a myriad of features, and makes
great use of animation and graphical elements. Combine this with it’s impressive page load
speed and we can see how it comfortably cemented its place in the top 3. Considering the amount of features and content,
the fact that it scored a 79 for mobile and 92 for desktop on the Google Page Speed test
is an impressive feat. Making it the fastest theme on this list. TheGem ships with a mega menu that has ample
spacing between links and can also handle images. The navigation is functional and easy to use
which translates to an enjoyable user experience. This theme comes with a number of well design
layout options, appropriate for a number of different businesses and industries. The use of animation in this theme is spectacular,
they feel perfectly timed and well thought out. TheGem also manages to blend bright colors
in a very balanced and deliberate way. With no surprise, TheGem passes Google’s
Mobile-Friendly Test with flying colors. It also finds a neat way around the problems
that come with a multi-tiered menus on mobile displays by flipping the menu over every time
you go into a sub-category. The only minor issue with mobile is that it
can be a bit laggy at some places. In a list that has many themes that are packed
with features, TheGem is one of only two that scores a perfect 10 for functionality. It also has its own custom sliders (Revolution
and Layer) – Each of which comes with some cool 2D and 3D animation effects to choose
from. And, in addition to the great selection of
pre-designed layouts, it comes with a number of widgets and elements specific to its niche. The last spot on the podium goes to Jupiter
– with a 9 out of 10 This is one amazing theme. The Jupiter theme feels polished and is packed
full of features. It has a huge number of layouts, designs,
page types and widgets to choose from. The galleries do everything you could want
them to do, and the theme doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to design. The theme is also a good example of the use
of classy and readable serif fonts. Jupiter is a multi-purpose theme and will
easily fit any business or industry. If we had to be picky, the mobile experience
and page load speed could be slightly improved, but other than that this theme is top notch. Jupiter’s Google Page Speed desktop score
of 81, is actually really solid, it’s only the mobile score of 61 that raises any concern,
and even then it still outperforms the majority of themes on this list. One of the most impressive characteristics
of Jupiter is its ease of use, despite its enormous amount of features. Furthermore, the designers and developers
have really invested in the finer details, with every image and button rocking animated
hover states, and images featuring a unique ‘zoom’ or ‘go to’ attributes. This provides a great user experience where
the visitor is never left guessing. This theme comes with a number of diverse,
pre-designed layouts to suit a number of different businesses and industries. With tasteful use of animation, modern typefaces,
and good use of whitespace, this theme is sure to please even the most design conscious
user. Jupiter manages to adapt most of its features,
widgets, and elements to smaller displays, and succeeds in providing a seamless user
experience across all devices. This extends to its eCommerce offering, which
is well designed and functional on mobile. The sheer number of widgets, layouts and design
options available in Jupiter is simply staggering. It comes with its own custom slideshow, called
Edge that features all kinds of animations and pagination effects. There is also flip boxes, countdown, & milestones,
moving images and tab sliders. You also have several options for the homepage
image animation such as fade in/out, horizontal curtain and zoom in or out. Overall this theme knocks it out of the park,
and is one of those themes that you will need to try hard to fault. The next business WordPress theme is Consulting
– which scored 9 out of 10 The Consulting theme has everything you would
need for your business website. From career pages to testimonials, and charts
and project pages, you will find exactly what you’re looking for. There are a number of different corporate
layout options to suit most tastes, it is easy to use, and has a lot to offer in terms
of features. It’s apparent that a lot of work went into
this theme – We like that almost everything moves or has hover states which makes the
site interactive. This theme nails the corporate look, and for
anyone in consulting or professional services, this theme will be hard to beat. The mobile version also handles the content
well, ensuring your business is represented well on all devices. The next business WordPress theme is Divi
– Earning an 8 out of 10 Divi is a lean and versatile theme – This
means that it has a vast array of customization options, widgets, layout choices, and features. The default design for Divi suits a modern
startup or business incredibly well, and given Divi’s popularity, you are able to get access
to a number of free designs and layouts. We won’t even try and list all of its features
but rest assured that it has everything you would need. There are a number of custom modules including
bars, counters, and pricing tables which are excellent features for a business website. To learn more about this theme, check out
one of our free tutorials on the OHKLYN website or YouTube Channel. Up next we have Infinite – Landing an 8 out
of 10 Infinite is a very attractive theme – What
we love is that the theme finds a great balance between creative and modern day business. It would fit a small design, or creative services
company perfectly. Infinite has an incredible amount of layout
options and variations for every type of page, content, and navigation. There are also different types of quirky “nice
to haves” like skill percentage bars/circles for rating various options. The typefaces and well chosen, and easy to
read. To top it off, Infinite has one of the coolest
galleries we have ever seen. Unfortunately, its only negative is that not
everything translates perfectly to mobile which is a huge letdown, but that’s being
fairly critical. All and all, Infinite is a great theme. The next business WordPress theme is Narcos
– with an 8 out of 10 Don’t worry, this site isn’t geared for
drug cartels! Well I mean, it could be. The Narcos theme leans more towards the creative
side and would be perfect for designers, photographers, or a business in a creative industry. The only thing to me mindful of is it’s
page load speed, but we feel it makes up for this in other areas. The layout options are all beautiful and make
good use of typography, design elements, and animations. With its unique layouts, solid mobile experience,
and eCommerce functionality, Nacros could be a great option for your business website. The next theme is Venture – with a score of
8 out of 10 Venture is a difficult theme to comment on
– Everything that it does, it does really well. Navigation is standard and intuitive and the
overall design feels welcoming and looks professional. It also has a shop with Woocommerce support,
and a nice gallery feature. Our only concern is that the page load speed
isn’t great, the design may not appeal to everyone, and the reduced number of layouts
compared to some of its competitors may present a challenge. That being said, it’s an easy to use theme,
with a great mobile experience, and most of the features you’ll need in a business website. We then have Elbrus – rated 8 out of 10 While some of the other high-end offerings
on this list suffer slightly from all the content on their individual pages, Elbrus
manages to stay clean and neat throughout. As such, we feel this is one of the most well-designed
themes on this list. It has a nice balance between modern, professional,
and simple. Two things you should consider though are
its extremely small text size (especially in its blog section), which can be amended
in the customizer, and its slow desktop Google PageSpeed score of 37, which isn’t as easy
a fix. The theme however, has a nice built-in gallery,
is easy to use, and responds well on mobile. The next business WordPress theme is Jevelin
– scoring an 8 out of 10 What we love about Javelin is all the tricks
it has up its sleeve – One example is its image slider with 3D animation effect that
looks super sleek. The theme also has a great blend of fun and
professionalism, that many of themes on this list seem to get right. It would be nice, if they had spent more time
on developing layout options, because currently it’s a little scarce. Overall, the Javelin theme is an attractive
looking theme with pleasing animations and has a cool one-page design that users will
appreciate. Up next is Montblanc – with a 7 out of 10 The Montblanc theme would be perfect for a
design or creative business, as a portfolio site, or for a working professional. It could also suit sophisticated industries
like architecture, interior design, or an online brand. Overall, it is a very elegant and sleek site
that just needs more layout options and widgets for it to have scored higher in our list. The layout options it has though, are designed
to appeal to a number of different tastes (especially the homepage layouts). Page load speed is a concern, however the
mobile experience is great, and the inclusion of eCommerce functionality makes this theme
incredibly desirable. The next business WordPress theme is Infinity
Pro – scoring 7 out of 10 The Infinity Pro theme is the best offering
from StudioPress so far on this list. While largely the same, it beats both the
others in design and general aesthetic. Upon scrolling, your eyes are greeted with
graceful fade-in’s and animations. The theme makes good use of white space to
come across neat and feels very professional. It still doesn’t offer much variety in alternate
layouts or designs, but what’s currently on offer looks great. Another positive about this theme is that
it has a great mobile menu that users will truly appreciate. Built on the Genesis framework and eCommerce
enabled, this theme is stylish and has a lot to offer. We then have Zerif Pro – scored 7 out of 10 Zerif Pro is another theme that falls into
that category of “everything you need”. The design looks professional and stylish
and the fonts are modern and easy to read. There is also a shop with e-commerce support
for those wanting to include an online store. Our concern is that this theme does a lot
of things well, but nothing overly great. Nonetheless, the mobile experience overall
is good, the navigation is intuitive and easy to use, and this theme has most of the features
you’ll need to be successful. The next business WordPress theme is Struct
– Earning a 7 out of 10 Struct is a good-looking, professional WordPress
theme that will suit most businesses. It scored consistently well across the board
in terms of speed, ease of use, design, mobile responsiveness, and functionality. However, to be critical, the theme doesn’t
support eCommerce, and it has very few layout options for users to choose from. Although you may not have access to the tools
in the online demo, it has some pretty impressive chart and graphic creation tools included
in the dashboard that may be incredibly well suited to certain types of business, and is
quite a unique feature. The next business WordPress theme is Executive
Pro – Garnering a 7 out of 10 Executive Pro is a comprehensive WordPress
theme for corporate, executive, or consulting websites. It has more layout options and widgets available
that makes it more ‘business oriented’ for the user. However, the theme lacks a little of the design
prowess that we’ve come to expect from the team at StudioPress. This design is very corporate orientated,
which may suit certain types of users. It is easy to use, and features intuitive
navigation, that translates well to other devices. Up next is Koehn – with a 7 out of 10 If we haven’t made it clear enough in our
other reviews, we love CSSIgniter! Koehn is a solid theme, however, it isn’t
on the same level as some of their other themes. Again, they have managed to come up with a
beautiful design that is elegant and practical, however, this theme could benefit from more
layout options and features. The mobile experience is simple and functional
which provides a great user experience. Overall, it is a good theme, and scored reasonably
well in our page speed tests. It features some unique layouts, and would
be well suited to an architectural firm, or other creative services company. Next on the list is Atmosphere Pro – scoring
a 7 out of 10 Atmosphere Pro, is a clean, modern, and stylish
WordPress theme for business. It’s limited in the number of layouts it
ships with, however, it features a very well designed and practical grid / box layout on
the homepage, and includes a nice combination of typefaces, icons, and hover states to deliver
a well rounded design. It’s simplicity is what makes is great,
but also impacts it’s score as this translates to a lack of options for users. It does lack features, however it is well
designed, easy to use, and provides a solid mobile experience. The next business WordPress theme is The Core
– with a 7 out of 10 The Core is Themefuse’s flagship multi-purpose
WordPress theme and is packed with features. They have created 20+ custom designs and layouts
using just the theme customizer settings. This means you get to a diverse range of pre-designed
website layouts out of the box, without needing to know any code. eCommerce enabled, with demo content installed,
and a visual page builder, this theme will be a great fit for a lot of applications. With all these features, the only thing that
lets this theme down is its page load space. Other than that though, this theme looks great
on mobile and features easy to use, and intelligent navigation. The next theme is Digital Pro – rated 7 out
of 10 As you can tell from the score, the Digital
Pro theme is almost a carbon copy of the Atmosphere Pro theme as both themes come from StudioPress. It has a nice design and is extremely easy
to use, however, its features and layout options are lacking. It has a slightly different look compared
to the Atmosphere Pro theme, as it incorporates some bright colors for a nice dose of contrast. Similarly to the Atmosphere Pro theme, it
also plays heavily on the white and gray combination, and once again, its simplicity is its great
strength and weakness. What it does, it does well and will no doubt
be a great fit for certain projects. And in the last available spot is FinVertex
– scoring a 6 out of 10 The FinVertex theme is aimed mostly to those
in the financial sector and/or investment/financial advice space. Its look is very modern and professional,
but unfortunately lacks some of the standard navigational tools we are used to such as,
a roll-down menu. This theme is mobile responsiveness, and provides
an even better user experience on a tablet and mobile. If traveling investors/businessmen are your
target audience, then this theme is a great option for you. And those are the 20 best WordPress Themes
for Business in 2017 & 2018. Remember that you’ll find the links to all
of the themes covered in this video in the description box below, and on the OHKLYN blog
post which can be found at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n .com. We’ll also add a list of the top WordPress
theme providers to the description below, for you to explore – just in case none of
the top 20 stood out for you. If you liked this video, click on the like
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