April 3, 2020
10 Qente Me Te Shtrenjte Ne Bote (SHQIPtube)

10 Qente Me Te Shtrenjte Ne Bote (SHQIPtube)

Brave Browser is the fastest, private and secure browser for computers and phone. Browse faster than with any other browser you have the ability to block advertising and trackers. You can download it by clicking on the link I have post in the description of the video, also the link to the details of what good offers this browser and get as little as a monthly reward. -Many people behind the Dogs are able to pay a lot dizzying for particular Canine breeds. A Dog That Is Very I popular sometimes does not come without a price. Make the SUBSCRIBE channel the YouTube channel to bring you as many Interesting Facts Albanian. In this video I have listed 10 The Most Expensive Dogs in the World !!. Don’t be surprised by the extreme prices they have paid some people to own a Dog because for them this animal is one of the most precious things in the world. 10.Afghan Hound A very handsome Dog originating from the mountains of Afghanistan is known as one of the most beautiful Dogs in the world because of the long hair that looks like a lightweight coat that requires daily washing because it can be made very tricky easy. The dog Agfanistan can live from 10 to 14 years. The costs of maintaining such a dog breed are very high which can cost over $ 3,000 and have to pay a total of $ 7,000 to own dollars. 9. Loyal to its owners and very expensive is Pharaoh who is used mostly for rabbit hunting on the Maltese islands. This Dog is quite intelligent can live 11 to 14 years and reach a weight of up to 25 Kilograms. Jane very sensitive to stress that can lead to costs that cost up $ 1,500 to handle. Whereas buying such a Dog costs 7,500 dollars. 8. Be Argentinean who is also in the list of 10 Most Dangerous Dogs for due to its strength, it is also one of the Most Expensive Dogs in the World. Because of their physicality it is illegal to carry such a Dog as an Animal Households in the United Kingdom, Colorado and New York. They get one Life expectancy of up to 14 years, suffer from deafness that I can call bills costs up to $ 1,600. Without daily training and special care costs can increase even more. To become the owner of this dog breed must be paid in full $ 8,000. 7. One of the deepest dog breeds in the world is the Canadian Eskimo Dog and it is at the risk of this Race disappearing. In 2018 there were only 300 of them in all world. Eximo dogs are very sensitive to very minor disturbances, therefore they are not very suitable for families with children. However, they are beautiful enough and to own an Eskimo Dog you have to pay 8,750 dollars. 6.Many people are surprised to see Rottweilers on the Most Expensive Dogs list In the World because such a breed is thought to be common, but a 100% breed The pure of this Dog can be much more expensive than you think. only health bills can reach up to $ 1,500, because Race is highly susceptible to any disease, their life expectancy is lower than that Other dogs, from 8-10 years. However, they are known as pets loyal to the owners and a pure breed of this dog can cost up to $ 9,000. 5. One of the newest and most expensive breeds is the Azawakh Dog, who mainly used for hunting. It is an Honorable Dog that heals most quickly from bodily injuries. They live up to 15 years. Being the only one who exercises only in the presence of the owner and for you to become the owner of such a Dog, you must make a payment of 9,500 dollars. 4. Tibet Mastif, The Best Dog To Protect Sheep From Predators Like Wolves, leopards and bears. Can reach up to 70 kg Weight. Initially u Used only as guards and defenders while today are a Dogs With Him Expensive In The World. This Dog’s breed is very intelligent and protects the family in the event of an attack at a price of $ 10,000 it takes 4th place as the Most Expensive Dog. 3.Chow Chow is originally from Northern China and is one of the breed old in the world and for this reason his price has gone very high. To see one Chow Chow’s pure breed should pay a not-so-modest 11,000 dollars. Chow Chow can live up to 12 years, is a very good dog therefore it requires special care. 2. Even Lowchen is a Vanishing Dog only 300 are registered in 2018. An Honorable Active Dogs Reprinted for children take second place as the Most Expensive Dog. They are very much Healthy so you don’t have to spend a lot of money for it its maintenance, but the main problem is the cost of being out $ 12,000. 1. The most expensive dog in the world is the Samoyed breed originating from Siberia. Very rare breeds, known as Excellent Dogs, societies that always seek people’s attention by doing them perfect for families with children. Its cost reaches the figure of $ 14,000. Veterinary bills are also higher than that every other dog. They are prone to cardiac disorders which

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  1. Like kush eshte . Per me i qit edhe macat me te shtrejta ne bot. Por ne video te perfshihet edhe macja e Valit Corleone …

  2. Kam paguaj 2000 euro nga zvicra deri ne maqedoni deri 2500 euro me doli ska pse te cuditeni kush nuk beson le te mos besoj kurseni ofendimet se nuk genjej ishte qen me shkoll haski njejt si ujk edhe shum i rall ne vendin tone

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