March 28, 2020
13 Email Marketing Trends You MUST know 2019 (Free Money)

13 Email Marketing Trends You MUST know 2019 (Free Money)

the first thing that you need to know
about email marketing is that email marketing is dead now I know you’ve seen
all these trending articles that say email marketing is dead but you need to
first consider the source of these articles as of right now August 23rd
2019 email marketing is not dead not at all not by a long shot and if you just
do a quick google search you’ll see the results speak for themselves
and now for my 13 must know trending topics about email marketing before I
jump into my list I’d like to thank all of you that tap the like button down
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so number one on my list and that is customer experience focused email
marketing and that really comes down to a focus on personalization helpfulness
and really it’s all about the customer at this point you need to deliver to
them the same promise as when they subscribe to your email list kind of
like when I asked you to subscribe to my youtube channel and in turn I promised
to bring the value on a weekly basis it’s the same thing
deliver on your promise to your customers number two on my list is
automation and not just any kind of automation but predictive automation
just like when Amazon recommends something to you based on your purchase
history you’re interested because they know it and you click on it and by same
rules apply to this number three on my list is brand often tissa t you you
really want to provide that sincere value and look at things from the
standpoint of your customer when you write your email sequences it’s not just
a traditional push-pull type of environment like it has been in the past
you really want to nurture your customers into your value ladder
artificial intelligence is number four on my list and it is here today it
exists today and will be a massive factor in how we do our email marketing
how we do our ad targeting all ass of how we do business online is going to
start here today and grow exponentially so research it pay attention to it I
will bring you information on it but rest assured it’s something that is
serious benefit for us marketers number five is customer privacy it is a big
deal today and will only get bigger we need to understand as marketers how to
use it and deliver the proper messaging to our customers so that we don’t get in
trouble with any regulatory authorities it is a big deal you could get fined a
lot of money so be certain on how this works for you in your business and
you’ll stay out of hot water and deliver good results to your customer base
number six is lifetime customer value that is something that we all learn way
back in high school or marketing in college and I don’t understand why so
many people don’t grasp this concept email is a singular point of
communication that you own as a business owner with your customer and it can
provide you long-term benefits both to your business and to your customer
lifetime customer value is the lifeblood of your business you need to be focused
on it and always be providing value to your customers through it number seven
on my list is storytelling you really need to be able to craft an email
sequence an ongoing evergreen forever lasting email sequence to your customers
that it’s kind of like writing a story or a soap opera you need to have a main
character and that main character needs to be able to face adversity and triumph
over conflict this is the type of email sequence and writing to your customer
base that will engage them and keep them opening your email for all time to come
number nine is interaction within email you want to elicit responses from your
you know list your customer base in a non sales or non actionable sort of way
you’re not trying to always close the sale when you’re emailing them just like
number of the one right before this you’re trying to create that story well
ask questions you want to garner responses or maybe a quiz or
gamification or some sort of fun aspect but you want to ask for engagement just
like I asked for comments down below you want to ask for engagement in your email
series that’s not always all about selling number nine is to take cues from
your social media campaigns your succession your successful social media
campaigns you want to take elements from those things that get high engagement
and include those in your email series especially you need sort of imagery or
especially animated gifts that relate back to your main character in your
story include those in your email campaigns and you’ll see more success
and engagement number 10 on my list is that mobile mobile buying is mobile
purchasing is on the rise and I don’t just mean the number of people that are
willing to purchase on a mobile device but I mean that hire-purchase values you
know larger order values are on the rise people are willing to take their mobile
phones now and purchase that 3 4 or $500 item as opposed to in the past where we
really thought about this and purchase a low ticket offer item they are much more
likely to purchase high ticket items in your funnel on their mobile device
through your email campaign number 11 is my suggestion to use all of the tools
that are available to you and make sure that your email provider really has a
robust feature set you want to be sure that your email templates are responsive
designed because most of them will be read on a mobile phone you want to make
sure that you can a be test a be test everything not just headlines or subject
lines anymore but all sorts of different ad copy imagery all sorts of different
things you need to segment in your list and a B test you need to make sure that
these things are working for you because consumers are more savvy these days and
you need to stay on top of the game yes it’s a lot of work but at the end of the
day the reward the payoff is great number 12 on my list for email is to use
very focused abandoned cart recovery sequence there are all sorts of
different tools that you can use depending on which platform you’re on
like Shopify or WordPress or big commerce whatever and you really want to
try to people get people into your funnel you want to capture their email
address early in the process preferably before the cart may be joining your
newsletter or subscribing to getting a coupon or playing a game or something
along these lines also be sure and utilize exit pops for people that want
to bounce before that offer them a coupon in exchange for their email
address say that you’ll email it to them and that way you can capture their email
address and put a little bonus tip here is to put an expiration maybe a one-week
out expiration date on the coupon so you really want to try to capture people’s
email address outside of the cart phase actually additionally to the cart phase
so that you can build that list and last on my list number thirteen is to use
your email list people that have purchased from you to use it as a review
gathering machine you should be collecting reviews from as many of your
previous customers as possible you could try to incentivize reviews by offering a
coupon especially for a maybe a 10% off coupon if they include a picture photo
with their review maybe a 25% off coupon if they include a video with your
product in use type of review because this will go it will pay off in spades
it will go so far to help you close future deals it will increase your
conversion rate like gangbusters so try to collect as many reviews as you can
via your email list and you and your business will greatly benefit as a
result okay guys that’s my list of 13 email marketing trends that you must
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  1. What Email Marketing Trends do you see coming or continuing? Let me know! Also the video behind me is from the Corridor Crew, they have awesome videos, check them out.

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