April 3, 2020
$134,000 in Affiliate Marketing Income Promoting These 43 Products!!!

$134,000 in Affiliate Marketing Income Promoting These 43 Products!!!

Lori Ballen here in las vegas nevada and
today I’m gonna do something I have never done before and I’m going to share
the details of how exactly I made six figures in affiliate income this year
now technically I could really easily group this together with my real estate
business and we could call it quarter million because it’s essentially the
same thing as affiliate marketing and I’ll break that down but I’m gonna
specifically talk about the one hundred and thirty five thousand dollars from
the affiliate marketing site okay now affiliate marketing is essentially when
you promote a product or service that isn’t yours you’re not fulfilling that
they’re not you specifically your client or your customer and you get paid when
somebody buys that product now typically this is done through links so let’s just
say that I am coaching people through weight loss last year before we did a
lot with a ketogenic lifestyle keto diet I lost 50 pounds on the keto diet in six
months started coaching around it and in doing that I would talk about products I
used such as electrolytes and protein powder and keto gum and whatever so what
I would do is share the links to those items and then I would receive a
commission when those items were sold provided I had an affiliate relationship
established with that brand you can’t just get paid without setting up a
contract a relationship that says I’m going to promote your product and this
is how much you’re gonna pay me and this is and they’ll share with you what their
rules are and what how you can promote and how you can’t promote that type of
thing and so that’s what affiliate marketing is so I get to be the marketer
without being the sales person and without servicing the
customer or client and for me out of all the businesses I’ve ever had this is my
favorite by far because I absolutely love marketing and building an audience
and identifying what their problems are and helping to answer those and then
sending them to a product or a service it’s going to help them you know another
example might be you’ve got a my real estate website you’ve got a real estate
website a lot of you guys have followed me a real estate agents and so for me on
my real estate website I have a blog all about what credit score is required to
buy a house so just in the last couple of months I started working on building
relationships with people brands that provide credit counseling credit repair
credit reports credit apps that type of thing and so what will happen is when
somebody clicks on one of those banners on my website or it clicks on something
that I use and I talk about and I’ve got a relationship then I will receive a
commission okay before I get near the numbers let me explain that if you are
using a product already those are usually the best places to start with
for affiliate income if you already have an audience of some sort whether that be
your blog your YouTube channel your Instagram some sort of social media
maybe you’re a teacher or coach or presenter maybe you do a podcast if you
have an audience already then choosing a product that helps that audience is
going to help significantly it’s much much harder just to start a brand new
website build all the content get it ranking on the search engines and then
start adding products although that is absolutely another way to do it and I’ve
got some like that too so my point what I’m trying to get at is if you already
have an audience start there if you don’t then you’re gonna have to be more
strategic about how you go about doing this so what I’m going to do is I’m
walk through and tell you what I’m making on different types of things I’m
also going to share with you that what products did not work for me and maybe
we can discuss a little bit about why that might be the case and hopefully
that will help you if you’re just starting your affiliate marketing
journey a couple little disclaimers here there’s no typical results there’s no
way that you can say okay Lori made 135 thousand whatever on this type of
affiliate marketing so I can to next year there’s so many many variables you
know somebody could start a pay-per-click campaign tomorrow and pick
just the right product and create just the right ads knock it out of the park
and make six figures next year some people make six figures in a month I’ve
heard of people saying six figures in di right now I can’t even wrap my head
around that although I’d love to get to that point for me six figures in a year
off this one stream is phenomenal I could live off of it that’s great makes
me very happy to be able to do that but other people won’t make a dime other
people might make $10 $20 hundred dollars a thousand dollars it’s it
really depends on so many factors who your audience is how you reach them how
you solve their problems what product you pick what kind of commissions you
get you know all of those kinds of things so please keep that in mind and I
will try to work on giving you some more specifics as we start going through this
okay so what I have in front of you looking at my computer and I I’m not
going to show you the spreadsheet specifically and the main reason why is
because there are Terms of Service with some of these affiliates that prohibit
us from specifically talking about specific commissions so I’m going to I’m
going to kind of be a little bit general and then I’ll kind of give you a list of
some items but not necessarily directly related so that I can make sure that I’m
not held liable or I don’t want to lose any affiliate relationships if I have
either so I’m gonna be careful I like for example things like YouTube
you know they very specifically say you cannot show your dashboard you cannot
talk about what you’re being paid per video and that type of thing so I’m
going to try to kind of group these in for you a little bit and get you get you
kind of the idea okay now one of my first my let me start with the largest
one okay so the largest one I’ve over sixty thousand for the year on one
relationship and let me give you the caveat with that yet it’s something that
is duplicatable because there’s other ways you can do it so for me I am a real
estate agent I teach primarily real estate agents because that’s the
audience that I that I created as being a real estate agent I teach them I teach
real estate agents how to generate leads online so everything from search engine
optimization to social media strategies building a email text SMS list chat BOTS
put a chat on your website all the content creation building and monetizing
a YouTube channel all of those things now this can be done by anybody my
audience just happens to her primarily be real estate agents because that’s the
example that I teach on and so that’s who ends up following and that’s what
Google ranks before so after several years of teaching real estate agents how
to build websites because I built on WordPress the one of the the ID x which
is the listing feed that basically puts MLS on my website I’m trying to I’m
trying to keep it not too technical it’s basically what puts that grid of
home so if somebody goes to my website and start shopping around and they can
see all of the listings on the page that is being fed in by something called idx
which is part of the internet data exchange is what idea expands for so
it’s a feed okay to put in those listings and you have many many choices
on these there’s so many out there and a lot of them have affiliate programs so I
started by just referring people to that idx and you can see links in my video
for different things like this I I started sending people over to to them
and people would sign up well this particular idx you have to be a
certified developer with them and provide some level of support so at a
certain point my brothers and I launched a digital marketing company where we
started building WordPress websites we saw it’s still in existence today it’s
called Ballen Brands and we became developers of this idx and so by doing
my Commission’s went from a basic affiliate to a developer which
which when you have that kind of volume it’s almost more like a partner okay so
I’m telling you this in detail because I don’t I really want you to get the truth
you know you watch so many of these YouTube videos oh my gosh I don’t
affiliate marketing it’s the words it’s it’s it’s it’s a primarily
male-dominated industry affiliate marketing is and it’s and it’s
very showy and pretentious you know everybody’s stick in cash and showing
you their expensive cars and all that kind of stuff and I’m much more of an
authentic storyteller I want you to to hear the truth so that you can apply it
as best to your situation as you can because there’s so many ways to do this
okay so the reason that is as high as it is is because I get a larger Commission
by being a developer than just referring people over okay so if you are somebody
that creates anything builds funnels built email campaigns builds chat BOTS
any of those kinds of things that you teach and could design there’s a lot of
money in the partnering and developing side there’s more money there even than
just in the passive affiliate but the major difference is you have to then be
providing some sort of support or coaching or teaching or you know it
requires a little bit more that being said
you can still just choose the affiliate route and you’ll get like 25 percent of
every month’s recurring so if you go look up IDX affiliates and look at
different ones you can look at which ones have an affiliate program generally
speaking if you go to a website for a product you like and you scroll down to
the bottom you’re looking for the word affiliates or partners and you’re
looking to looking to see if they have a program that they offer right from their
website a lot of them do if not you can email them and say do you
happen to have an affiliate program the other way you can look it up is there
are affiliate networks such as ShareASale, CJ dot-com flex offers.com Awin.com, Clickbank.com, jvzoo.com there’s so many of them I have a website
called I’ll put it in the video below it’s The7thstream.com and it’s
all about affiliate marketing app all of those listed out I have so many they
listed out for you so sometimes their affiliate program is
only offered as part of this network and you just join that network and once you
join the network which are usually free to join then you just apply for each
individual program you want so you can go right to the brand or you can go look
them up in a network and if they don’t have a program you can email them and
ask them if they have one typically I will avoid using software now that
doesn’t have an affiliate program because I know I’m going to teach it and
people are going to want it therefore I would like to have the ability
relationship so if I do refer somebody over they joined because of my influence
they bought because of my influence that’s what brands are paying for and
whether it’s the influence or a search engine the influence or a paid ad the
influence through teaching YouTube whatever it is that’s what the brand is
paying for it’s it’s influencer marketing regardless really of how it
gets delivered and so I’m very careful now as to choose what software I choose
based on that now I will still all is always choose the software I like the
best for me that works the best for my business whether or not I promote it or
not might have to do with the affiliate relationship there’s some software that
I use that I talk about so I use it I don’t get paid anything because I care
about my followers I want you to know about all of it right sometimes I do get
paid sometimes I don’t with affiliate marketing it’s important to know that
you always must disclose disclose disclose disclose so you will see on my
websites generally at the top of the blog post it’ll say this blog post
contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase I
have it on my youtube channel I have it on my social media channels I have it on
if I if somebody asks me about my coffee mugs that I’m talking about that day I
probably have an affiliate link to it I have a feeling links to just about
everything now the the meat that I get delivered the flowers that I buy myself
yes i buy myself flowers I’m a single woman I like flowers and that’s why I
send myself flowers if I’m using it there’s I’ve probably looked up to see
if there’s an affiliate relationship with it
so somebody says hey Lauri oh my gosh that self-heating coffee mug that you
just posted value loved it where did you get it and I post a link to Amazon and
it’s an affiliate link I will say in a parenthesis or brackets affiliate links
benefit me or I benefit if you make it purchase using this link so building
this kind of a business is massive for me it’s it’s my top income producer now
and I don’t want to lose it so I’m very careful to make sure that people know
and the the laws are that it has to be obvious so I don’t cheat I don’t hide it
I don’t stuff it if somebody doesn’t want to buy for me because they know I
make a purchase well then fine I understand and I’m also not going to go
please click my affiliate link to buy something is that’s not allowed either
it’s just a simple disclosure I benefit if you make a purchase through my links
and oh by the way you’re watching this YouTube video you’re gonna see links in
the below and if you make a purchase using one of those links I probably
benefit from it FYI right so there we go alright so
that’s the top one is it idx there are so many examples of that
that I could give you one another one would be I just set up live chat on my
websites and I’ve been testing different chat platforms and haven’t gotten really
into super promoting any of them yet but I am enjoying live chat and then I have
pure chat on another website that I’m testing right now both have affiliate
programs where they page somewhere between 25 to 35 percent from somebody
clicking on a link and you get paid for it but they have a partner program where
you can build them in white label them build them into client websites that
kind of thing that would be that would pay higher so you see the difference
between the partner developer and just an affiliate as an affiliate I send them
over I have nothing else to do with it as a partner there’s some kind of I’m
building it in somehow or I’m supporting it somehow so it’s a little bit
different both really to me still our affiliate income but the developer site
of it requires more so what I did is when I launched this marketing company I
actually gave it to my brothers Paul and Jeff who are fantastic and then I kept a
10% interest in the company I don’t own any of it they are a hundred percent the
owners and then they pay me basically an affiliate check every month on the total
sales so rather than 25% on just one offs it’s
ten percent on the whole umbrella whether they bring in the business or I
bring in the business that’s just kind of the relationship we made okay so they
are technically the developers that will put these things together so I’m not
servicing any clients directly myself they take care of that end of it so
there’s lots of ways to do that there are so many sub sub contractor companies
if you go to like Fiverr there’s a bunch of them there are people that are
Infusionsoft about developers idx developers this kind of this so you
don’t always have to provide the service yourself you can work with somebody that
you hire by the hour to service it or build it those are just some ideas I’m
gonna I have some ideas on getting a little bit D
for instance what that looks like but for now I’ll just tell you that soak up
a couple thousand a month now I’m making off of you know the marketing company
two thousand three thousand whatever whatever however we worked out that
relationship so so that I still consider that an affiliate stream of income
because I send them business I don’t service it I don’t do anything they they
take care of it okay all right new one this year for me is WordPress hosting
now this is a goldmine for an industry like mine in fact I’m going to get
really into this in 2020 right now we’re wrapping up the end of
2019 that’s why I’m doing this end of your wrap up I’ve got another week or so
left in the year and so next year I’m really now that I’ve tested this I’m
really going to go after this big time next year so lots and lots of WordPress
hosts such as Hostgator no I’m not sure if that’s one Bluehost WP engine
flywheel oh my gosh I must have 10 of these WordPress sites they WordPress
hosts they are somewhere you can go to you can build a you can click a button
you pay the money and boom right there you set up your SSL certificate it tells
you how to do it you can setup your domain you get your WordPress setup you
get your templates for your or your theme for your WordPress but then you
have to put it together but they have step by step by step instructions put
the header here upload this image here and by the time you’re done you have
this WordPress website working and then you have monthly hosting well in this
day and age it’s getting easier and easier to put these websites together
yourself if you as long as you can really follow step by step directions so
a lot of people are just going to those Go Daddy’s another one they’re just
going to those platforms now so what I found is certain ones offer
month-over-month recurring so you get a commission each month as long as that
person stays on the platform which by the way in my
Kanyon is the best thing ever because a lot of my money now just shows up
automatically through PayPal three checks through direct deposit and some
of these people have been on my program have been in that program for years and
because I get a percentage whether it’s 10 15 20 25 55 whatever the percentage
is every month and excuse me it continues every month as long as they’re
a paying subscriber so those lifetime month-over-month recurring commissions
are the gold mine so if you teach anything if you can
influence a subscription-based product where you can make month-over-month a
wine club a sock club a gift of the Month Club flowers whatever software
cable telephone service I don’t know anything where people are buying month
over month if you’re gonna find an affiliate program for one more people it
has stickiness where people stay for a long time you can really build up some
substantial income there be careful though I want it I really want to
express to you the need to diversify because if one of your products is your
breadwinner like I hear all of these people promoting clickfunnels for
example that’s a big big one in the affiliate marketing software space click
funnels and and their 70% of their income is click funnels and then all the
sudden click funnels were to end their program which by the way affiliates end
programs all the time without notice you just get an email we are discontinuing
our affiliate program sorry thank you for sending us all these people were
just done that is really tough if you’re living off of one so I don’t look at any
of mine as I’m living off that when I’m living on down I’m living off that one I
do kind of have it sorted on my spreadsheet as when this check comes in
it pays my estimated taxes when this chip when this check comes in it pays my
rent when this check comes in it pays all of
my utilities when this check but it doesn’t it’s just kind of a my brain
just kind of likes to it keeps me motivated to know those funnels but if
one of those were to move away it wouldn’t I would pick up the slack
somewhere else because I have so many of them
in fact I’m looking at my spreadsheet and I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 s + 4 35 36 37 38
39 40 41 42 43 as of today I have 43 paying affiliate relationships I have
hundreds of affiliate relationships but I only I have 43 that have actually paid
me out something and I’m building on okay now my core affiliate is probably a
dozen or less products but there’s a lot of other ones that I’ve either tested or
I’m starting to test or they’re you know they were big four at one time and now
I’m not doing so much of it so they’re on the spreadsheet this is all this year
so I had 43 affiliates pay me a commission this year that’s the best way
to describe it so out of that hundred and thirty-five thousand that I’m
looking at on this spreadsheet 43 of those paid out some larger than others
okay so I’m not just pushing you can see I’m so diversified now a lot of it is
software because that’s my niche and it makes perfect sense to do so
alright so WordPress hosting so last month in know it’s already it’s not even
months not even over in December so far I’ve made $800 on promoting WordPress
hosting services from YouTube specifically so I created just a couple
test videos on here’s how to build a real estate agent website on WordPress
and ideal one-hour tutorial that shows them exactly how to set it up how to buy
the put the theme on it how to set up all the images whatever I’ve gotten
eight hundred dollars this month from just people clicking on the youtube link
so that what that is indicated to me is that there is a lot to be done there
this is new I just picked this up this fall up until now I’ve only been
promoting my brothers company and then another WordPress
hosting company that I started with last year and that took off pretty quickly
too so all signs point to I need to do more of this with that WordPress hosting
there’s just a lot of money they pay very aggressive bonuses bounties like
one-time fees so for example one of the companies you can set up full setup with
and a lot of them do this instead of paying you 10% of the 35 dollars every
month recurring that would cost them more because people stay on their
hosting plans right that’s a that’s and it’s got a good sticky factor instead of
paying attention which would cost them $350 when they sign up you get a flat
$200 so those I wouldn’t want to bank on living off of that promotions I like the
recurring that being said you could easily add hundreds to thousands of
dollars a month by promoting not easily for everybody but you could add by
promoting those types of one-off bonuses so somebody signs up for $35 I get 200
so the company goes in the red giving me that $200 and they also have a clawback
or refund policy where they will take it back from you if the person cancelled
within a certain amount of time some of the affiliates have a time which they
will withhold your income until the refund policy is passed so some of them
are thirty days some of them are 60 days so for example I have a course platform
that I’m promoting and you’ll see these with you know think if ik and teachable
and kajabi and all those different ones if your course offers a 30-day guarantee
or something like that they hold back your payments well a lot of the
affiliates were that are similar so they’ll either charge it back to you
after the fact or they will hold it back which I prefer I’d rather you hold it
back and not give it to me then take it away from me after you’ve given it to me
so something to keep in mind I have seen it I saw my WordPress account go up to
like $1,000 and then to under came off of it now I’m not actually getting that
money yet it’s in the ShareASale network just sitting there but I can see as
money comes in and I can see if somebody cancels their account because then that
money that’s owed to me changes okay something to keep in mind okay
um another one that I made a couple thousand on last year not super heavy
promotion or this year I’m sorry is a digital card company so where you can
scan your signatures your handwriting or whatever you can customize cards and
send them out so a couple thousand dollars there I barely barely promoted
it there are people that are making a full-time income just promoting those
types of companies there’s a lot of them now and I have not looked up the
affiliate links on all of them but there’s like what is it send Otley send
out cards and Zendesk there’s a bunch of those different card companies and you
can if that’s interest you can look that up another one I mean but not a lot on
about a thousand dollars on it was a landing page software
I stopped promoting it this year completely so I’m surprised I made any
money on it stings linger when you build search engine optimization and you build
evergreen content like YouTube videos and blogs they linger so you money can
still come in I’m probably going back to promoting that product but you’ll see a
lot of those things a lot of landing page software out there that you can do
really well with if that’s your if that fits into your niche a real estate
marketing platform last year I made about 15,000 on and that is a suite of
real estate marketing tools landing pages that type type of thing and I
didn’t develop or do anything on that that was 15% of the month-over-month
recurring Commission okay and then I picked up a new video optimization
software this year not a phenomenal pipeline I might look at some others
this year but I made like a thousand dollars it averaged seventy dollars a
month not I don’t heavily promote it and it’s not a high ticket item so again I
think what’s nice about having it on a spreadsheet like this is if I see
something I can go oh let me go let me go do for more promotion there because
that one’s really working or I’m not doing
great on that let me just Ness stop talking about that I want to go crank up
some other stuff usually it’s whatever I’m passionate about and I’m actually
using it in real life that tends to be where the money flows
because that’s what I’m teaching right it makes perfect sense
but now that I’m purposeful about it I can strategically teach like on YouTube
and things like that more of what does pay well you know that’s just smart
marketing all right this year I turned on ads on my websites on these niche
websites and I’m building and I consider that still affiliate income because it’s
paying me as the publisher it just it looks a little bit different than a
direct here’s the product get money this is where to put ads on your website and
you’re gonna get paid based on what the advertisers are spending so I turn that
on this year and it’s like a thousand a month hasn’t it’s not huge yet just kind
of playing with all that it’s interesting because when you allow ads
on your website as you get more and more traffic you can move up to more premium
advertise advertisers most people start with like Google Adsense or there’s a
platforms like Digg link even Amazon where you can put on automated ads so
you can play with that and look at which which websites are making you more money
with which type and then how’d you get more traffic you can build up some more
premium advertisers which is where I’m headed next on one of my websites at
least and then we’ll take a look I don’t have ads on all of my websites because I
don’t think it’s appropriate for the type of website that I’m working on so
where it is I put it and on the other ones where I make more money off selling
my programs my courses coaching that I’m not doing as much with the ads on those
particular websites okay this last year I made 5,000 this year I made $5,000 on
testing something with a shampoo company I made out of the gate very proud of the
gate it was profitable and pretty easy however it really wasn’t I wanted it to
be affiliate marketing where I send somebody to a product I don’t have to do
anything with it this is a multi-level marketing platform and it required me
to service customers and it required me to build a team of people that sell so
then that is a killer income by the way those multiple multiple MLMs are amazing
income but you you have a massive fall out so it’s the 80/20 rule all over
again although I think if you read books on it it’s even worse than that but if
20% of your hundred percent of the ones that make your money and everybody else
comes and goes it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of retention and recruiting and even
though I’m good at it I’m naturally driven to lead I don’t want to live
there anymore because of I like what I’m building so I kind of just lowered my
focus on that one so there’s still some residual from the team that’s selling
but I have not made a focus of selling because I don’t want to sell bottom line
okay Amazon everybody thinks I’m killing it
on Amazon I don’t know where they get this idea from I added I did build an
affiliate relationship I did start adding Amazon to my website but it’s
such a small small percentage of income and I can go more and Amazon another on
another video there are people making a ton of money on on things like Amazon
that have those types of stores this isn’t my niche so what I’ve been doing
now is I’ve been building a couple new affiliate niches that are more designed
to work with products like Amazon and I’m gonna test and see how how they go
but it’s so tiny it’s like a hundred bucks a month it’s really small and not
my focus at all I just kind of gently put them on my website here there I just
turned it on this year not really any pay-per-click to any of this it’s all
organically earned so it’s all earned by influencer or search engines I have not
yet run a paid ad for an affiliate product to date not yet there are people
spending hundreds of thousands of dollars I actually want to go there at
some point start really playing with that because it’s easier to teach than
what I do is I you know it’s easy to teach how to pay to run an ad than it is
teach you how to have influence a little bit different right okay so then I have
I got into some hyper local affiliates and this is really cool it’s really
small right now it’s you know 50 bucks here they’re $2 $3 $4 $10 that kind of
thing creating high relationships with with them coupon companies and focusing
specifically on hyperlocal things to do in and here’s the coupon
right gosh you could do instacart Rakatan Groupon everything with tour
guide companies hotels restaurants are ah the high like if I wasn’t doing the
real estate thing just the hyperlocal alone I think would be really where I
would put a lot of energy into this side of things there’s I love every day when
I log on to my Groupon partner networker with my racket 10 or my divider whatever
it happens to be looking at the the even the little sales two dollars because I
got 10% off a $20 coupon I still love those because it all funnels in it
doesn’t have to be a massive income source from one place it all adds up and
it’s the way I’d rip them all into my work that makes them work so well
keyword keyword research applique he word research made like five thousand
dollars promoting some of that this year not not phenomenal but steady a few
hundred bucks a month there was one month where I got a thousand dollar
bonus from somebody that bought one of their larger products but that it’s it’s
a it’s an expensive item that doesn’t sell a whole lot to my audience so it’s
a little tricky it’s one of my favorite tools but it doesn’t it doesn’t add up
because the people that I’m coaching you don’t like that type of a cost factor
with their software typically doing a little bit with some syncing software of
course platforms I started promoting so like I said kajabi think if a teachable
those types of things most of those have an affiliate program some of them
require you to use their platform before you can become an
passenger or an affiliate so consider that carefully when you’re looking at
those I actually chose the platform I did because it becomes how the affiliate
program was structured and because of the tools that it hadn’t that
combination I said that’s the one but I actually still promote them all I talk
about the differences you can actually make money on the software you don’t use
to as long as you’re you know I’m very authentic about this is why I chose this
one but this is what this one offers you might want to check that out too because
everybody wants different things at all they don’t all want the same bells and
whistles they don’t they all don’t want the same pricing structure so it’s nice
to have a few of those up your sleeve affiliate courses I made like $5,000 on
last year promoting somebody else’s affiliate platform which I really like
their platform and I may do more with that they also have worked for us
hosting that kind of thing that isn’t easy
that’s amazing money right there in my world so is showing more of that
platform and why I love it so much that could easily increase this year I just
picked that up this year too a lot of these things are brand new just just new
so I don’t have a 12 months of it you know what I mean it’s two months or
three months or might be six months but I haven’t looked rotat yet another new
one I’m doing this year is lead magnets so somebody lands on your website
something pops up there’s a bunch of these a bunch bunch bunch of these and
they pay one-time Commission’s or recurring commissions on the software
you have to check those out so that’s a cool one one I did not do well on this
year was grammerly I promoted it I talked about it I think it’s a cool
piece of software but nobody really bought it or they bought it and the
tracking isn’t great I don’t know why would that one just completely fail for
me so that one’s just kind of coming off of the focus this year ghostwriters or
another one I made some money on so you know hiring bloggers higher writer crowd
content constant content they all have like little affiliate programs I have an
analytics software I made some money on this year a little bit office from
stores Macy’s Venus those types of places I’ve started promoting with my
new midlife blog for women so little pieces just kind of little
bits not nothing nothing incredible a couple thousand on an auto dialer like
five thousand not a CRM that I started promoting and I’m still playing with all
of that a little bit one I promoted pretty pretty big this year I got
excited about was a Pinterest a software for Pinterest and Instagram but it has
not done well I know other people do well on it because their main focus is
Pinterest Instagram for me I’m not that’s not my main focus I love the
software I love what Pinterest is doing but since it hasn’t been my primary
focus of teaching the program itself doesn’t do real well because I’m not
talking about it a whole lot you have to be pushing the product right got some
furniture places in here I added this year and some new ones are like the
ubers lives instacart uber food delivery places I
started with those and just little drizzles here coming in and I’ve got one
WordPress plug-in that I promoted this year that I made a little bit on to so
that’s the kind of a well that’s a full glance of the forty three types of
affiliate products that I’m marketing at the beginning of the year I had several
Kido Kido diet things in there as well I still make some Amazon stuff off of my
keto website and whenever I launched my six-week course or 60 day challenge or
whatever that goes back up people buy the blood the the ketone meters and the
protein products and the electrolytes and then those affiliate products can go
up so whatever niche you’re in it’s it’s still about building an audience and
cultivating that audience and one final tip that I’ll give you before I let you
go your tribe if you really build a tribe and this is especially for those
of you that are that are influencers or coaches or teachers or or you know
weight-loss what sort of a trainers or any of that kind of thing rehab
kind of influence when you build a tribe and cultivate a tribe they will feed
your affiliate engine all year long because they trust you especially like I
don’t pitch products I don’t like I use them i sample them I talk about them why
do I like this I people don’t just pay me to go talk about their products right
I’m using them in some sort of way and so people trust me and if I if I find a
product not going well I remove it from my stack because I don’t want people to
not trust me so when you build that tribe they will buy affiliate products
from you again and again and again and again you’ll notice if you sign up for
signup on an email list from anybody that’s doing any kind of affiliate
marketing they’ll be pitching their friends program they’ll pitch there and
launch their new program Oh John Smith just built a course you need to buy his
course and they’re making a Philly didn’t come all the way through that and
they’re their audience trust them and that’s why they continue to buy from
them so building a tribe like that it’s much more lucrative than these one-off
pay-per-click ads that you never you never capture there you like for example
if I send somebody to my WordPress host on one of them I never see who signs up
for that unless I build a landing page in between capture them in between and
then send them off of here but if I just direct link them to that particular
thing there’s no list there’s no anything I don’t know who that was so I
can’t cultivate them any more than that so that’s why a lot of people will build
a landing page in between and say oh you’re interested in this idx platform
okay and then you send it to landing page there’s a little video if you’re
talking about why it’s so wonderful and then there’s a forum or what and you get
their email and then you send them to the affiliate and that’s really a best
practice I will admit that I don’t always take that much time and sometimes
I’m just testing a product to see where to go so now that I know this works so
well I might create the landing page in between rather there’s this direct
linking and see see if I can capture them because those people that are
signing up for WordPress are probably also interested in my
analytic software my lead magnet software potentially my landing page
software my logo company software my video optimization also interested in
and I can’t pitch it if I don’t have their information so that’s important a
lot of my affiliates they’ll give me the email addresses or I can see it in a
portal somehow especially the ones I’m developed but more developed partners in
I can see those so anyway I hope this was helpful to you go to Ballen Academy
comm and look at my courses and training group coaching programs and I look
forward to working with you more you can also learn more on my blog at laurie
balan com

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