April 1, 2020
10 Steps To Increase Sales Of Your Local Ecommerce Store – Anish Kokani

10 Steps To Increase Sales Of Your Local Ecommerce Store – Anish Kokani

Are you struggling very hard to increase your
sales and revenue for your local e-commerce store so then here are the 10
steps which I will be sharing with you on how to increase your sales for your
local e-commerce store here’s the video coming up hey what’s up people this is Anish Kokani from weebigo.com helping people grow their businesses in terms of
sales revenue and traffic and even teach people how to make money online so
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this one now let us see how to increase your sales and revenue for your local
e-commerce store according to a recent report by Statista it tells that the
recent study conducted by them it told them in the year 2017 the sales and
revenue of local e-commerce stores went up to $2.4 trillion dollars
and it’s also going to rise till five trillion dollars till 2021 so even the
local e-commerce store have the place in the online Sun what do you think
according to this study I actually feel and still 95 percent
people believe in brick-and-mortar stores rather than online sales and why
this is so happening it’s because of many of the factors let us see one by
one and what are the steps you can take forward to increase your sales and
revenue for your local e-commerce store and here goes the first one
B.O.P.I.S what is B.O.P.I.S buy online and pick up in store what is meant by buy
online and pick up in store these are many of these tactics even increased by
many of other companies on also and local e-commerce companies whether they
are implementing this tactic called as B.O.P.I.S is implemented for those who
are having their online store for the local consumers now let us say you have
a brick-and-mortar store and you want to also come online you come up with an
online store with all the inventory what you have you register on your website
and you showcase it to the people and what you need to do is they can book
their products online and then we come and pick up from your store this is the
way how you can increase the people’s engagement and reach out more audience
within your localized or the regions what you are catering to with your local
e-commerce tool now let us see what is the second step
content marketing now content marketing is one of the most integrated marketing
in what every other company implements what is actually content marketing you
need to write blogs or content for the people who are actually in need
of help from you now let us say you have some merchandising store you can write
content on how you can help people on fashion designing on latest fashion
blocks or latest fashion accessories so you can it’s actually helping out people
with the problems what they are facing with your content it’s not just about
promoting or promotions of your sales even on the content marketing it’s not
about that it’s about helping people out and connecting with the relationships
with the customers so that they engage more with your local e-commerce store
this system is called content marketing for your local e-commerce store now let
us go to the third step it’s social media marketing what is social media
marketing as you all know there are lots of social medias right now currently
highly used social media is we all know it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat
I don’t recommend you to go on all these social media profiles as you are local
ecommerce store & cater to any of the 1 would recommend you to go on Facebook as
in your generation is always on Facebook for more than eight hours all some 12
hours a day there are many statistics which we will not discuss right now but
it’s better when you go on Facebook and start marketing on your local e-commerce
store start showcasing your products for the
people who are engaging with your local e-commerce store so for the people who
are in your region the for the people who are your localites you and even you
you will know that how you can select your demography and make sure that
each and every audience of yours will reach with that promotion this is how
you need to do your social media marketing or your local e-commerce store
now let us see what is the fourth step presence in local search engines what
are these local search engines we all know Google is not the only one search
engine Google is actually catered for an entire world but we also know that there
are some local search engines for just for an example Justdial is one where
they provide you the local search results for what are your presence or
localized selling this is very very important and when you come even more
even on the Google you need to understand that you will
have to open up your account for Google my business people are online as
well as searching for any of the products when they are in need and they
just go on and type for something and they want to search where is this actually
other level and then they see your result they will tend to come to your
shop and purchase that product that is why you need to present on local search
engines as well as Google’s my business page this is very very important it
actually increases your sales for more than eighty three percent according to
the research done by the company so you need to be present on local as well as
Google search engines next one is consistency on content marketing as I
told earlier content marketing is the way way you help out people on providing
the solutions with the content what you are writing on the blog post now you
need to maintain that consistency what is consistency you will have to
write the content continuously or according to your timetable because you
cannot write one blog for one day and after fifteen days you have not written
anything after month you are writing something it’s not that way
you will have to maintain the discipline and some time table as well as
consistency to help out people with finding out what are the problems they
are facing and giving the solutions with your content marketing and itself based
the relationship with your localites as well as the local people or the region
very on it linked to your customers next one is people’s engagement what is
people’s engagement here is the take what is the people’s engagement let us
say you’re a local e-commerce store and people come to your store they are
buying something you will have to ask them to tag that location and share it
on social media platforms give reviews for your Google my business page make
small video and showcase it on your profiles this is how you call out your
customers and tell them to share the experience with the store when this
happens this actually converts other people or their other relatives or
their friends to come out to your store and purchase the products this is how
you build your relationship with your local customers when they come up with
their own stories and they come up with their
own engagement they will share it on their own social media profiles they
give the review on the Google my business page or any local search
engines this actually helps you to get more audience reach for your local
e-commerce store this is how you will need to implement this people’s
engagement step next one is three represents same online and offline
what is represent same online and offline you have put one price for the
product online of all your online store and you put the other price on your
offline store this cannot happen if you are representing the same product on the
same online as well as offline we product range as well as pricing
should be same because it’s like being scrupulous enough for your customers
they see something online and they have booked and they will they will want to
detect a book that products and when they come to your store they see some
terms and conditions or yeah terms and conditions is okay it’s other part but
when it comes to pricing as well as the quality it should be similar enough it
should be safe enough when it comes to pricing and it comes to quality it
should be similarly enough sometimes photos may change or the quality might
change but when it comes to pricing it should be same enough it that itself
tells you we present same online as well as offline next step is provide native
language support for your ecommerce store provide native native language
language support for your ecommerce store you have an e-commerce store which
caters for other different languages even in your local regions when people
go and search for it they don’t know your language now how will you help them
out you need to provide the local language supports very they tend to
understand your information understand your ecommerce store in the language in
front they are comfortable enough this actually help you to convert more number
of people so that you increase your sales as well as traveling next step is
offer in-store exchange and returns offer in-store exchange writtens
do you know why people are actually reducing purchasing online not reducing
actually but the rate of purchasing online is
actually not high enough what even the technology has been changed whatever the
technology has been changed but it’s not high enough compared to brick-and-mortar
purchases this is only because when it comes to the problem of returns when it
comes to the problem of trying the product this is one of the biggest
problem when it comes to online purchasing that is the reason you will
have to provide the online customers to return their products when they come to
your store or the service wherein you’re providing that if you purchase it online
you don’t worry we you will take it back in our offline store this is the way how
you can connect with your people is the step you need to implement which
actually increases your connection as well as bonding with the
local customers now let us see what is the next step the next step is local
digital marketing what is local digital marketing local digital marketing is
you need to cater enough to your local customers who are present in your work
lines or in the neighborhoods as you are a local e-commerce store you need to
represent on social media marketing as well as digital advertisements like
search engine marketing as well as search engine optimization when someone
is searching online you need to be present enough with the products what
they are searching for with the keywords you need to understand what are the
keywords they are searching for and you need to do that SEO or your website now
this helps to get more audience as well as more footsteps to your local
ecommerce store as well as when they go online they will book more number of
products and come to your store and purchase those products so these were
the most important 10 steps which you need to follow as well as implement
right now to increase your sales and revenue for your local e-commerce store
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