January 18, 2020
10 New Years Habits for Entrepreneurs in 2020 | GAME CHANGING FOR BUSINESS! ๐Ÿ™Œ

10 New Years Habits for Entrepreneurs in 2020 | GAME CHANGING FOR BUSINESS! ๐Ÿ™Œ

[inaudible]. What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel,
the best place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. Now in today’s video, I
really want to talk about habits, but not just habits for everyone. I want to specifically
zone in and discuss habits around entrepreneurs. Now, regardless if you are a full time entrepreneur
or a part time entrepreneur, this video is going to be perfect for you because I personally
didn’t really truly understand the importance of habits until I started running my own business.
And again, regardless if you do it full time or part time, when you start running your
own business, it becomes really important that you need to have the self discipline
to enforce habits that are not just good for your business, but also good for your mental
health, your finances, and your productivity. Because at that point, you don’t really have
a boss telling you what to do. You don’t have coworkers reminding you to
do certain things, so it becomes very crucial to have these good habits in place. That’s
why today’s video is going to dive right into all of this, but before we begin, we have
some special shout outs that are in order, so let’s get right into it. Before we dive
into this week’s awesome video, we want to shout out the comment and YouTube channel
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out of the way, let’s just dive right into this week’s video. All right, so diving into
habit number one out of 10 and that is I want to read more. Now, this is something that
I tried really hard to do in 2019 but let’s be real. I was in hustle grind mode trying
to build my business, trying to grow it, and it was my very first year and so unfortunately
reading just kind of went at the bottom of the priority list. That’s why this year I
really want to prioritize reading, but at the same time being the realistic person that
I am, I’m still kind of in hustle grind mode and that’s why I still don’t think it’s possible
for me to be like other people who try to finish a whole book every month. That’s why
to help me ease into reading again and still reap the benefits of reading. I’m going to be using an app that I really
love and that is Blinkist and Blinkus is actually an app that I’ve mentioned before here on
my channel. It was this video right here. Why dive deep into some productivity hacks
that I use and the best part is is that Blinkus is also the sponsor of today’s video. Now
you guys all know that it’s very rare for me to do sponsorships with other brands. So
when I find something that I like that I use and then I’d be willing to recommend, I do
it right away. So Blinkist is what I’ll be using in order for me to ease into the habit
of reading more in 2020 now as you’re watching this video, some of you guys might not have
ever heard of blankets, so let me explain what blinks is in a nutshell. It’s basically
an app that you can have on your phone and in this app they have over 3000 bestselling
nonfiction titles for you to choose from and you can either read the text version or listen
to it in audio style. But what I love about Blinkus is that it takes
all of these bestselling books and it condenses it into 15 minutes only. Meaning that within
those 15 minutes I’m able to get the key points of that book. And I actually prefer this sometimes
over listening to podcasts because sometimes I find that podcast just are a little bit
too long and also a little bit too chatty and when I’m in a time crunch and I need information
fast and I want to get value fast, I like to turn to Blinkus because I know for a fact
that within those 15 minutes I’m definitely going to get something out of it. On top of
that, when you actually browse through Blinkus, you’ll be pleased to find that there are so
many different categories ranging from entrepreneurship, productivity, biographies and everything like
that. For me personally, not only do I like to look at new books, but I also like to go
back to old books that I’ve read cover to cover to remind myself of the key lessons
that I learned. For example, currently right now in my library,
I’m relistening to the subtle art of not giving up by Mark Manson. This is a book that I actually
read cover to cover, but because I already finished the book, I just want a quick 15
minute refresher of what I’ve learned. So this is a really great way for me to retain
information of old books that I’ve actually read and also try out new books that I’m potentially
interested in but don’t necessarily want to invest in reading the whole book cover to
cover. So all in all, if you are interested in checking out Blinkus yourself, you’re in
luck because I’ve actually partnered with Blinkus to give you guys a special gift to
kick off the new year. Meaning that if you are the first 100 people to click the link
in my description box or in the comment section below, not only will you get a one week free
trial to Blinkist but you’ll also get 25% off if you decide to go with the full membership. Just make sure you do it fast because it’s
only for the first 100 people. So make sure you check out the link in my description box
or in the comment section below. Now moving onto the second habit that I’m going to be
doing a lot more in 2020 and that is scheduling things right away. A really bad habit that
I had last year is I wouldn’t put things on my calendar, so even if I was verbally accepting
an invitation to do a meeting or something like that, I would totally forget about it
until that person reminded me of it, which was a mess. So essentially for 2020 I really
want to make sure that I have my Google calendar app on my phone at all times and if I am verbally
talking to a friend and telling them, yes, I’m free for dinner next Saturday, I’m going
to immediately schedule that in my calendar because that really, really was a huge problem
for me in 2019 I would have a lot of friends. I would message me last minute and say, Hey,
we still on for lunch and I would have totally forgotten about it because I didn’t put in
my calendar and then I’d have to on them last minute because I actually had something previously
scheduled because I wasn’t in control of my calendar. And this is really important that
you’re going to notice when you run your own business is your calendar literally becomes
your lifeline. Because there’s so many moving parts to your business, especially as you
start growing. And so that’s why personally for me, every time I make plans with someone,
regardless if it’s business related, personal related or anything, even with family, I will
schedule it right away in my calendar and book that time because slots in my calendar
fill up fast and I don’t want to be that person that constantly cancels on people last minute
simply because I didn’t have a good habit instilled of putting things in my calendar
right away. Now, the third habit that I have for myself
and for you is to drink more water. Oh my goodness. I didn’t realize how bad I was about
this until I started my own business and started working for myself. Now the gist is is that
when I used to work in corporate, I would drink a lot of water because my coworkers
would want to go on a water break or we would have lunch together at set times, which would
cause me to drink more water and just watching other people drink water around me would make
me drink more water. But now that I work for myself and the more busy I get, especially
last year when I was in that hustle grind mode, I literally could go like hours without
drinking any water and it’s not good for you. That’s why I’m moving into 2020 I definitely
want to make this more of a habit. Now, thankfully my lovely business manager
who is a part of my team, she gifted me this amazing water bottle for Christmas and I have
to show you guys this water bottle because it’s so genius. So basically it’s from a company
called health Lish. I don’t know if you guys can see that. And when you look at this water
bottle, you can actually see the different timestamps right here. So you can see what
times of the day you need to finish your water in. And then once you hit the end you then
refill it again and then it goes to the afternoon. So now you’ve got 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
all the way down. And when you actually finish two refills of this, it technically should
be enough water intake that you need for the day. And I’ve been really loving this water
bottle simply because it reminds me to drink my water. And I also set a timer on my phone for every
hour to remind myself to drink this water bottle. So this is something that I really
want to recommend to you guys. If you guys are finding this to also be a challenge for
you because drinking water is important and especially if you want to be productive in
your business, stay healthy, you know, water is kind of essential for that. So anyways,
make sure you check out the link in my tools page on my website, www.vanessalau.co forward
slash tools click on favorite products and you’ll actually be able to find this water
bottle there if you want to snag it yourself. All right, so now heading into the third habit
that I have for myself and that is to save more money. Now this is something that I know
is a no brainer and that you should be saving money, but I actually realized that I don’t
make it a habit at all. So what I want to change for 2020 is that
the revenue that I’m making in my business, I want to make it a habit that I’m taking
an X percentage deducted every single month for my savings goals and also for taxes. Oh
my God, that’s so important. So for example, we know, or if you don’t know now you know
when you run a business, if you are incorporated, and I’m in Canada, so we call it incorporated.
I don’t know for the U S what it’s like, but basically when you are incorporated in terms
of business taxes, you can estimate around 30% of your revenue to be taken away for taxes
or 15% of your profit. So what I want to do for myself in terms of saving money for taxes,
so I don’t get slapped with a big tax bill by the end of the year is every month I’m
going to make it a habit to take 30% of my revenue and put it in an account that I do
not touch specifically just for tax purposes. And if there’s anything left, then I’m also
going to automatically take a percentage of my revenue minus taxes towards my down payment
that I want to put on my apartment. So you know, one of my goals for 2020 is I really
want to buy property buy. In order to do that, I need to save money for it, right? And so
I’m going to make it habit for myself to actually automatically deduct the savings every single
month because a problem that I see and that I do is that I wait until the end of the year
and what’s left over. Then I’ll save. But the problem is is that you can’t really, it’s
very hard to reach your savings goals that way if you’re just waiting to see what the
scraps are left over by the end of the year. That’s why in order for me to move from being
reactive to proactive, I’m then going to discipline myself to take the savings on a monthly basis
so that I’m working towards my savings goals and putting money aside for taxes. Now moving onto habit numero five. Now I realize
I made a mistake and I skipped a habit, but we are number five now and that is, I really
want to be able to make it a habit to see things as annual expenses versus monthly expenses.
And you might be like, what the heck are you talking about? Now let me explain, especially
when you become an entrepreneur, an online entrepreneur, there are going to be a lot
of software plugins, all these different things that you’re going to need to invest in in
your business. And what I realized from my experience in 2019 is I really underestimated
how expensive these little things are because a lot of these software programs, they lure
you in with their monthly payments. So you know, let’s say your email marketing provider,
maybe it’s $20 a month, and you might be thinking, Oh, $20 a month sounds fair, but what you’re
not thinking of is $20 a month times 12 months. What does that equal to? That’s $240 okay?
Now that might change the way you see that software, but not only this, you also have
to keep in mind that that’s not the only piece of software that you’re investing in. There
might be other $20 month softwares that you’re investing in or $50 a month software is that
you’re investing in. And so for me, a habit that I really want to instill in myself when
I’m thinking about where I’m spending my money is yes, I understand the monthly payments,
but a habit that I need to take in mind is it to actually think about it as an annual
expense instead. And that’s really going to help me budget and plan my finances for my
business. So if you are someone who’s not already thinking about these things, I highly
recommend that you start thinking about your expenses in an annual basis so that you can
actually see the lump sum of how much you’re actually going to be investing in certain
things for your business. Now happen. Number six might hit home for
a lot of you guys who are already experienced entrepreneurs and for a lot of you guys who
maybe are new entrepreneurs and this is your first year in business, you’re going to thank
me so much for mentioning this habit and that is to start saving my receipts on the cloud.
Now what this means is that when you become entrepreneur or you have your own business
and you’ve incorporated your business and everything like that and you pay business
taxes, there’s going to be certain things that you can deduct in your business. So for
me, some meals I choose to deduct or some purchases I choose to deduct, but in order
for that deduction to count, I need to save the receipt. And that’s exactly what I’ve
been doing in 2019 I’ve been hoarding my receipts like crazy. But what I realized, Oh my God,
by the end of the year, when I look back at the receipts, my receipts were blank. And what this means is that the ink on the
receipts actually just came off. And so I actually lost a lot of the proof of the things
that I wanted to deduct, which was insane and so now I learned my lesson and going into
2020 after every time I get a receipt, whether it’s from a restaurant, whether it’s from
anything point of purchase, I’m going to take a picture of that receipt and load it onto
my Google drive, loaded onto my cloud, loaded onto whatever it is, but I need to have a
digital version of that receipt because the problem is is that your receipts, the ink,
it comes off and that’s something that I didn’t know until it was too late and so that’s why
in 2020 my habit is I will take pictures of my receipts. The moment that I get them and
I’m not going to shove them in my purse, I’m not going to shove in my pocket because the
ink is going to rub off. Now before I talk about habit number seven,
you’re going to notice that a lot of these habits that I’ve mentioned so far are very
finance-related and numbers related, and that’s because my goal for 2020 is like an overarching
theme for 2020 is for me to know my numbers a lot better and that means habit number eight
is I need to know my numbers better. Now, what I mean by this is going into 2019 I was
very revenue focused. I was very focused on, you know, the money that I was making top
line, but I wasn’t super focused on knowing my expenses and knowing my profit margins.
Now, if you’re in a new entrepreneur watching this video and it’s your first year in business,
you know this is good information to know, but as you get more experience in business,
as you look at the numbers better, you’re going to realize how important protecting
your profit margins are. Luckily for me, I had a quite a profitable
business in 2019 but that was me just blindly doing things without actually tracking the
numbers. Now moving on to 2020 now that I know the importance of numbers, I’m going
to make it a habit to start really tracking my profits and what this means is not only
am I keeping track of my revenue on an Excel spreadsheet, but I’m also tracking all of
the expenses that are happening so that I can see what my profit margins are. Now, luckily
I use a service called bench accounting that helps me do that, but as an entrepreneur,
I want to make sure that I’m understanding these numbers and I’m being more profit focused
instead of just being revenue focused. So what this means is I’m going to be very, very
careful with my expenses and I’m going to start being a lot smarter with my money and
this is a habit that I definitely want to keep in mind up because truth be told in 2019
even though I outsourced a lot of my bookkeeping to bench, I did it make it a habit to check
my monthly reports every single month. Now in 2020 not only am I checking my reports
every single month, but I’m also going to take the time to truly understand it and truly
have an audit every month of where I can optimize so that I can protect my profit margins and
see what I need to do in the future in order to get more profit margins or protect the
current one that I have. Now, again, if you are a new entrepreneur and this is your first
year in business, you know, I wouldn’t stress so, so much about that, but if you are a more
experienced entrepreneur, protect your profits. All right, so heading onto the next habit
because I’ve clearly lost track of my numbers is I need to use my planner more. I am the
worst with planners and I’m also the worst with keeping things digitally. So I don’t
know what system is going to work best for me, but I am determined and I’m saying determined
in 2020 to actually stick to using a planner because I do see a lot of benefits in using
a planner and I’m just sick of being that person who constantly buys planners and never
uses them. So the planner that I’m going to be using
this year is the productivity planner. This is a planner that was gifted to me by my mentor
and I really want to make a habit to actually using this every single day. Now I’m going
to give you a quick sneak peak of what this planner looks like. So as you can see, it
is a very simple, simple planner. Essentially every week you put down your top priorities
and then every day you zone in on the top three tasks that you want to accomplish. It’s
very, very simple. And throughout these three tasks that you have for yourself, you want
to time yourself on how long it takes you to do certain things. So in this planner,
the method that they use is the Pomodoro technique. Personally, I don’t really use the Pomodoro
technique, but I like the format of just zoning in on the top three things that need to be
done during the day. And so this is definitely a habit that I really
want to get myself into because I’m someone who gets easily distracted. I love to just,
you know, not plan things and I always get pulled into different directions and that
pulls me away from the main things that I actually need to do that day. And so that’s
why I’m hoping that by making a habit in using this planner, I’m going to be able to be more
focused and less distracted on the things that don’t need immediate attention from me
or that aren’t actually going to move the needle in my business. And by the way, if
you’re interested in snagging this planner, again, always check out my tools page on my
website because that actually has all the products that I recommend there. All right,
so onto the next habit that I have for you and me or you and I is, I really want to make
it a habit to genuinely and wholeheartedly support the same people that are in the same
niche as me. And this is going to be like a little bit
of a confession between you and I and that is near like mid 2019 and near the end of
2019 I felt a lot of anxiety and I also felt a lot of competitiveness. And what ended up
happening is I actually ended up muting a lot of people in my space. So if someone was
also a coach teaching social media, most likely I probably muted them. And I’m a big firm
believer that if you need to protect your energy, mute the person, you know, there’s
no harm in that. I don’t believe in unfollowing people, I just mute them. But something that
I really wanna work on is not just muting people as a bandaid solution, but I genuinely
want to develop the habit and the mindset of truly and wholeheartedly supporting people
that are in the same niche as me. Because just because someone else is winning
doesn’t mean that I’m losing just because someone else is, you know, signing clients
for their program doesn’t take away from my program and this is, you know, me just being
super candid because I have a feeling I might not be the only person that feels this way
and I feel like a lot of people feel ashamed of meeting things like these. So I’m hoping
that this makes you feel less alone because I definitely have muted a lot of people in
the space simply because I felt insecure and I really wanted to protect my energy. But
moving into 2020 I really want to challenge myself to not mute people or unfollow people
just simply because I’m insecure. I actually really want to work on becoming more secure
as a business owner myself and support other people who have businesses in the same niche
and not see them as competition, but see them as friends. Now out of all the habits that I mentioned
so far, I do have a feeling that this specific habit is going to be one of the hardest ones
for me to accomplish in 2020 but I do believe that if I make it a habit to not mute people,
not unfollow people and genuinely reach out to support and to cheer on and everything
like that, I believe that my journey is going to be a lot lighter. It’s going to be a lot
better and a lot more positive and that’s kind of the impression that I also want to
leave behind as a business owner to other business owners as well. And so all in all,
I am really excited about this habit and I really hope that you watching this, if you
are in the same mindset that I was in 2019 Hey, maybe you challenge yourself to do the
same and instead of seeing every single person that’s doing the same thing as you as competition,
start seeing them as other business owners that you really want to support. Now moving on to the very last habit on this
list and that is to exercise and eat right now, this technically could be a goal, but
I’m going to call it a habit because I definitely want to make it a habit for me to truly slot
time to exercise and also choose the foods to fuel my body. And this is so important
as entrepreneurs, you are being pulled into multiple different directions. There are so
many things that you need to get done, especially if you are in the hustle grind mode and you’re
trying to grow your business for the very first two years or something like that. Your
health honestly just falls down the priority list, or at least that’s what happened to
me last year. And so in order for me to help myself succeed, what I’ve actually done in
Twain with 20 is I’ve actually hired a personal trainer and also a personal nutritionist in
order for me to really develop that discipline and those habits of exercising and also eating
right now, does this mean that you need to shell out money to hire a personal trainer
and a nutritionist? Absolutely not. But the key message here is
that I realized how important it is to stay healthy as you’re building your business.
Because if your body isn’t functioning right, it’s going to affect the way that you perform
in your business. And that’s when it leads to those sloggy days where you don’t even
want to get out of bed or when you fall into a slump and all of that. So that’s kind of
what I found happened to me last year is I would have a full week of productivity, but
because I wasn’t taking care of myself, I wasn’t exercising, I wasn’t eating right.
The next week I would just fall into a massive slump and therefore it would affect the way
that I show up for my clients, the way that I see my business. And I would have like mental
breakdowns because of this, simply because I wasn’t healthy as a person. And then the following week again, I would
pick myself up again and then the cycle continues. So the energy levels that I had in my business
were not balanced. That’s why moving into 2020 and I definitely want to make sure that
I have balanced energy levels by making it a habit to work out and making it a habit
to put good foods into my body and hiring the right people to educate me on the things
that I need. On top of that, something that really helped me to justify the investment
of hiring a personal trainer and hiring a nutritionist is that for me in my business,
it’s a no brainer to hire a VA for customer service or hire a business manager or hire
a copywriter or hire a video editor. It’s a no brainer for me. So how come it wasn’t
a no brainer to hire someone to help me with my health? That was literally the logic that I ran through
my mind, which allowed me to be okay with spending that money on experts to help me
to get to that healthy level that I desire in order to run my business properly and efficiently
and to feel good about myself regardless of the business or not. And so that’s kind of
one of my goals or habits that I really want to take on in 2020 is to prioritize my health
in general, and if you are an entrepreneur, regardless if you do it part time, full time,
you’re a new entrepreneur or an old entrepreneur, health is something that you slowly start
to realize becomes more and more important as you go on in your business journey. Anyways,
guys, so far in this video, I ran through the top 10 habits that I’m personally going
to be doing more in 2020 so I’d love to know in the comments below, let me know if there’s
any habits you’re going to take from me as inspiration or new habits that you’re actually
going to be doing in 2020 again, I’d love to know not only this, as you wait for next
week’s video to come, make sure you check out these two videos that I have right here
as well. I talk a lot about marketing, social media,
entrepreneurship, and coaching. So again, make sure you check out these two videos right
here as well as always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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    3. Drink more water
    4. Save more money
    5. Cost things out as annual not monthly expenses
    6.Save receipts on the cloud
    7. Know your numbers better
    8. Use my planner
    9.Support people in my niche
    10. Exercise and eat right

    OMG! that part where she says she has muted people cause she was insecure
    I actually did this a lot because I was insecure and scared. Scared of what they would think of me. Scared that they felt I was a failure plus I felt super behind

  22. Thank you so much for this video. This actually helped me a lot mentally in giving my channel more structure as well as cleaning up my relationship consulting business and giving me serious motivation for my day to day. Great stuff. Again thank you and I look forward to the next upload. Love and Light alwaysโคโœจ๐ŸŒฑ

  23. I am completely in the same boat as you with habit #9. I donโ€™t usually watch other creators in my niche! When I do, I start to compare my channel to their channel. I am going to start to try and break that habit!

  24. Omg thank you so much for those advices, is my first month as digital entrepreneur! Find your channel was a blessโค

  25. I am always amazed by her videos and truly believe in her strategies thatโ€™s why I followed all of her tips and watch all of her videos. When I started following her I think I only have under 100 subscribers but fast forward today, I now have 954 subscribers!

    Thank you Vanessa for all of your efforts! Hard work pays off ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  26. I can relate about muting other people, omg, I thought itโ€™s just me! It gave me anxiety every time I saw them posting new videos every day. After muting them I feel relaxed, but I realized afterwards that I should not put my focus to them, my focus should be in my channel on how I can improve and how I can deliver my message well to help other people. I create unique ideas and deliver it very different from them.

    This 2020, no more muting. Like what you said, we just need to secure our platform/business. Give support to all the people within my niche, and spread positivity, so we can move on to our journey a lot lighter.

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