April 10, 2020
10 Productive Habits for Creative Success | Creative Extraordinaire

10 Productive Habits for Creative Success | Creative Extraordinaire

As I had mentioned previously on the topic of self-expression, I believe this is the time for personal expression and that creativity requires a combination of skills, self-worth and, dedication. In order to acquire such skills and resilience, we must be willing to put in the work by taking personal time for both reflection and hard work. Originality is found within, by exploring our inner lives and longings. Our creative confidence is built through the daily resolve of committing to the work, to more meaningful projects and businesses, of learning new skills, of rising above trials and tribulations, of extending a helping hand and of making our communities more conducive to personal growth and expression. We learn to deal with our own creative blocks, failures and the need for perfection, using what is in our hands to create and diligently work on our craft with passion and tenacity. Below are some of the habits one should cultivate to achieve creative excellence, through these you will establish your goals and objectives. 1. SOLITUDE: is advised by all successful people and is embraced for the purposes of introspection and imaginative sessions. I spoke about looking inwardly for originality and authenticity, seeking answers, meditating, wandering in order to realize a goal or an objective. This habit is at the crux of a fruitful creative life. Whether you sit alone in your room, go for a walk or attend a silence retreat in a faraway land, it is totally up to you, just make sure that solitude forms part of your creative rituals. 2. BRAINSTORMING: includes creative sessions with your team or friends in order to develop an idea or a story through sketching, mind mapping, storyboarding, etc. Allow every member of your team to express their ideas then bring it all together later on. This is useful when working on a business solution, a song, a marketing campaign just to name a few. 3. VISUAL AND MENTAL CONTENT: expose yourself to various kinds of imageries and challenging exercises not only for inspiration but for mental sharpness as well. 4. RECORDING: make it a habit of recording every thought, idea, chord, and melody that comes to your mind, don’t postpone it or you might not recall it later, always be equipped and on the lookout- ideas creep in uninvited. Notepad and recording devices come in handy in this case. 5. PRACTICE/repetitive patterns: memorize, organize, write, and build your creativity around a repetitive lifestyle. As boring as it may sound you need to perform activities on a consistent basis in order to see results. It leads to craftsmanship and mastery. 6. FIELD TRIP, INTERNSHIP and MENTORSHIP: these are suggestions are for the amateur who wishes to learn from the seasoned artists/entrepreneurs.; by exposing themselves to a variety of skills, settings and experiences. 7. RUMINATION- stay with an idea for a while that way your subconscious will eventually instruct you, it is a soft form of procrastination to let the idea soak into your fertile mind. Take your focus off your project and start another interesting or random activity to relax since a lot of the time we become too obsessive and controlling about the outcome then intentional perfectionism kicks in, resulting in creative blocks. 8. STUDY YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST/INFLUENCE: the reason we are drawn to a certain artist/influencer is never coincidental, by studying them you might build on such influence and grow from an artistic standpoint and an emotional one. The awareness that this creates could most probably lead your next project or allow you to finish an ongoing project that required outside inspiration. 9. TAKE TIME OFF: this is a way similar to rumination only this time you acknowledge your exhaustion and take time off to rest. Rest is mandatory in any case, consistency and productivity involve a balance of work and rest. 10. HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: take a new project or learn a new skill/language with a partner as a way to acquire more intellectual capabilities and keep yourself accountable throughout the duration of the activity or project. Which ones of these habits do you adopt on a daily basis? Which ones do you find more dompting and demanding? Has any of these habits helped push past creative blocks? Let me, I would love to hear from you.

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