March 29, 2020
16 Unique Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Should Know for your Job interview in 2018

16 Unique Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Should Know for your Job interview in 2018

Alexa what is digital marketing. [Alexa]: digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital? Technologies mainly on the internet, so I’m having this smaller device over here Which might in the future of digital marketing who knows so should you be even concerned about this one? When it comes to digital marketing questions hi and welcome to this another episode of digital forum way to be in business Digital marketing interview questions, and how you should be preparing for all of these things so that you can crack an interview So before chopping into any of these questions over here, which are related to digital marketing first Let’s understand what things might be there on the top level This is marketing wordpress if you are at all into digital marketing I’m sure most of the times people are not programmers people don’t know Cody so you might build websites They might build blogs of course a content management system very WordPress is the most frequently used by digital marketers they Must do email marketing to generate leads. They find to Google Adwords. They might know where analytics They should be using some tools social media marketing optimization search engine marketing optimization future of digital marketing all these things might be Falling into some of the can be very you must have got a question inside digital marketing interview so now let’s get ready for the next interview where you can just crack it with confidence and with all the Practicality first the foremost a beautiful jumping into any of these questions. Let’s make it clear all right. Let’s make it clear Everything and anything depends upon how practical you are when it comes to digital marketing now Just learning or taking a course from any of the Institute’s or YouTube or Google would make any difference Unless ready you are not a practitioner alright If you are talking about snapchat Then you should be using snapchat and practicing it so that you become up-to-date when it comes to digital marketing on snapchat Or let’s say if we are talking about SEO if you are yourself not doing SEO For your brand or your club for your company, then obviously you are just a headline reader Reading blows your sister read and you’re not for a practitioner so the more you practice the more you become Practical the more it will help you to grab interviews and get a very high profile job in digital marketing So let’s now focus upon this the basic questions are like What is digital marketing? But you might go into an interview for digital marketing you might get a question like what is digital marketing alright Let me just give you an answer with the help of this small little device over here, which is Alexa. Let’s just ask Alexa What is digital marketing digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital? technologies mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones display advertising Stop so digital marketing what it is in green in simple terms digital marketing is anything Which you market online when you are showcasing your Business online whether it’s selling or marker of selling a duster and selling this bottle anything Which you might be doing in traditional stuff or maybe you are not at all ready the business field You are just Starting off and that is the first ever thing which is on anything if you are sending this white board if you are selling anything like paint anything, but online Then that is digital marketing you are using some of the other online platforms You are using some of the other online resources tools to have visibility of your business online that is the plain and simple top if you are posting a picture of your restaurant promoting something or Showcasing some food recipe from your restaurant on Facebook or Instagram on Pinterest in the form of infographic on your website as a form of vertical on your website has a home page That is what is digital marketing digital marketing is not rocket science It’s plainly instantly getting some visibility online for your business right so that is what is digital marketing and let’s move for that if you have the WordPress if you get the chance if You are being asked for questions related to WordPress you might some questions like what exactly this WordPress. It’s a content management system where if you don’t have coding knowledge you can just go ahead and use it at Scale it’s simple and for that what you read or required is you require of hosting you require domain now Why do you need domain and hosting? Let’s take an example of a traditional would in traditional market. What do you require when you want to open up? Let’s say Jim right you wanna open up a fitness studio So what do you require you first require the name of the fitness studio that might be something like? A Lisi fitness to you, let’s just take it’s plain and simple example so ABC fitness from Europe is just the name of your business Relate that with the domain Then what you require you require a space in the market where you can open up the fitness to you so you require a shot basically a place in the market Well, then what is hosting hosting is a plain and simple just an area on internet Which you are just buying for your business, so that is what is doing posting WordPress? And then you build your WordPress on that so basically Once you have your need once you have your shop you actually combine both together and open up a fitness studio But then you require furniture you require some paint all those fancy little things are – WordPress And now you have plugins as you like it’s a I don’t want added functionality to your existing platform Next we have email marketing you might get questions like what is a broadcast. What is the difference between a broadcast and autoresponder? What is the best time to send an autoresponder? Then how to set up an email sequence what we should be using for that whether you should be using broadcast or newsletter Can you schedule a newsletter? What are the tools which are used which are premium for email marketing? What are the backs of email box? Let’s discuss all the types of email marketing? Alleged alleged in that it is something veneer is spamming you’re buying some emails from the list brokers And you are shooting up email to not such people like they are not very cleanest all right they are just bought lists so they act like a spam and Legend email marketing is something wherein you have you might have seen on Websites they are using the boss, maybe just to download an e-book Maybe just for a video course you enter your name and email address So hold that sign up box wherever you enter your detail and in return you get access to something that is what is the business? Is generating leaves right the business is generating leads? And they are building up their email list and in doing so there is legit email marketing We are doing legit email marketing so for that the tools which are used are get response paper very Efficient shop soft sand lane sand grid like a gentleman here. No other platforms so you can use any one of them and Although those software’s or tools they might come and free nature is completely free up to 12,000 units per month About that you’ll have to upgrade And get this much a vehicle all of them are like free trials for fifteen fifteen or thirty days and then they charge There will be talk about the Google angles right over here on Google, AdWords PPC CPC bidding auction method 1 DF right they might ask you a question like what is the difference between V? PC and CPC now most of the times people don’t lose fine Most of the times people don’t know what the difference is between a PPC and a CPC just at all right. Let me tell you PPC is paper and link and CPC is cost per click everybody knows that all right everybody don’t most of you guys Who are watching this particular video must be knowing these stuffs the full form but shiny actually what does that mean? PPC is paper it which is a mint color in which Google AdWords is working. It’s a way of pain and CPC is how much you are paying I See PCs how much you happy if I give you a plain and simple example if this is the Duster This is the Duster if I have to buy this From a shop, then I might pay money for this with respect to many cash And maybe I haven’t swiped my god, so how I am paying that is the method of payment and that is what is PPC? Google AdWords works on a meta which is PPC all right? And then there are cost per view as well on the basis of impressions is goodbye On an average people have now generalized it as Google PPC So that’s a method of payment in the way your pain And what you are me how much I pay 50 50 rupees, maybe my cash or maybe my card But how much that is 50 rupees Maybe so that is what this cost per click how much you are paying per click how much you’re getting Right so that is what is a little bit VPC HTPC? I don’t mean let me know if you like this thing And if this was something new which you have heard in dated several times in the comments below this episode all right I look forward to see you in the comments Next is bidding. Why you actually build Google AdWords is an auction method It’s a live auction So let’s say if you are right now ranking on the top of Google advertisements Then whatever you are paying right now my carpet fix for the next clip it won’t change It’s a live auction. You might be forced at this point in time and five seconds later You might be third or maybe Disappear so that totally depends upon something which is known this quality score for which you will have to learn Google AdWords so quality score is totally depend upon health or factors like landing page expedience It should be user friendly it should be relevant to the keywords which you are using the ad copy which you are using should be relevant to the keywords and Hand copy should be relevant to the many page when they are moving after clicking on the add Everything like all of these factors matter on Quality score inside option method that increases your CTR if everything is relevant that is click-through rate So have the click-through it has the quality score, and it’s not just the one factor for what is good It’s everything combined and it gets your quality score which is between 0 and 10, and 10 is the highest Next we talked about web analytics Now what are the tools of the analytics and my exactly is web analytics require indeed in simple terms you can tell In the interview that well my analytics is required because the fee don’t measure Performance whatever we are doing online if we don’t measure that how will we improvise however the optimize how will the? Enhance of a performance so that is why we do web analytics or? Measurement or analysis for optimization so when that Linux might fall into various different tools the number one tool Which people come and people have there in the mind is Google Analytics Which is absolutely for free now obviously the g-suit 360 premium everything is there? but for no marketeers in the first stages Google, analytics the free version is complete all right people can use it as a complete solution for analytics And then as you do as your agency gurus as you have higher factors taboos You can just go with the g-suit 360p via mobile optimized and other things so that photos tools Then you can use premium tools like final flux clickmeter Clickmagick there are plenty others, which you can use for google analytics And why do you require that is what I am also so plain and simple Google Analytics or web analytics is Required to measure the performance of your business which might be doing something online so you Improvise them by measuring or analyzing the performance Then come the social media now social media you might have heard like SMM and sm2 Right yes Mmm SFO is a different movie and social media marketing and social media optimization now when we talk about social media marketing it refers to Advertisements most of the times and when we talk about SM o which is optimizing it is organic part Where it we do play your optimization with respect to all day we no optimization with respect to the title with Respect to the description which we are writing and our frequency of posting omitting so me and my summer covers And we optimize it that is what is social media optimization, and so should we care marketing is obviously in? You analyze and optimize when that is whenever two? Advertisements so Facebook ads Instagram ads Pinterest ad snapchat ads if it falls into social media Marketing so that might be a difference or question that you can get in an interview. What is the difference between? SMM and SM Co and what other things do you – inside? So if somebody asks you let’s let’s say this might be a questioning interview What is social media plain and simple? What is social media? You can see the current state of Internet in which the people and use them then mobile phone or anything online is social media people first in the first thing which they do when they come out entering what they do they might do two things first category of people who are actually looking for some information they might just visit Google on YouTube and Second set of people who are just coming for eating and refreshment they open up Facebook Instagram snapchat Anything like that so social media is the current state of internet current state of the way people are using Internet that you can say other than that if you just want to have some bookish knowledge book is definition It’s like nothing else on social media if we talk about the media What does the media media is anything like information and social is? Connecting with people so with media with all these platforms You are interconnected with people so that also you can have something like bookish knowledge But me right now at the current stage of 2017 almost like end of 2017 and early 2018 now almost you can say that state of Internal state of the way people are using Internet Becomes search engine same way you have STM You have SPM and you have SEO All right so SPF is once again Google AdWords If you are doing it on Yahoo Yahoo ads if you are doing it on fake big then big ads so search engine marketing and over here it is search engine optimization and when you hear SEO people have just taught this as Hello, people just as Google is but it’s actually search engine optimization So if you are doing anything to come on the top results of big as a search engine that is also SP All right, it’s not just Google, but people just because Google is the highest of times used or search engine or the biggest search engine used on internet actually see why people have now created SEO as Google as you but other than that it’s actually a search engine optimization So how does the search engine to work at might be also a question inside an interview how does search engine work? Search engine works in plain and simple for now. Let’s see if you as a human needs some help. Let’s say you guys have knowledge about Let’s say knowledge about this device right if let’s say you guys just all of this if you guys know how to use this in exercise and device and I as a Customer and coming to you, and I am asking you hey Can you tell me how you can help can I use an X and how can it be helpful so what I am doing basically? I as a visitor and coming to you So you are acting as some database where if the? Information about this particular thing which I am as a visitor looking for is stool all right So what is happening over here? If I just is this how can you search engine work if this is the? first let’s say If right over here, this is Google let’s assume This is like Google’s page and what your when somebody is searching It is giving some results on the page, so this page is known as s e RP Search engine result page so that might be another question it interview. What is s V RP? S ERP is search engine result page say 20 of Yahoo it might be obtained Google anything where you are searching something and then whatever the results are being shown that particular page is askew happy so Right at the bottom of google you see first page second page third bit all those pages are known as st party So now when somebody is searching over here a visitor is searching something over here. What happens actually when he is hitting enter he or she is hitting enter from this community and What happens in back-end is right over here in Google’s database? This is the database of Google Netaji in Google’s database These crawlers these are known as robots all right robots or crawlers one BOTS in or spiders These are just the terms so and explaining can am telling you what might be the question so all these are terms They actually can be just one second entity it’s a piece of code So it goes into the Google’s database and source for something and based on Helmer of algorithms Which we term as on-site optimization and off page SEO off page SEO and on page SEO Based upon that it gives you a couple of result over here right and that happens like a minute of friction of syncing with an affliction of second so as soon as you hit enter and you see the results in the Background something is happening over here, so that is how a search engine is working? It shows you relevant information based upon the query which is being turned over here so what is the next question might be what is the difference between a search query and keyword So a search query is something which a user or an Internet user is Typing on a search engine and the key word is something which is a market here Or a digital marketer who is writing a blog but shooting a video anything on YouTube Anything on which he wants to rank so the search engines Maybe YouTube maybe Google anybody search engines try to match these two not exactly But it shows and relevance so then if I am typing how to buy shoes online Then the keywords like buy shoes online Rent shoes online the best shoes online blah blah blah all these relate and then based upon all the SEO factors This google shows us the result so that is what is the different unit key very and a keyword query is nothing But a user who is been putting something and a keyword is something which a marketer is targeting upon or wanting to Rank up on something so that is the difference between Katy Perry and keyword and last But not the least we talked about like future of digital marketing and then I’ll wrap up this particular episode because if you could deep Inside digital marketing questions are heller of their so what is the future of digital marketing that is this is the future all right? Cranked up you are consuming this particular episode in two forms either of the two forms either You are watching me right now on Youtube on Facebook or Instagram on any bear or what you are doing is you are listening to me on a podcast on a voice? type of content the voice alright That’s the future so this is device so if you’re not small- us You can just click on the top right corner over here and see what I am talking about this This is an Alexa. We have a completely restored here life testing of this particular device You can see and what I’m talking about is the future of digital marketing so you can see this an interview that yes video Which will be consumed up to 85%? by 85% 85% Of content on internet will be video Consumption by 2019 and once it’s an emerging piece of hundred so if you’re not a podcast you are not on The latest stuff of digital marketing so that is the future of digital marketing we are going to it We deliver all right So that’s it for this particular episode guys are making me discuss a couple of digital marketing interview questions the more the practical you are the more the better it will be for you so dropping your questions if you have any Right below this episode or somewhere around this one And do let us know what all questions be more you want to have us on set for you You can also drop it on Twitter Peter was a Twitter with this hashtag ask Did you perform all you can also have if you have an echo animal device you can ask this device? Digital marketing once if I show it to you. This is how it works, Alexa digital marketing voice Hey, thank you Perform which has been awarded as Asia’s most trusted brand? marketing region So that’s how you can use any of the platforms to get in touch with us And did you do me good and will? The phone to answer all your queries in the best possible manner This is the difficulty the product manager at least perform signing off I look forward to see you in the next episode till then take care my son a service guys stay off so god bless and subscribe And yeah my doing for you guys There’s a video right over here, and here as you can see so just watch those videos Those are the videos which will help you right now And those are the videos which be warned and did you perform to see the next one so yeah? And by the way below this video right over here there would be a subscribe button so if you still don’t have then Hit that one, and that would be the word to us. This is did you perform and signing off?

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