February 26, 2020
14 Helen Perris | Music eCommerce | Digital Business Kits

14 Helen Perris | Music eCommerce | Digital Business Kits

There are specific, music-based social
media sites; things like SoundCloud, ReverbNation and YouTube – obviously it’s not music-specific, but it’s really useful to musicians. And there’s a service – well it’s an app as well – called YouNow, that allows you to live-stream, which is pretty new in Australia but it seems to be pretty
interesting, and a lot of musicians are using that as well. I find SoundCloud is quite useful for getting feedback on your new tunes, and you can put demo’s up there, and
you can specifically say “Look, this is a demo”, Tweet it out to your fans or put it in
your newsletter, and invite them to have a listen and to
comment on what you’ve got up there. You can also put completed tracks up
there, obviously, and you can choose whether people can
download them or not download them. If you have a Pro
account with SoundCloud, then you can actually set some tracks
as ‘secret’, and people can download them if they provide you with their email
address, which is really useful for getting the contact details for
people that are interested in your music. If you’re an independent artist like me,
then to get your music onto iTunes and all of
the streaming services you have to use a third-party like CD Baby or TuneCore. I personally use
TuneCore; you can get all of your music on to Spotify, or Ardio, or Deezer, MOG, or Amazon music, 7 Digital Music; even JB Hi-Fi now it has
a digital service, and TuneCore can get music onto there.
TuneCore is also partnered with RadioAirplay, which creates Django radio,
so for people he just wanna listen to
something in the style of something else in
particular, then you can get your music onto Django
radio. You get 10 free plays every week, and for me, I could say that my music is
similar to Sia or to Sara Bareilles, and people listening to
Sara Bareilles or Sia might get to hear MY music in the middle
of that playlist. I find Bandcamp is really, really useful
for me as a musician. It’s a fantastic service that helps
people discover new artists; artists can recommend other artists, but also it works as eCommerce. I don’t
have to worry about setting up a cart on my own website; I can just directly link to Bandcamp, to my
Bandcamp page, and people can stream my music, and then download it. Some of it is up there for free, but some of it they have to pay for – and they can order CDs and other ‘merch[andise]’ as well at the same time.

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