April 5, 2020
15 FREE WAYS To Advertise Your Business | Free Online Advertising ideas for Small Business

15 FREE WAYS To Advertise Your Business | Free Online Advertising ideas for Small Business

hi for today we’re going to talk about
free ways to advertise your business my name is Simon Elkjær and let me tell you
15 ways to market your small business I have a small business and I’m using
several of these tips myself some of the tips I do not use because they’re too
time-consuming but I’m guessing since you are here and you’re interested in
free ways to advertise your business you might have more time than money do not
waste your time I’m going through 15 ways as fast as I can
step number one make a website so this is actually like a fake step because
making a website is not entirely free you need to get a domain name and you
need to get hosting there is a some hosting solutions out there that are
quite cheap and in a coming video I’m going to guide you through the entire
process of making a website from scratch using only HTML and CSS and free tools
but if you do not like to do programming or do not want to learn programming then
you can use WordPress many hosting providers such as Bluehost and similar
hosts have the possibility to make a one-click install that installs
WordPress on your site on your hosting solution for you
this standard WordPress is solution is not necessarily pretty but it’s the
first step to making a website instead of spending much time on templates and
design and plugins then just make sure to install your WordPress and get on to
step number two step number two SEO and blogging SEO and blogging is very time
consuming and it’s considered free if your time is free depending on what
business you own and what your sell on your aside then a blogging could be a
very good way to easily earn money very fast so if you have quite high ticket
customers like if you do service based consulting like maybe I do or if
you have a cleaning company where you need maybe 10 or 20 clients or customers
to get rolling then blogging and as you could be like a
fast way and a free way to get your first customers if you want to learn
more about SEO blogging and getting traffic for free with a search engine
optimization then do subscribe to my channel I need to get on with my list so
for SEO and blogging this is all for now the free way you can do marketing number
three is podcasting podcasting is actually quite a free and easy to start
doing I have been doing podcasting for a like 1 and a half year now and I have
one of the biggest podcasts on SEO and content marketing in my home country
Denmark podcasting can be expensive and can be something that you can invest a
lot of in the most expensive gear you can buy for podcasting is about a $2,000
in for an entire podcasting set but you can also do podcasting for free if you
create a subscription via the online service called anchor fm and you can
start the cord podcasting from your smartphone it is actually quite good
quality to just do it in from your smartphone just make sure you don’t do
it outside in a windy area and just make sure you don’t do it in that empty room
with hardwood floors and nothing on the walls maybe consider a room with thick
carpets and a lot of furniture in it instead step number four you can do
YouTube as I’m doing YouTube right now it’s also considered free if you already
have a smartphone but then again who doesn’t have a smartphone if you just
make sure to record it so that the actual sound is not too bad then you
it’s a great way to get started I would say that it’s actually easier to get the
first maybe 1000 views than it is to get the first 1000 visitors to your blog the
SEO for step number five I have a press press and press releases at getting a
press for your business is an art form in itself we do this for
clients in my company so I will say that it is possible if you do have a great
story if you do have something to state and it is possible for you to get out
there but it requires a lot of outreach to journalists and it requires you to do
a lot of work that might not end up in giving you anything at all
so for press we have tried to get in press in national newspapers and online
news outlets without even seeing a dent in sales and we have tried to getting
press and small small local news with great success so for press it is very
hard to like put a number on it like how much is press worth but consider that
Tesla and other big companies like Apple is and was was run by great press had a
lot of news coverage so step number six is branding I would have liked to
included email marketing but I’m calling this step branding instead because email
marketing it could be free but there’s a lot of software out there that’s cap to
around a thousand a newsletter subscribers so it will quite quickly
become not free to use but let’s call it branding instead and everything in your
business starts and ends on your brand it’s what people are saying about you
and your business when you are not around so in my business model it’s more
a small energy we have something called DLX
it’s something I learned as a Travel Guide it’s short for something
in Danish code that could be transitive to that little extra we adopted this a
kind of thinking in my agency and it’s about doing something the decline
doesn’t expect if you always deliver just a tiny bit more than your client
expects then you are doing branding and at some point you will be at other step
in your business where you get free referrals
and word of mouth but this is like depending on all of your other marketing
efforts because you need to get clients to get your word of mouth going to step
number seven we have free stuff and free stuff is something that a lot of
marketers are talking about you could either do like ebooks giveaways and in
my business I’m doing like an actual book and I’m giving it away for people
like to get to know my agency and my brand but there is also one thing that I
would like to like talk about if you are able to do it it’s doing free software
free tools free something that solves a problem so instead of just giving away
something that helps you in your business then think about if you could
produce something that could solve problems for your target audience then
you have like the best thing I have in mind is a tool think about a software a
calculator or something that could solve some problems for your audience the the
biggest example out there is Neil Patel buying the software called ubersuggest
and giving it away for free to just get tons and thousands of links and
traffic’s a to his website every month and month over just because he released
this free tool and then again this is only free if you are very very competent
developer yourself free-weight number eight is Pinterest I am NOT a Pinterest
expert four so for that reason I’m not going to do an in-depth talk about
Pinterest but Pinterest is a way for you to gain a lot of traffic to your website
and get a lot of notoriety if you’re starting a new business especially in
some issues like for where the target audience is women I am sorry to say but
there is just much more women who is active on Pinterest step number nine is
Twitter and Twitter is the Forgotten social media in my mind that a lot of
people is saying that okay no one’s using Twitter
but then again considered that the current President of the United States
is using Twitter for almost all of his press comments step number ten is
LinkedIn and LinkedIn is as well as sweater like considered a minor a social
media but I actually get a lot of connections through LinkedIn that is
worth much more for me then let’s say Facebook and that’s why I have
not included Facebook on this list because this just feels too obvious for
step number eleven I have a live stream live stream is a way for you to do like
Facebook that I’ve just mentioned I’d have not included but live stream is a
platform independent you could do live stream on Facebook LinkedIn Twitter via
periscope you can do it on you can actually do this to get new platforms
such as twitch d-link or I don’t know all the platforms but
live stream is a great way for you to like a cut through the all the noise
especially on Facebook because organic reach on Facebook could be like almost
impossible step number 12 is affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing it’s
not actually a free way to do it but it’s free in the way that you don’t pay
anything unless you get anything so I’ll think about getting clients in your
business or getting sales through your ecommerce store where you only pay if
they actually buy something affiliate works in a way that you give away a
percentage of the sale or a fixed amount a dollar amount for each sale in your
business if you are new at this then considered giving away as much as
possible of your business in the first or a first sale might you might even
want to give away more than you earn on selling this product on your first sale
because hopefully you’re doing a lot of branding and a lot of DLX as we talked
about and your customers will come back by giving a lot of money away for the
first day of sale then you might get some of the biggest affiliate
websites to take you in and pour bucket loads of traffic your way for the last
three ways and number 13 I have chicks Hawk and I’m number 14 I
have Cora and number 15 I have read it so red it’s for number 15 I am NOT an
expert and ready I have never cracked the nut of doing marketing and read it
without getting hateful comments in the thread so you should be and native ready
to user to do this because it is very hard and there to like promote your
business without getting hate but number 13 trick Tarkus maybe the fastest
growing social media right now and especially if you are like targeting
young people and I know there is like laws again it’s targeting young people
but if you can do something that’s very popular for a young minded people
instead then tik-tok might be something you could start doing there is literally
no real case story on companies doing great on technical tik-tok right now
because tick tock is so new so you might be the one to be the next superstar on
tick tock number 14 it’s Cora a Cora is basically about like
answering questions that customers might have you can do you can go into a
subsection on Cora and ask anything and everything about what you know the most
about so that was it for today that’s 15 free ways to advertise your business and
this video might be the last one for me in this office we are moving downstairs
to much bigger offices and hopefully you will subscribe and follow my channel as
it evolves and as it as it grows and as we grow as a company and I might do a
new list of this in the future where new stuff happens new things
appears like tic toc and new marketing possibilities and opportunities arrive
all the time remember to subscribe especially if you want to like learn how
to do an tiya website from scratch using only
HTML and CSS I’m going to do a video about me programming an entire website
that you can follow in the coming weeks see you soon

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