March 29, 2020
17 Ways to Promote Your Online Business: Case Study

17 Ways to Promote Your Online Business: Case Study

Hi guys, I’m Vlad Kachur and this video is
about 17 ways to promote your online business now note – this is a case study. So this isn’t just 17 ways. We’re going to look at a real business and
real 17 ways how we would actually Market this business because if you think about how
to Market this business you can be more successful marketing your business. So the business we’re going to take that hand
is Jivosite. Jivosite is a live chat website. That’s what they do. They sell live chat, you know, it’s like a
little pop-up that comes on your website where you can chat live with your visitors. So how would we grow this business now the
challenges we have as it’s only $10 per agent. So it’s a low price point business and they
have a free tier right so you can use it for free with one agent and less customization. So I made a strategy of 17 ways how we would
Market Jivosite and they call it now Jivochat used to called. Jivosite. So number one Google search. So when I Google Live Chat, they should have been the first website that
comes up but instead they don’t so I bet you they’re losing a lot of traffic because of
It’s number two. When I Google on Google right Google ads how
to increase website conversions. I bet you that should be the first ad increase
website conversions with live chat on your website. I would have bought that ad on Google ads
and have it as the top ad but they didn’t have this and I would have targeted worldwide
because that way I can get all of the traffic and I would have done broad, you know, usually
on Google you can do either exact line keyword or broad which means like it could be slight
variations because brought will give me more words and then I would track all the sales
that come from each of these keywords and I would cut off or reduce the bid on unprofitable
ones and amplify on the profitable ones. So the first strategy to promote Jivochat
is Google search owning all the relevant keywords for chat or website conversions. Number two, I would capture all of those emails and I would send them
a Blog newsletter every day because then I want all these business owners to think about
me every single day. I would send them helpful. Articles about like marketing help for articles
about conversions help her cause but HR everything so then they receive my newsletter every day
and be wow. This is so great and they know that it’s from
jivochat so they will actually think of us every day. That’s so powerful number three paid marketing,
right? So you can advertise on LinkedIn core Twitter
Facebook outbrain Pinterest all the paid marketing so we could set all these paid marketing options
and then see which one’s convert US the most visitors number four influencer marketing. I would really buckle down and get all business
type YouTubers to review jivochat and I will get them to review it. Potentially. I would get one dedicated review so that way
they can explain the product somehow more detail and then I would get let’s say five
pre-roll ads or mid-roll ads because that way I conquer that audience. I don’t want them to see me once I want them
to see me five six times and the reason actually is because 90 percent of sales happen after
five touch points. So if I just do one touch point, I’m not going
to I’m going to miss out on a lot of that traffic. Next number five I would for sure retarget
the visitors. So whenever whips your visitors come to a
website generally now generally it’s between 1 to 2 percent by like in my company. It’s one percent of our visitors pay on the
landing. Usually it’s one to two percent. Usually that means 98 percent of the visitors
still check out the website, but they don’t buy you have to bring them back via retargeting
you have to do this. How retargeting works is you had a little
pixel to your website, right? So then every visitor as they leave your website
you can track them and you can show them the ad everywhere they’ll see your ad in games
and apps on Facebook no matter where they go and that’s very powerful because then they’ll come back a few times and after
they generally come back at least five times. They’ll make the purchase so you got to retarget
your visitors number 6 I would build a sales force to sell this product now note. My challenge is it’s $10 per agent. So I have a low price point. So if I had a high price point I could hire
more expensive execs. So the math I kind of did in my head is if
each exact right Salesforce, if each exec sends 50 emails a day to business owners,
that’s 300 emails per week out of those 300 emails per week. If we convert 10 percent of those visitors,
right 10 percent of them converge at $10 per month, they’ll be $1200 per month per exec. So that means I can hire an exec and let’s
say I can pay him Max a thousand to two thousand dollars a month because if I pay him $2,000
a month, I mean is it still takes me two months to get my money back because otherwise it
just becomes too long. What’s good. Is it subscription? So I would build a sales force initially. I would probably hire 10 sales people not know you can only
pay them a thousand or two thousand dollars. So that might impact where you can hire those
salespeople. So consider that when you It so max a thousand
to two thousand dollars per exec and I’ll build a sales force and if it works with 10
people dude, I would hire a hundred sales people who just drill and reach out to all
these website owners. Okay. I see you don’t have live chat on your website. How would you feel that? When a visitor came a little pop-up came and
said, hey I’m here if you need me. So then he messages you might even capture
as email you get a conversation going to convert a lot more of them. So Salesforce number seven Salesforce not
the software but building a sales force building your sales team number seven. I would also scrape all the websites for my
competitors who have them on their sites because you can scrape all the websites and I would
say hey these are the websites that have my competitors Chats on their website now, we
try to say hey, dude, I’m only ten dollars. This guy is $50 just try Us for free. We’re way better because it’s a lower price
point. So I would scrape and the reach out to those
guys try to get them to leave my competitors. That’s number seven number eight. I would get a hundred paying customers myself
before I punt it to any exec any salesperson. You gotta do it yourself initially. Once you know the perfect flow you can give
it you can give that exact system to an executive. So get a hundred people to pay yourself number
nine. You can try to add it to affiliate networks. So their affiliate networks will pump your
product and they just get a cut basically so they have these networks, right? You can add your business and then they have
many people who come and they do PPC pay-per-click marketing to drive traffic to that website
and get paid per conversion. So you can add this business to let’s say, I believe Commission Junction and that way you can potentially generate Revenue
this way next. I would start a YouTube channel. Either me or I would hire a person who make
helpful business videos every day and the last 15 seconds of the video. I will pitch this this this service so last
15 seconds, so it’s a helpful super helpful video and at the end I would say, by the way,
if you don’t have live chat on your website you losing this many leads because you can
talk to them directly when they’re about to leave and help them and convert them so you
can sign up for our service. So that’s how I pictured on the YouTube channel
at the end of the videos next eleven. You could collaborate with YouTubers. So what you can do is you can collaborate
with YouTubers and maybe do a brief interview just answer like potentially one question. You can even do it on Zoom, right so you can
do it from your house and they’ll post it to their channel. So then that you reach that audience because
you did like a mini interview, but you don’t have to travel and I don’t recommend doing
any of that. So do it like a zoom video chat where you interview with the
YouTuber short interview 10 minutes until post it to his channel because then you reach
his audience. The next point is number 12, I would also
push businesses on Yelp. So Yelp has a lot of local businesses. I would push to attorneys dentists doctors. I will push all of them say hey you don’t
get a lot of visitors on your website and they don’t usually but the very few that you
do get do you speak to them the somebody talk to them at that point when they need you the
most and the answer is usually no usually most of these dentists doctors lawyers. They don’t have anyone on the side don’t even
have live chat. So when they get that one visitor little window
pops up says, hey, I’m here if you need me. So the person with message, so I would push
people on Yelp number 13, we could also try to do a meet-up in a city where we bring a
guest and we bring a lot of these business owners there. So let’s say we bring 200 business owners
and we’ll bring one guest because then these two hundred business owners
would get to know the solution and they potentially become customers. I don’t know if this is the most economical
because $10 price point you got to see the cost of the event number 14, I would post
Craigslist ads so Craigslist, Insanely popular. It’s a two-sided market place. You can post your ads and I would say hey
I’m giving away free chat software just email me. So I would for sure do this number 15 referral
program that’s part of the product. Right? So that way you can have your referral program. Now these guys Jivochat. Jivosite Jivochat, they have 30% commission. So that means if you sell you get 30% lifetime
commission, so let’s say if a guy gives Bill $10 you get $3 next month. He’s billed again $10 you get $3, that’s lifetime. So if you bring this guy, I will potentially
up this to 50% I would give them more initially especially to scale it up and I would make
sure that all YouTubers are posting that link business YouTubers are posting this link as a top Link in the description
so they would say by the way if you have a Business website, but you don’t have chat
on your website. You can sign up for free to get free sign
up here to get free chat and I’ll put a link in either. I’ll pay them or I would get would be the
Ones who’ve worked with me like right. So if they’ve done some reviews for me, I
would get those guys to do it because I would tell them they would make a cut of this Revenue. Let’s say 50% and number 16 number 16 is I
would do an exit pop-up. So whenever the current visitors leave their
website leave the jivochat website. There’s no exit pop-up. That means as they start leaving you should
say it should be a pop-up get a free ebook how to increase your conversions 10x enter
email here. So I would for sure do an exit pop-up to capture
email of people who are leaving and 17. The last point is I would also push the boutique’s
because you can easily Google online you can say like Boutique in let’s say San Francisco or you could say women’s
boutiques in New York City Women’s boutiques in Cincinnati you can basically type Boutique
and City and you get many of these websites because they all need the service they should
have it. So that’s just another way how it get leads. Now. Those are the 17 ways how it’s a case study
right how I would Market Jivochat If I Only Could Do 20% of them. So if I could only do three Right. So if I couldn’t do the 17 if I could only
do three ways. What I would probably do is I would execute
all my paid marketing. So this way from search to a Facebook retargeting. I would ask you all my paid marketing because
low price point I need volume of targeted traffic to I would execute my influencer marketing
because they can show the product and it’s one too many I reach one YouTuber who then
pumps it too many people as audience and three, I would execute that daily newsletter. So this way I’m got all this paid traffic
coming to me from all the mediums or Facebook Twitter Google Quora LinkedIn Pinterest
then I got my blog that I sent via email every single day helpful helpful blog to my audience
and I would influence marketing because that way I can get let’s say 50 guys a month and
those 50 guys help me reach a lot more guys. So those are the three things I would do if
you couldn’t do all 17, and the last point is now strategies that I think would fail
you which is it these strategies. I don’t think would work number one is press
So if you’re going to try to get like TechCrunch or somebody to write about you this way, it’s
very hard. You can use up a lot of time you could waste
a lot of time because it’s hard to execute that and especially if you just started with
a chat you need to have something that really is exciting for them. You need to find something very exciting for
them. So I would avoid Press because it’s just hard
to execute and waste a lot of time I would avoid guest posts because if you just do a
random like guest post if you wrote somewhere, you don’t reach anyone if you’re
gonna do this do a mini interview with a YouTuber just on your screen and he posted to his audience. So then it’s one too many don’t do like a
guest post. You wrote some post three I would avoid expensive
sales reps reps because at a $10 price point you could only pay a person about $1,000 a
month to sell this to sell a thousand very because it’s subscription. So you keep getting it. So I would avoid expensive sales reps. I would avoid contests a lot of people do
weird contest like hey, give us the email subscribe. I would avoid all your contests I would avoid
You just think posting to Facebook Twitter and YouTube was going to get you any sales. It won’t because nobody’s going to see it. Nobody will find it. I would avoid listing and directories because
I don’t think it works and I would avoid thinking that if I just put my service out my users
will come. So those are the seven strategies that I think
will fail you if you execute them. Now again, this was a case study of how to Market a real business
how I would mark it this company called Jivochat or jivosite that kind of both names and let’s
end this with a quote nothing begets creativity like constraints that means when you back
up with a completely against the wall, that’s when you get the most creative and you get
things done. This channel is all about entrepreneurship
and startups about my painful lessons. So you can avoid them if you enjoyed this
video or found it helpful subscribe if you have questions comment, and thanks for watching.

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