April 7, 2020
10 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

10 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

– Welcome to The Journey. Today we’re gonna talk
about WordPress plugins that we cannot live without. If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur your business is priority numero uno. And the last thing you wanna be doing is spending hours and hours
trying to maintain your website, so that’s where WordPress and
WordPress plugins come in. – We don’t recommend you install every single one that we talk about. See what’s best for you and
your website and your business. – All right, so you
are a WordPress master, so what are some of your
favorite plugins for design? – Yeah, so I definitely have my favorites, my go to for all things but if you wanna just stick with using
the Gutenberg editor, the new WordPress editor in WordPress, highly recommend CoBlocks it, just basically adds
just extra functionality to designing a site. But my favorite, favorite, favorite go to design plugin is Elementor. It’s super visual, it helps me just be on the actual website and
make my edits from there. I’m a visual person, I don’t
like the back end too much, I like to kinda see what I’m
doing, so it definitely helps. – All right so the next
category of plugins are optimization, so these are things that make your site run better, faster, all good things. – Stronger.
– What is your top one? Stronger. (laughing) – So there’s lots of things you can do when it comes to optimizing
your site, right. So, one of my favorites and it’s become super popular by WPMU DEV is WP Smush. – Smush. – Smush. Now what this plugin does is exactly what the title says, it smushes. Compresses your images on your website so they’re not as big. ‘Cause not everybody has lightning fast internet speeds at home so all that stuff they have to download
makes your site kinda slow. – And site speed is one of the most important things that you should be optimizing for on your site because it’s an important factor for Google, on whether it’s going to rank your website but
even more importantly, it affects your users. If your website is taking forever to load, five, 10, 15 seconds because
you have these massive images. They’re headin’ out. So this plugin saves the
day, makes them small, but does not affect the quality. – Yes, and to really pair with WP Smush, is having some sort of Lazy Load plugin. Lazy Load by WP Rocket
is a plugin you can use. It’s free and basically what Lazy Load does is it only loads the images that the visitor can see. So that means all the
other images on your page, your browser doesn’t have
to load it right away so it makes your site even faster. – Yeah, so if you’re a fashion blogger and you’re talking about your favorite top ten spring outfits and you just have just this massive photo
shoot and you love it and all those images are super important ’cause you have product
links that you’re linking to. You don’t want to waste
a whole bunch of time loading a hundred images all at once. And so what this will do, just when the user is
looking at the three images it loads those, as they scroll down, it just loads the next ones. – Just pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. – It’s really cool, it looks nice too. It looks fancy, it’s like ooh. – Yeah, like little fade in effect. And it’s super easy to use, literally you go to the plugin settings, you click a couple
check boxes, hit submit, and that’s all you have to do. All right, so more image optimization. Images as you know, super important. So a kinda new-ish technology, like a dot WebP format,
basically what that is is just a different type of image format. Kind of for the web. So it takes images and basically reduces up to 25% in size. With the same quality. So their plugin called WebP Express that you can use to convert your JPEG’s, your PNG’s to that dot WebP extension. And what that does is it should hopefully help your site load that much faster ’cause there’s less to load. – Awesome. – Now this technology
is a little bit newer so test it out maybe
on like a staging site, maybe not your production site to make sure everything works. ‘Cause there is a lot of
rewrites and redirects that need to happen to
basically make this plugin work. – Nice. And another really cool
optimization plugin is called Autoptimize. That’s auto optimize, smush ’em together, and that’s actually what it does is it smushes your code on the back-end. So, you know, majority of them time you’re not going into
the back end of your code but your website is made up of code. And then that is translated to your users. But that code takes up
space and that space takes up page load time right, so what Autoptimize does is it takes all the spaces within your code and just smushes them all together, so you can load super duper super fast. Yeah, that’s what we do. – [Both] Smush. – And last but not least
when it comes to optimization plugins that are our favorites, is a plugin called WP Disable. Now what this does is it’s going to disable the different functions inside of WordPress that maybe you don’t actually need on your website. It’s all the extra bloat that
is just there with WordPress, it’s not for you, you just go ahead and disable with a couple clicks of a button and you’re good. Your site loads a little bit faster, that extra stuff isn’t
there and we all win. – So the next section of
plugins are security plugins. And these are so important because you don’t want your site getting affected with
malware, or getting hacked, so tell me about one of your
favorite security plugins. – Yeah so one of my favorites, really to harden the WordPress itself because WordPress is super popular, covers over a third of the internet and the last thing we wanna do is have a site be hacked,
redirected to malicious things, then your brand is just destroyed. So, these plugins should help
with some of that security. The first plugin that I
really recommend is Sucuri. It looks like security,
it’s just a WordPress hardening plugin. It’s gonna do a lot of stuff
on the backend for you. All you have to do is do a
couple of clicks of a button, and click save and it
does everything for you to really harden WordPress itself. – Awesome, and if you
wanna learn a little more about what to do if or
when your site gets hacked, we have an awesome video
right here all about it, so check it out. – And the other plugin I
just can’t live without is Really Simple SSL,
especially for first time users, or beginners, or people that just don’t wanna even deal with it like myself. What it does is after you have an SSL installed on your website with WordPress it doesn’t do the redirect for you. So even though you have the SSL there, your site still shows
http, colon, slash slash. – No good. – This plugin you activate
it, and it’s there, and it’s gonna add all
the redirect scripts, do all the things in the back end. And then your site’s secure, you have that https, you
have that lock symbol that no longer says not secure. Google now loves you, your
rankings are getting boosted, all with just a click of a button. It really helps me out just save time, ’cause I don’t wanna go in the code and set up those redirects. Go into the back of the database, go into the files and
find all the http links, this makes your life so much easier and it’s super quick to use. – So our next category of plugins are plugins that help
you get found online. And the number one plugin, this probably is my top plugin. – She never stops talking about it. – It is Yoast SEO. So basically SEO is one
of the most important things that you should be doing if you have a website but
no one is finding you. It’s because your website is not optimized for search engines. And what Yoast SEO does is
it makes some of the back end technical things very easy. It optimizes your site in a way that Google can find it. It creates certain things like robots.txt files, and site maps. But then it makes it really easy for you to edit your on
site work and content. So that’s the two parts of SEO, you have your on site
and your off site work. And Yoast SEO helps you
do everything on site. So easy, so awesome, I really
can’t talk about it enough. I love it, I’m a super fan. So the great thing about Yoast SEO is that it again, it helps
you with your on site and your keywords to make
sure that the content that you’re writing on your pages or your blog posts are
targeted and are written in a way that Google is
going to rank those pages. So let’s say for my website
there’s a new movie trailer that came out for a movie that everyone’s really excited about, it
will help me and guide me as I’m writing that letting me know that hey this blog post is too short, you don’t have the keyword in your title, it will just give me all the tips. And then it will rank it on a scale so that way I know these are the things that I need to do to give my article the best chance of ranking. Super cool, makes it very easy for SEO novices, or SEO experts. – Yeah, I love the little check box that way it’s kinda like a little progress like cool I’m almost
there, I’m almost there, cool I nailed it. – So now you’ve done everything to optimize your site for search engines, but it’s really important
that you’re tracking where all that traffic is coming in and different sources
and yes Google Analytics is so important but it’s another dashboard on another site you have to log in to. So that’s where Google Analytics Dashboard comes in, it takes it
into your WordPress site, so it’s all there, very easy. – Yeah and it’s the first page you see when you log in, so you log into your site and there’s the little graph saying what are your top posts,
what’s not working, what is. And you can kinda dig in deeper, directly on your site without having to go to Google Analytics. And what’s cool about it is these plugins will actually give you the information that you really care about
inside your dashboard. ‘Cause Google Analytics is
a lot, it’s overwhelming, sometimes some of the
things don’t make sense. These plugins help just a little bit. – So the next plugin I
love because it helps other users all over the
internet find your content. It’s called NextScripts: Social Poster. And basically what it does, anytime you post a new blog post it automatically pushes it out to all of your social networks. There’s a giant list
and you can choose to do all of ’em or some of them. So if you have followers that follow you only on Twitter or people
that are only on Facebook, or what not you can just go anytime you hit publish for one of your articles, poof off it goes and the really cool thing is you can edit your individual captions for Twitter, you could have
a different one for Facebook obviously there’s different
character lengths. And so that way the users
on each of those platforms are getting a really unique experience. It’s really cool, it
saves you a lot of time. You spent a lot of time on this post, the last thing you want it do is just to fall on deaf ears, so this gives you a chance to spread it out the
world so they can find it. – Absolutely, and I
don’t recommend enabling this plugin while you’re developing a website because you might throw out a bunch of posts that
should not have got out. All right now with the
internet being so global as it is and being able to get a visitor from literally anywhere in the world, that means some of those users might be speaking a different language. And I know I only know English, so I can’t go and translate everything. But there are translating
plugins, like Weglot, and Polylang, that go in and automatically translate your website for you. You can go and make edits afterwards if the automatic one didn’t work as well. But it’s definitely helpful to really reach that global audience and
expand your business online. – That’s awesome. Another plugin that I absolutely love is called Pretty Links. And it does just that, it makes your links and your URL’s nice and
pretty and bite size. So let’s say that I’m on a podcast or on my YouTube channel
and I wanna direct people to my podcast page
basically what it will do is take my big long link
and all they have to do is type in my website
name backslash podcast and it will go straight to that page. It’s easy for your users to remember because they’re not gonna
remember this big long link. And so you can create
little bite sized links that redirect to your main one. – Yeah that’s super important, and especially with WordPress
if you create a post it’ll do like my post I’ll
list ten ways to optimize your site it’ll be
10-ways-to-optimize-your-site. And havin’ to tell someone that especially in a quick forum like video or just talking to ’em, is awful. – They’re gonna type it wrong, they’re not gonna remember. They’re gonna give up. – Yes, so those quick little bite size, like just slash podcast or slash optimize. – Slash 10 tips. – 10 tips, whatever it you wanna do it makes it easier just to say is my domain .com slash 10 tips. And then they’re there.
– Off you go. Another plugin that I love
if you are using AdSense or even any sort of ad
platform to monetize your site is called Quick Adsense. And what I love is that sometimes when you have your AdSense code it can be kind of confusing
on where to put the code and then you have to
put it in this section, and then I want it to
appear here, here and here. Let’s be honest, I’ve
totally crashed my site by going in and trying to do that myself. That’s where Quick Adsense comes in. Basically Quick Adsense does
all of that work for you and all you do is you check boxes of I want an ad to appear before my post, I want an ad to appear after my post, I want one to appear on my side bar. Whatever, you get to pick and
boom, it appears right there. – So speaking of possibly
breaking your website, there’s a plugin called Wp File Manager and it does just that. Gives you a file manager
inside of WordPress. So instead of having to go via FTP’s Using a third party
program like FileZilla, you basically can manage all of your files in the back end directly
in your dashboard, super quick, super easy. And this one is just super cool just to give your visitors that next level of customer service. There’s a site and plugin called Tawk.to. Tawk.to. Basically it’s a free chat software you can put it on your website, there’s a mobile app
too so you can actually respond to visitors on your website directly from your phone.
– That’s cool. – And give ’em those quick answers, that quick customer
service that’ll potentially boost sales, boost customer service, boost retention, boost loyalty. And it’s a free plugin,
I highly recommend it to any really brick and
mortar type business. Or someone that’s constantly
on their website anyways, its definitely helpful. – Yeah if users are coming to your website and they’re asking you quick questions they’re probably people who are interested in potentially buying
your product or service. So if they know that they’re
getting a response right away and it’s from the business owner or someone who works for the business, that gives a lot of confidence that this business is on top of it and they probably end up buying from you. The last WordPress plugin that we cannot live without is call WooCommerce. I love WooCommerce. ‘Cause if you’re already using WordPress for your website you
don’t wanna have to send your users to another shop platform that gives ’em a
different user experience. WooCommerce allows you
to have that e-commerce functionality within WordPress. It’s slick, it’s simple, it’s awesome. Tell us a little more. – Yeah, so it obviously will
give you that e-commerce ability but it makes just managing your e-commerce store
that much simpler, right? So you have an order management area so you can manage customer orders, you can respond to customers
directly in WooCommerce itself. Can set up shipping rates,
you can set up taxes, you can set up advance taxonomies, you can set up advance attributes so if you want certain products to have blue shirt, large,
and then some engraving or whatever else you wanna
have on your product, you have the ability to
do so with WooCommerce. Does literally everything for you. There are some extra premium features, you can always get at WooCommerce.com and there are tons of third party plugins you can use to add onto the
functionality of WooCommerce. Just go to plugins, add
new, search WooCommerce, and there’s gonna be
tons of different things to make WooCommerce even better. – All right guys I hope
you liked the WordPress plugins that we cannot live without. They’re amazing, now let us
know in the comments below what your favorite WordPress plugin is, I’m interested I’ll be
down in the comments, takin’ notes, because– – We’re gonna add ’em to our own sites. – Yup. – And while you’re there, make sure you smash that like button if you got some value outta this, and hey subscribe to our channel, and ring that bell so you
get these episodes first. This is The Journey,
we’ll see you next time.

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