April 7, 2020
10 PASSIVE INCOME ideas and tips for 2020 || Shelby Church || Earn $1000+ Per Month (With PROOF)

10 PASSIVE INCOME ideas and tips for 2020 || Shelby Church || Earn $1000+ Per Month (With PROOF)

Is there anything better than making money
while you sleep? Yes, it is possible.
In this video, I am going to share with you the top 10 passive income ideas.
Shelby Church is one of the best examples for today’s video who has made over $3000
just from one video. After the end of this video, you will be able
to know such kinds of passive income that will pay you over $1000 per month.
Hey Guys, I am Jahanggir and you are watching invest time grow online. Keep watching… What is Passive Income?
Suppose, You have invested your time and money to build a house.
Now it’s time to make money. Rent this house to someone and collect money
every month. Even if you are not working now, you will
get money every month while you are sleeping, playing or watching video games.
In a word, Passive income is money you earn in a way that requires little to no daily
effort to maintain this income. If you want to retire from making money actively
at an early age, then you must start making passive income.
Now, let’s see the top 10 passive income ideas. #1 Display Ad
If you have a website, a blog or a YouTube Channel; you can monetize your article and
videos by displaying ads on your website or YouTube channel.
Whenever someone visits your website or YouTube channel, Google will show them relevant ads.
If someone clicks on this ad, then you will get paid by google. It’s called Cost Per
Click. How much will you make depends on how many
people visit your channel or website daily? The higher people visit, the higher you will
get paid. You just need to create an awesome article
or a video with a one-time effort. After that, whenever someone will read your
article or watch your video, you will get paid.
Though someone watches your videos or reads your article after 3-5 years, you will earn
money from this article or video. You can make thousands of dollars every single
month just displaying ads. Shelby Church, I have mentioned earlier.
She has made over $3000 just from one video by displaying ads and this video keeps earning
till now. #2 Rent Your Properties
Investing in rental properties is an effective way to earn passive income.
When investors buy property, they do so intending to never live in the house or apartment they
are buying. Instead, they intend to rent the unit out
and make a profit from the rental income. Once you purchase a home or a car then its
rental income goes straight to you. If you have a vacant room, apartment or house,
you can list it on Airbnb. Airbnb charges you 3% on every booking for
their services, but you can set the nightly rate at whatever you want.
People around the world are making impressive passive income through Airbnb.
If you aren’t using your car for a couple’s of day, or if you have a spare one, simply
join Turo’s free platform, list the car, and charge whatever you want for the day.
The key to your rental success is reviews. The more 4 and 5 stars you get, the more people
will rent your properties. In other words, the tenant is paying off the
asset for you, and you are earning a passive income from the rent every month.
I call it passive income because you did not have to work to make that kind of money. #3 Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is an income idea that requires you to have a website or platform
you can use to promote products. You promote products from Amazon and other
e-commerce stores on your website. For any sale of those products through your
affiliate link, you will earn 5-10% commission for each sale.
You can also include affiliate links on the video description that will generate commission.
Even if you have no website, blog or YouTube Channel; you can build an affiliate business
using social media. Believe me or not, the main income of a blogger
or a YouTuber comes from affiliate marketing, not by displaying Ads.
Suppose, you have a website or YouTube channel with 10000 unique viewers every month.
And at least 1% of people convinced to buy a $100 product through your affiliate link
and the commission rate is $10 for each sale. Then you can earn $1000 each month from this
website. Affiliate marketing is considered passive
because you can earn money just by adding a link to your site or social media account.
But if you are just starting out, you’ll have to take time to create content and build
traffic. Once you have built traffic, it’s time to
make thousands of dollar each month while you are sleeping. #4 Write and Self-Publish a Book
One of the most popular means of creating information-based products to sell online
is to write an ebook. After the invention of ebook, sales of books
have been on the rise again. Write a book and earn royalties from its sale.
Once you create it, you can sell it over and over and earn passive income while your sleep.
If you are writing something that related to a product, you can add your affiliate link
to the ebook and earn commission. You have to publish multiple books and constantly
be promoting your books on social media. Reviews for a self-published book are hugely
important but always an author’s toughest challenge.
Amazon says it doesn’t use reviews or number of reviews to rank a book but it is definitely
something readers look at before buying a book.
UK author Mark Dawson makes close to half a million dollars a year from self-publishing
his books. On a smaller scale, Joseph Hogue makes about
$2000 per month writing and self-publishing financial books.
If these guys can do it, anyone can. The average self-published author makes around
$1000 per year according to The Guardian. #5 Real Estate
Successful investments require planning. Whether you are buying stocks, bonds or real
estate, a good plan up front helps you avoid mistakes.
Real estate agents help people buy property, sell a property or rent a property.
It is the backbone of the American economy, and home prices continue to trend upwards
as the decades fly by. The cost to invest in real estate can get
high. That’s why you can use crowdfunding to become
a partial investor in a much larger real estate deal.
Real estate crowdfunding has dramatically increased popularity in recent years.
Crowdfunding is the process of pooling dollars from a large population of people to fund
a larger project. To invest in crowdfunded real estate, you
can look into sites such as Realty Mogul and Fundrise.
With just $500 you can start investing in real estate via a Starter Portfolio from Fundrise.
Using these sites, you can invest with a relatively small amount and take part in large scale
residential and commercial real estate projects. It’s not uncommon for crowdfunded real estate
investments to generate annualized returns of 15% or more for investors. #6 Dividend Payment
Investing in stocks that pay quarterly dividends is the oldest and one of the best ways to
generate passive income. By building a portfolio of high dividend stocks,
you can create regular passive income at an annual rate that is much higher than what
you get on bank investments. According to Forbes Contributor Brett Owens,
dividend investors who look ahead have the potential to score annual returns of 15%,
20%, or even 25%, if only they pick the right dividend paying stocks and stay the course.
By investing as a shareholder, you take no active role in the company.
All you need to do is collect dividends and attend shareholder meetings.
Therefore, you are creating money by investing in the company, not working for it to earn
a salary. There is no time commitment on your behalf,
only a capital commitment. If you are trying to develop a long-term investment
strategy, you might want to reinvest those dividends but if you are strictly looking
for passive income, you do well to cash those dividends.
Dividends are paid per share of stock, so the more shares you own, the higher you payout.
Obviously, it takes time and consistent investing to build up your portfolio where you’re
earning $1,000 per month. But you have to start somewhere, right? #7 Create Online Course
Keep in mind, earning money with course sales is not as easy as turning on a switch!
You have to create the course first, which can require weeks or months of your time.
Once you are done with the work required to create your product, however, the income can
become passive. A good online course usually markets itself,
as people share it on social media and suggests it to other people.
If you own a YouTube channel, you can put a trailer of that on YouTube and drive more
traffic to your online course. Or if you have a website with a lot of visitors,
you can also drive your traffic to your online course.
There are a lot of websites out there like Udemy that helps you sell your course easily.
These websites have a huge customer base as well.
Right now, selling online courses are a multi-million dollar business.
Holly Jojhson, a professional freelancer who earns over $200,000 per year creating online
courses. #8 E-commerce Site
E-commerce site is an excellent way to make passive income.
You can create your store on Amazon to sell your products worldwide.
Amazon allows you to ship your goods to their warehouse locations across the United States.
When someone orders a product from your store, Amazon employees process the order, pick and
pack your product, and then ship it to the customer.
One of the easiest ways to get started in the eCommerce world is to sell other people’s
products. If you want to sell products without having
to handle them, then drop shipping is the way to go.
It is a great way to sell products online without having to manage them physically.
If you created any digital product, you can sell it on your e-commerce site.
Digital products are the greatest source of passive income.
You need to be passionate about what you are selling.
Research shows that almost 25% of all retail sales worldwide happened online during 2019. #9 High Interest Saving Account
Online Banks have started to offer enticing interest rates that can help earn money on
your savings. Online Savings accounts are one of the best
places to stash your cash. Also called high yield savings account.
It is not money you are going to get rich from but it is free money.
CIT Bank sports one of the highest savings account rates available at 1.85% APY with
their Savings Builder Account. To earn the 1.85% APY, you need to either
make a deposit of $100 per month or maintain a balance of $25,000.
Initial opening deposit minimum is just $100. American Express National Bank member FDIC
currently pays 1.75% APY for it’s online savings account product.
American Express has NO monthly minimum or deposit requirement and the interest rate
is paid across all balances. Citi offers their accelerate savings account
which is currently yielding a 2.05% APY on all account balances.
Discover Bank offers a very competitive savings account rate at 1.70% APY.
Interest is compounded daily, and there are no monthly fees. #10 Peer to Peer Lending
Peer to peer lending became popular about 14 years ago when Prosper first came onto
the scene. It marketed itself as a way to borrow money
without having to go to a bank. Instead, you can borrow money from someone
else- who will loan it to you at a competitive rate.
Lending Club, peer to peer lending platform, allows investors to diversify their assets
by investing in different types of loans. All you need to do is invest as little as
$25 in a single loan. By only investing a small amount in different
loans, you can reduce your risk of default. After you make your initial investment, you
will begin to make passive income on the payments the borrower makes.
As the borrower continues to pay down the loan, you will receive interest payments every
month. As a side note, P2P lending platform takes
a small percentage of the interest earned on each loan.
Whatever you make in interest should be reinvested if you want to build income. That’s for today.
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