April 9, 2020
14 Best After Effects Templates [2019] to Make Your Social Media Videos Pop

14 Best After Effects Templates [2019] to Make Your Social Media Videos Pop

Social media is all about grabbing people’s
attention and, with the rise of video content, you want to be performing against your competitors. Check out our top 14 After Effects templates
to make your social media videos pop! All items featured today are available with
a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description below! Number 14. If you’re targeting young millenials, ‘Social
Media – Design for Posts’ by EasyEdit has a color palette and animations that are on
point. Purpose-built for social media, it also includes
three different post sizes to help adapt your videos to different platforms! Coming in at number 13, Madly Studio gives
us the ‘Text Box Tool’, a drag-and-drop template that hands over the keys for full
control. You can easily change the colour, and time
your reveal animations to perfection. Number 12 provides simplicity yet again. ‘Creative Titles’ by tunaxu is another
drag-and-drop template. Each with smooth animation, you can take advantage
of 30 unique title designs that are more than just your average box titles. ‘Fast Titles 2’ by Mr Mix FX takes out
11th place, with a template that uses classic white text on black boxes – but with a twist. Adding a pop of colour for style, and pixel
transitions for emphasis, this template allows you to control the duration and the width
of your titles, so they’re perfect for any video. Lucky number 10! ‘Lower Thirds’ by therealist brings text
to life with simple execution and clean animation. This template also provides the option to
include a logo with your text for seamless branding. ‘Social Media Titles Bundle’ by Motion
Media Group makes 9. With 19 animated creatives for social media
promotions, these titles are big, bold and ready-to-use in vertical, square and standard HD. This pack is the advertiser’s dream! Science Fiction comes in at number 8, with
their template aptly named ‘Social Media Titles’. If you’re after simple lower thirds or basic
subtitles, this template is the one for you. With 20 minimal presets that get straight
to the point, you can align your titles wherever you want them, alter animations and set custom durations. Therealist is back at number 7 with the template
simply named, ‘Titles’. You’ll find a whopping 60 titles, lower-thirds,
logos and quotes in this pack. Built to impress, it boasts slick design and
fluid animation. Number 6. ‘Social Media Video Graphics’ by MAJMES
is more than just a titles pack. Inside, you’ll also find logo intros, glitch
transitions, bounce titles and photo description designs for a range of different social platforms. Get more out of your titles with this versatile
pack for social media professionals! Top 5: here we go! Doomo Designs brings us ‘Social Media Video
Text’, a pack of 20 different animated titles, including 3D box reveals, scrolling text and
fly in/fly out animations. At number 4, we have ‘Social Media Video
Graphics Pack’ by Flux VFX Templates. Providing more functionality, like highlighted
text, varied box designs and a range of transitions, you have the freedom to create something tailored
to your brand. With full control over colour, positioning
and style, your titles will say more than just words. Video Code takes out 3rd place with ‘Social
Media Video Graphics’. Once uploaded in After Effects, this script
will help you automatically create and customise as many titles as you need, complete with animation. What this template lacks in design variation,
it makes up for in simplicity and fast workflow. Great for a video editor on the clock! Number 2: ‘Text Box Block Titles’ by MotionRevolver. This pack includes heaps of different design
options, all fully customisable and super fast rendering. Along with social media, you can use these
titles for news reports, sales and promotions. We made it! Hitting a home run and sliding into 1st place
is ‘Titles’ by flikmotion. This template works with you, automatically
scaling boxes to fit the size of your captions. It allows you to highlight text and express
your words with a range of different transitions and designs. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
for more cool ideas, inspiration and all the answers to help you create better stuff. Just click the Envato logo on the screen! And if you found this video helpful, don’t
forget to hit the like button and leave us a comment. You’ll find links to all the items featured
in this video in the description below. They’re all available on Envato Elements,
where you can get unlimited access to thousands of items with just one subscription. Click the link on the screen now to start

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