April 2, 2020
#15 Price Range Filter | Dropdown Ajax filter | Products Sorting | E-Commerce website with Laravel

#15 Price Range Filter | Dropdown Ajax filter | Products Sorting | E-Commerce website with Laravel

okay after query we will search greater
than price range products dot price and here you will set less then I mean
greater than ice not more than this value okay this scenario when both
drop-down clicked after this else is only cat I did feel that means no price
range then we will say here we copy this query paste here but we don’t need this
range crisis okay but else if one more condition if price variable fill that
means if price drop down is selected then we will use only price range not
category achievements okay save it and after that we can use this we have to
set count actually but let me show you what is going on
reload select a category select a price range click on find let me see what is
the error okay ever preview I think under
no flowers through this form that might let me change that range fine okay that
is the problem 100 to 300 we have a – let me change the price again 300 to 500
we have this – okay not change my vegetable open this scenario nothing
changed here nothing changed here is our vegetable under 300 to 500 that is our
functionality now what what is this this is the error actually you can see here
is the error let me show you again if I select fruit and price length which does
not exist click on here you can see because air is not home so that fix that
error you have to put here if condition if count of data count of data equal to
0 then we will say Bob’s products so you can add any custom message I click and
the else part you can display this ok if product is not from then it will
display this custom message or you can display anything like a h1s please let
me complete this select vegetable select wrong price range which does not exist
not product form that is okay chase now scenario sweet any other price and here
is 100 to 300 we have a 4 products okay that’s nice
let me make it more beautiful when product is not function then you can add
here h1 and align Center no product found under this you can add here it’s
rice price inch okay we will set this know
per product fountain price rain and you can make it bold look like any wrong
combination which product is not found okay we have a error actually reload
throat price range we have a hair must be syntax errors because we have a
capping here but and you can etch here this one and that’s fine I think
reload wrong combination and here is no product found under this price range
okay add here price and second this sad hair
style color I love red focus at any 0 200 no product formed under 0 200 price
range that’s fine now you have a two level two level filters ok it’s working
fine you can try with any other like a fruit and let me see it 300 to 500 we
have to five hundred hundred five thousand no product fault
one two three okay we have it to now check on my bittersweet 300 to 500 okay
so we have a to 300 300 to because we are selecting more than three and then
less than five matter that’s very nice act like we have to
make it more beautiful this button actually go to your button here is your
button + VPN with Ian’s success it’s fine

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