November 22, 2019
13 UNIQUE Ways to Differentiate Your Amazon Product

13 UNIQUE Ways to Differentiate Your Amazon Product

one of the easiest ways to guarantee
that your product is going to fail on Amazon is to not differentiate it to not
stand out literally every single day I see new sellers coming to a market and
coughing the exact runner copying the exact listing to a tee and expecting to
do better than everyone else that has the same exact thing now how do you
think that’s gonna play out of course you’re gonna fail right you’re
setting yourself up for disappointment and you’re gonna lose a huge investment
if you do that so now you know you need to differentiate but the question
becomes how do you differentiate how do you stand out on a marketplace like
Amazon that has literally millions upon millions of products while in this video
I’m going to share with you 13 different ways to differentiate your products
unique ways that you can stand out you can attract customers and you can make a
difference in your marketplace so you can be profitable from day one what’s up if our builders JC Franco here
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an empire builder welcome back hopefully your empire is going strong now how to
differentiate your profit a lot of ways to do this and a lot of things that are
seem obvious on people and things that maybe aren’t as obvious I’m gonna cover
everything the complicated the expensive the cheap and everything in between so
we’re gonna cover thirteen different ways to do this so if you’re stuck on a
product you don’t know how to stand out if you watch this entire video I
guarantee you will have many more this will spark an idea of a way that you can
really make a difference now end of this video I’m also going to cover some of
the mistakes that are made when differentiating because standing out is
not always equal right standing out in a good way and they’re standing out in a
bad way so make sure that as you go through this you watch the end so you
know what is good what is that and what are some of the most common mistakes I
see when people are differentiating their products all right so let’s get
right into it okay so there’s like three main categories that I like to cover it
when I’m talking about differentiation okay and then inside those categories
there’s different ways to differentiate right so there’s first we’re gonna cover
is function so this differentiation is when you’re actually making a change to
the way a product is you the part of where product works or the way a product
operates so one of them could be size right so the size of the product and now
as I go through its list I want you to know that each differentiation method is
not gonna work for every single product right it’s only if it’s gonna be only
somebody’s only be applicable to some certain kind of product for example if
you have this mouse right making this Mouse way bigger isn’t really gonna make
a big difference unless it’s you know I don’t know four kids a kids mountain
with me it’s gonna finger in your bag or something like this I’m microphone just
because you make it bigger or smaller doesn’t mean it’s actually gonna make a
difference in the divine decision now that’s one of the main factors about
differentiation inside have to be something that’s actually going to move
the needle for a buying decision just make something different a fertile
reason it’s not always gonna be a great thing right so sighs give me something
that you can use for a lot of different so if it’s a container right a bag a
Tupperware a water bottle right maybe it’s a certain type of water bottle
maybe it’s a bamboo water ball and there’s only 16 ounce water bottles and
you can bring to market – ounce or smaller one a kid sized one
right so size something one of the first things that you’re going to be looking
at when differentiating your products how do you know if size is going to be a
good differentiating factor well the first thing you’re to look at is the
other listings so if the other listings you know are listing the size they’re
somewhere in the title and the first in the bullet points or if you’re looking
at the reviews and you notice that pay size is coming up so maybe it’s a
picture frame right at a picture frame like an 8 by 11 standard paper picture
frame and people are looking for you know I don’t know I don’t know what pay
for frames are like a 15 by 23 and they’re listing that in the title right
so picture frame eight by eleven picture frame you know a twenty one byte I know
thirty five whatever it is then that means that size for some reason is
important of course for a picture frame it’s important because the picture is
only a certain size or a paper a poster is only a certain size so for cases like
that of course size is gonna be a factor right and then also you can go to
reviews maybe you notice a lot of roofs say hey this is too small it does not
work you guys it’s supposed to because it’s too small then that’s where size
would come in okay so first one under function is size the next thing is
improve functionality just in general right so it’s under function improve
functionality so this is making something just work better now this one
is really we’re going to come down to reviews okay you’re not gonna know how
something functions or if it’s functioning poorly if you don’t read the
customer reviews now a simple example for this would be something like this
like this tripod here okay so this tripod is just a you know just a regular
little cellphone tripod or whatever it is now one of the main concerns and one
of the reviews I actually see a lot for this is that it’s too loose right the
legs are too loose so it doesn’t support the camera so an improved functionality
without changing anything at all on this would be like you know firmer legs so
that it can still get support so and so pound camera or something like better
grip right if you’re gonna grip this around a tree you don’t want to break
your expensive camera on here so an improved functionality would be you know
firmer legs or if maybe the you know these are rubber bottoms here so maybe
the competitors don’t have rubber bottoms and you could say I I have
rubber bottoms so they don’t slide when you put them on a table right so
improved functionality is something that’s a simple and improvement whereas
it’s gonna make the product work better without really changing too much about
it and that’s something where if you were to do that I would advertise
that you know on the listing somewhere so that you press tumors no hey I’ve
been reading negative reviews about competitors that have really weak legs
and this guy says you know ten two times stronger legs to hold heavier cameras
and support so you don’t break your kind of gear okay so that’s the next one
under functionality just a general improved functionality of a product the
next you could do is add a new feature alright so something that doesn’t
already exist on the product this is where it gets kind of expensive I want
to mention that is that with differentiating your products there’s
things you can do that you give me stand out and it can be you know relatively
inexpensive I like color and we’ll cover that later right so something that you
can make a change really stand out and really not affect at all the cost of the
product on the other hand there’s things that’s really gonna make a difference
that’s really gonna be you know something that’s super new a super
differentiation if you will where it’s actually gonna cost you more money and
adding a new feature depending on what the feature is it’s something where it’s
gonna cost more money if you’re looking for you know suppliers and manufacturers
to make new components and make new things for your product but something
like feature would be say it’s a tripod if you would have like a bubble level
here right if you added none of your competitors have that but you’re adding
a bubble level so you the customer knows when they’re using it if it’s if it’s
flat or not right if it’s if it’s straight something like that or if you
were to add some kind of locking mechanism right you flip one switch and
these these legs lock in place so adding a new feature is really going out of the
box and going above and beyond to really make your product yours and make your
product unique and make your product different but maybe that’s something
you’re gonna look at later down the line as your product progressed and that’s
another thing about differentiating right I will suggest to differentiate it
with something easy and I’m cheap at first and then as you go as you start
making money from your product and look at hey maybe I can really become the
leader in this marketplace and really make this my around my brand become a
products brand and really innovate right it’s when you can start innovating is
when you have more capital with this business but at the very beginning I
definitely would suggest to stick with something cheaper but if you can add a
new feature to your product then definitely something to look into and
again it has to be something that you know is gonna make an actual difference
now finally the last thing under function would be fixing fatal flaws and
this kind of goes under improved functionality but improved functionality
is something you know day to day where Proctor being used and it can it just
works better whereas fixing flaws give me something as simple as a material
change or you know like a durability improvement where it’s not really
increasing the functionality or the way that product functions but it is just
fixing something that is you know broken with something else maybe you have
something like elastic II and it’s snapping or you know different ways to
improve things that have been broken with previous with your competitors
models right so this again is going to come down to looking at reviews and
maybe purchasing your competitors products right so really breaking down
and getting into what is working what is not working how could I change this and
how can I improve this above what other people are currently doing so that
covers function all right so those are some simple ways that you can change the
functionality and really make your product different right now those are
kind of from cheap to expensive there and next we’re gonna look at aesthetics
so the aesthetics of the product or what most people I see do to stand out
especially right off the gate because these are the ones that are a little
more inexpensive so the first thing I already covered a little bit is color so
changing the color of your product actually could make a big difference as
you shop in Amazon you’ll probably see a lot of listings that have variations
right you’ll have a blue one a black going a red one a green one a bunch of
different ones because a lot of people different people like different colors
for whatever reason it is and depending on the product the color can make a big
difference right if it’s something that people are buying and they know that
other people are gonna see then having a color is you know something that is
really kind of reflecting their own personality their own style right
something like a phone case for example a color is pretty important right
whereas some other stuff maybe a color is not as important but make sure that
you’re picking the color you’re not just picking a different color to be
different right so if you got like I don’t know whatever it is don’t just
pick purple or pink when you’re selling you know men’s razors because that
obviously it’s not gonna do very well for you so color is something where you
can stand out and be different and I’ve seen a lot of places where everyone’s
selling black black black black black black because it’s simple right and then
someone comes out with a blue one or a white one and all of a sudden boom
they’re making crazy sales but just know that’s something like color it’s not
going to be you know it’s not if it’s the only thing at the very beginning
you’re good but it’s something that’s very easy to copy right so it’s not
going to be long-term your main differentiation that’s going to keep you
at the top but it can be something to add if there’s no-one else doing it
right so what I mean by that is if you come out with a blue tripod and a supply
or anyone sees that you’re doing really well with a blue tripod it’d be really
easy for them to come out with a blue tripod of their own right so just keep
that in mind when you’re looking at differentiation okay the next thing is
product packaging now this is a really cool way to differentiate a product well
that seems undifferentiated okay so this is sometimes with products that are just
it is what it is and there’s not much you can do to really stand out so say a
spoon right say you’re selling a cutlery set you got a spoon a knife a fork and
what else my missing there I don’t know a spoon a knife and a fork
I tell you really need an cutlery set right so let’s say you got that there’s
not really much you can do right yeah maybe you have a bamboo cutlery set
those are a totally different market right but let’s say it’s just silverware
okay what can you really do is stand out not that much maybe engrave your logo in
there maybe make this spoon a funky shape but something like that or like
you know a razor blade it is what it is so product packaging that can really
make you stand out is really a smart way to differentiate product and make your
product pop because a lot of the differentiation is about two things it’s
about making your product stand out on Amazon to draw the customers eye and
then the second thing is about increasing the perceived value so that
when the customer sees it to click on it it looks like your product your bundle
your package your you know your item that you’re offering is more valuable
than someone else’s even if you are charging a premium price it’s about
drawing attention and then capitalizing on attention by having a higher
perceived value right so packaging for a blind item is really smart if you can
put that on your first image and like boom it really stands out on Amazon when
all the other listings look pretty much the same right so designing a nice
packaging if you don’t know how to actually design a nice packaging I’ll
put a video right over there or you can just go directly to got like Medicom and
I’ll have a discount code in the description the highest it’s gonna code
for automatic 20% off if you want to get your product packaging design
professionally as I do logos I do product inserts and everything as well
so that’s a great way to get out there and it’s relatively cheap as well and it
something you’re gonna need to do anyways right the next nicest second
nice thing about product packaging is that it makes your product feel premium
when it arrives right so even if you’re not putting it out there
on your listing when that product arrives to your customer and they say
holy crap this really looks like something that would be pulled out of a
store it’s really professional and just
increases the value of your brand alright and they’re more likely to come
back they’re more likely to tell their friends about it and spread that good
word about your brand through word of mouth okay so the next thing under
aesthetics it’s going to be the shape so the shape of the product again this
doesn’t apply to everything but sometimes changing the shape of a
product can make a difference so an example would be like these silicone
placemats for kids right so it’s just a silicone placemat where kids can’t knock
over the bowl or whatever it is something that it’s in a shape of like a
dinosaur or something a simple change to that it’s just changing the mold of that
silicone and making it the shape of a butterfly and making it a dog and making
it something else that kids really like right and I’ve seen there’s a lot of
products with different you know different shapes and it was obvious that
certain ones did better than others so changing the shape of a product or maybe
it’s like a mousepad right you got a small rectangle mousepad
maybe you make one a circle and maybe that makes a difference right so looking
at how you can change a simple thing even like with spoons right cutlery sets
the simple shape of the spoon the shape of the handle maybe it’s not a flat
handle but it’s like a cylindrical handle for the spoon that makes it more
premium that makes it seem more you know it gives it more weight
maybe that will affect the buying decision of your customers now again
something like this can be expensive depending on what it is changing the
mold like I said though a silicone thing something like that could even be up to
like $2,000 to change a simple mold so into something where keep that in mind
if it works it a–probably it works if it doesn’t work your product it doesn’t
work but I’ve seen it work before right so changing the shape and then lastly
for aesthetics is going to be branding okay so specialized branding unique
branding that really makes you stand out and this is where you’re looking at
trying to be seen as a premium products brand now this kind of you know it goes
side-by-side with packaging but it’s more than just packaging right so look
at branding as the actual product how is the images of the product how are you
gonna place your logo now you’re gonna price your your brand
message throughout your product right so that comes down to product inserts maybe
thinking about something like you know placing a sticker for your logo on a
product versus maybe having a dye stamped onto your product versus having
it actually engraved onto your progress all those three different things are
super different and it’s going to be Sene super-different by our customer
even though it’s just the logo right from some people the Louis logo stop it
on there but being able to brand differently and stand out and look like
hey this is someone who’s really thinking seriously this is a serious
brand people will be able to see that and read that from your description and
they’ll see it and they’ll be able to feel it when they get it in their house
right so being able to stand out through your branding is a huge thing and you
see that all the time right like on Instagram whatever it is you know the
cup of coffee and 99 cents and then you go out that same cup of coffee with a
Starbucks logo on it and then also it’s six dollars right because the Starbucks
grant is so powerful and it’s it’s so accepted as a premium coffee brand that
people are going to pay more for it and that’s what you want to be doing with
your Amazon brand all right so that covers everything under aesthetics so
now we’re moving on to the last thing which is called premium so premium is
kind of what I just talked about with branding branding goes both into premium
and aesthetics but I like to put on aesthetics because it’s easier to think
about it that way under premium the first thing is one of the most common
and the one of the things I talk about the most here on this channel and inside
my Empire Academy is bundling alright so premium thinking about premium is
thinking about increasing the perceived value of your product
okay so bundling your product with another product is one of the easiest
ways to stand out to differentiate and really make a difference with a buying
decision right because all of a sudden instead of selling one product you’re
selling to two different things that this customer really wants and now of
course for the same price or a few dollars more and of course now you are
looking like the best choice because it’s the best bang for their buck
alright so bundling is it’s really effective right so if you don’t know
what bundling is basically instead of just selling this tripod you’re gonna
sell this tripod and these glasses together on one listing alright so when
they purchase this your your product they’re getting both of these in a
single box okay now of course this is a bad example but that’s just an example
of what bundling is okay so what would be a good example of a bundle a good
example of a bundle is two products that this customer that just makes sense
together the best bundle is one product that you need to have the other product
with so for example if you’re to sell a product that was refillable right so say
it’s again go back to razors and you have replaceable you have the their
handle and then you have like four razor cartridges cartridges are four different
razors right a great bundle would be to add
extra Razer cartridges to that because you need this piece to work with this
piece it’s like car and a gasoline right the second level of a bundle would be
something that isn’t just nice to have so maybe it’s a razor and then you got
like shaving cream right it’s nice to have but it’s not absolutely necessary
to function the razor blade and then the lowest level of a bundles or something I
don’t really suggest is something that’s just like a complementary item right so
say you have you’re selling a dog leash and then a dog toy yeah they’re kind of
the same thing but they’re not really right so you don’t the customer doesn’t
need to have both of them together and I’ll talk about a little bit later
actually on how that can get hurt your sales sometimes by bundling to
complimentary items that aren’t really you know like melded together okay so
make sure you keep watching to the end of the video to figure out why not to do
that all right so a bundle again there’s a lot of ways to look for bundles but
that’s not really what I’m covering this video now one of my favorite ways to
find out what will bundle well is by looking at the frequently brought
together you know people who also people bought this also bought and then also
looking at reviews and another cool trick to find out what really works for
Buggles is go to a product look at their reviews and then click into that
reviewers profile to see what other products they bought and that’s
sometimes really sparked a great idea for bundling or you can go into this
seller storefront so say you have a product you know someone’s selling these
say it’s gorillapod selling these tripods you can click on the Gorillapod
and see what other products are selling and see if any of those would work well
as a bundle with your item right so bundling items very effective probably
one of the most effective ways to stand out and increase that perceived value of
your product all right so that’s under premium the next thing under premium is
price right so price is a way to differentiate however it’s not a very
good way it’s not the best way to do it right of course when you’re first
launching a product going cheaper than everybody makes sense right it will it
will make it a lot easier for people to buy your product because because
obviously you’re cheaper and if you have a premium product and you have a premium
bundle that’s just better than everyone else’s and and you’re cheaper than
everyone else then of course it’s gonna be good for you now there’s a few things
about pricing that being cheaper isn’t always the best okay once you start
getting reviews and you start get people actually buying your product
sometimes makes more sense to increase your price and be more expensive than
everyone else and sometimes you’ll be surprised that
you’ll get more sales when you have a higher price and it’s because of
perceived value now let’s say you are going to go and buy you know a cutlery
set and you go to let’s say Walmart and you you know you see a set for like
thirty seven dollars okay that’s what it is thirty seven dollars and you see the
same thing in a dollar store for three dollars what do you think is gonna be a
better product right most people will think they associate price with quality
so the even though it’s the same exact product the $37 one seems like it will
be better right even though it might not be and that is the same case with Amazon
so just because you have the lowest price doesn’t mean it’s gonna guarantee
you the most sales right so being premium brand yourself as premium and
having a few extra dollars to that price maybe it’s a it’s significantly a
significant amount more it’s something you had a test right so don’t just think
that undercutting everyone is going to be the best option for differentiation
because having the highest price is also a mode of differentiation right and the
next thing about price is that if you’re just relying on being the lowest that’s
your only differentiation right like I’m gonna come to market same product same
listing same everything and we’re gonna have the lowest price because you know
I’m just happy with that and I’m happy with the margins there the danger there
is that everyone can do that right it’s the same thing with color or whatever I
talked about earlier is that if you are just undercutting everyone by three
dollars there’s not there’s nothing stopping someone else from matching your
price or going even lower than that or for the supplier themselves to sell at
same product because obviously they can have way better margins than you and
then cut you by five dollars so that’s a good way to get burnt really quickly is
if price is your only differentiating factor then don’t do that but it can be
a differentiating factor in your overall product all right so the next thing for
premium is the overall quality now this kind of is the same thing as fixed flaws
but overall quality is something like changing the material so instead of
maybe something plastic you upgraded it to a better kind of rubber or you
upgraded it to metal or wood or whatever it is but increasing the overall quality
of a product so that it just it looks better it works better it feels better
it handles better whatever that may be for your specific product
maybe you know it’s a mouse and the clicking is is to ratalie so you found a
way to you know maybe like damping the click so it’s not as as is ratalie when
you click it or the scroll wheel right maybe the scroll wheel is is clunky and
you made it smoother that is something where you’re looking at improved overall
quality just making the product better now again this is one of things where it
can get expensive depending again on what it is you’re changing but if it’s
something like adding a simple material or add upgrading from a plastic to a
rubber sometimes that stuff is not very expensive and it can really make a huge
difference for the perceived value of your product on the twelfth way to
differentiate product is going to be by quantity all right you’ve seen this
before now this is gonna of course only apply to certain products and it makes
no sense for products that are already sold in a package so maybe it’s like say
socks and it’s a pack of three and now you’re gonna come in with a pack four or
a pack buy or pack of six or whatever it may be right so increasing the quantity
of your products and selling more is of course a way to differentiate products
in a simple way depending on what the product is now again this it becomes
dangerous depending on what product it is because certain packages are going to
sell better for whatever reason it is okay so if it’s something that is you
know it goes fast more is better or for something that is just you know the only
a few are going to be needed throughout the year or whatever it is for the
lifetime then Leslie better right so knowing what quantity is going to
actually do better is very important just because more isn’t always best so
if you have a pack of like five say pillowcases right just selling 25
pillowcases it’s not always gonna be better because maybe someone only needs
five pillowcases right who needs 25 pillowcases unless you have you know a
bunch of kids or you’re running a hotel or some motel or whatever it is
alright so knowing the quantity is gonna difference and how can you do that you
can actually go if you go into Amazon you just type like you know straws pack
of and you leave it at that I’m azan will Auto fulfill so if it says
pack of whatever the Hyatt the first suggested one is that’s gonna be the one
that is the most searched so that’s going to be a great way to see what
quantity or what package sizes are you know quantity of packages or how many
items in one package you should do right so maybe you have a two pack how many
should be in that two pack should be have two
like a fire chief packin three or two back and seven right so knowing that and
digging that down is a great way to differentiate your product and sometimes
quantity is selling less right and everyone’s telling a three-pack maybe
you only want to sell a single one or if everyone’s selling a you know blessed
could be more as well okay now on to the last way to differentiate your product
and this is one that is not gonna work a lot depends on what it is it depends on
how you want to do it but the origin of the product can be a differentiator
right it can be something where it makes your products feel a very very premium
and by what I mean by that is not getting it manufactured in China right
so if you have something like I don’t know say it’s something that goes on
your skin or it’s it’s something that you’re gonna ingest or it’s a topical
product something that you know people are using for their body having it say
made in USA is going to be a quality differentiating factor then the same
exact product that says Made in China Ryan you can charge a premium for that
because people are gonna think and say hey this is made in the USA it’s
probably got more regulations and rules it’s gonna be better for me or let’s
just say you’re selling like a small table right it’s a small table having a
say made in Italy is gonna be you know have an increased perceived value than
made in China now again it’s not gonna work all the time because for the most
part you do want to make it in China because it is gonna be cheaper it is
gonna be better but if you can look elsewhere maybe you go to Alibaba India
and you’re selling blankets and it says Made in India for a certain type of you
know cultural blanket maybe that’s gonna look better or like a Tabas tree and I
feel look better than made in China right so having a different origin is a
very unique and different way to stand out and increase the perceived value
your product and somebody can even put on your listing on your title you know
made in whatever and that’s something very simple but only if it works for
your product if if it makes sense then as a cool way to go ahead and do that
alright so that is 13 ways to differentiate your Amazon product I
guarantee if you have a product and you’re thinking about it right now and
you haven’t found a differentiating factor if you go through all these 13
ways you will find one of these that will work and because again the blind of
the blend you can always go with product packaging and show off that product
packaging and look very premium for your product alright now I’m going to cover
now is things to avoid things to keep in mind when you are doing this so the
first thing and I cover this already a little bit through these
videos and it must be important to the buyer you don’t want to simply
differentiate your product and just be different for the sake of being
different has me something that you know the buyer is actually gonna care about
okay so make sure you know that make sure you know who your customers are and
who is buying this product and if it’s actually gonna make a difference in the
buying decision for this product the next thing it must be backed by numbers
and facts okay so don’t just go again off a whim you got to know the numbers
on this stuff you got to know what actually makes sense based on fact don’t
just guess and say hey I’m gonna sell socks and I’m gonna sell it right sock
in a blue sock you know and you know a long stalk and a short song just because
I feel like those are the songs I want in my wardrobe don’t base it on what you
think you would like based on what Amazon and the data is telling you okay
next it has to actually be innovative it has to actually be you know Stan
something that stands out if it’s if another seller is already doing it then
it’s not a differentiation you’re just copying another seller so it has to be
where no one in the market is doing it and that’s the most effective way to go
and actually make a difference because if you know say a lot of people are
doing this and then there’s four people that are differentiating this way you
know hey maybe I’ll just join my group before well then you’re already joining
a group of four right maybe join the group 4 but make it a little bit
different so that at least you know you have a claim of this is different in
this way and it’s truthful because if you the worst thing you do is say you
know hundred percent unique the only product to do this in this and then they
see no for the competitors are doing the same thing then you just seem like a
sham right so you don’t want to do that so make sure it is innovative even if it
is a smallest innovation like a different color make sure that that it
is unique to that marketplace all right and lastly what I want to cover is that
differentiating by having complimentary products like I mentioned earlier can
really hurt and the reason for that is this say someone really wanted to buy
charges tripod okay and they want this specific one and for you know say this
recorder okay this is these are both kind of filming type of things right so
hey this is really hot in the tripod market and this is really hot in the
recorder market so what if I just sold them together they are related items and
they’re both hot individually so I sell together they
should sell like wildfire right that’s not the case right because what happens
is in you might actually be shrinking your market because say you have a
hundred thousand people that want to buy this and 100,000 people want to buy this
but out of that hundred those 200,000 people there’s not many people that
wanted to buy both of these together right there’s only say I don’t know 1%
that want to buy both them together so you just took two really big markets and
you made it really small right so you have to know that if you’re gonna sell
something like this two hundred thousand people you want to add something that
those how same hundred thousand people would want as well
okay so just selling two good products that are related together can actually
have the opposite effect that you’re going for so make sure you know when
you’re choosing a bundle what to actually choose and what is actually
gonna make sense for the customer now if you want more help trying to actually
find a product on Amazon click that video right over there or if you want
more in-depth training I have a free seminar that I’m hosting where I’m gonna
cover the three pillars I’m how I was able to build a six-figure I’m gonna be
a business in my first six months as a high school dropout with no experience
and you can join that by clicking that one link right over there that little
square in the corner and again that’s gonna be hosted for a limited time only
so if you want to join that joint that now while the seats are available all
right I’m JD Franco and don’t forget that your empire away

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